IMPALA PLATINUM HOLDINGS LTD: Indigenisation implementation plan for Zimplats

IMPALA PLATINUM HOLDINGS LTD: Indigenisation implementation plan for Zimplats
Impala Platinum Holdings Limited
(Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)
(Registration No. 1957/001979/06)
ISIN: ZAE000083648
JSE Share Code : IMP
LSE Share Code : IPLA
("Implats" or "the Company") 
11 January 2013 
    Implats agrees indigenisation implementation plan for Zimplats          
EMBARGO: For immediate release 
Ticker symbols:    Impala Platinum Holdings Limited ("Implats") is pleased to   
               announce that its 87% held subsidiary, Zimplats Holdings    
JSE: Imp           Limited (Zimplats Holdings"), has concluded a non-binding    
               term sheet in respect of proposed indigenisation            
LSE: Ipla          implementation plans ("IIP") with the Government of Zimbabwe 
               (as represented by the Ministry of Youth Development,       
ADR: Impuy         Indigenisation and Empowerment) ("the Government").          
Queries:           The term sheet, which will be signed today, stipulates the   
               key terms, subject to certain conditions precedent, for the 
Bob Gilmour        sale by Zimplats Holdings of an aggregate 51% equity         
               ownership ("the Indigenisation Shares") of Zimbabwe Platinum
+27 11 731 9013/43 Mines (Private) Limited ("Zimplats") to select Indigenous    
               Entities as set out below. Zimplats Holdings will retain the
+27 82 453 7100    balance of 49% of Zimplats.                                  
Website:           The purchase price for the Indigenisation Shares, after      
               taking into account the payment for the release of ground  obligation (in lieu of indigenisation credits), is US$971    
               million (R8.3 billion) ("the Transaction").                 
Ticker symbols:                                                                 
               Zimplats Holdings will facilitate the Transaction by        
JSE: Imp           providing vendor funding to the Indigenous Entities at an    
               interest rate of 10% per annum. The vendor financing will be
LSE: Ipla          repayable from 85% of the dividends declared by Zimplats on  
               the Indigenisation Shares. The proceeds, as and when        
ADR: Impuy         received by Zimplats Holdings, will be declared as a         
               dividend to Implats or used to fund Zimplats Holdings' share
Queries:           of funding requirements of Zimplats. Management of Zimplats  
               will remain with Zimplats Holdings.                         
Bob Gilmour                                                                     
               In terms of the IIP the following interests in Zimplats will
+27 11 731 9013/43 be sold to the parties named below, together constituting    
               the "Indigenous Entities" as referred to above :            
+27 82 453 7100                                                                 
                 * 10% to the Zimplats Mhondoro-Ngezi Chegutu Zvimba       
Website:               Community Share Ownership Trust ("Community Trust") for  
                   the benefit of communities surrounding the business      operations.                                              
Ticker symbols:      * 10% to an employee share ownership trust for the benefit 
                   of all full time indigenous employees.                  
JSE: Imp                                                                        
                 * 31% to the National Indigenisation and Economic         
LSE: Ipla              Empowerment Fund ("NIEEF").                              
ADR: Impuy         Zimplats has agreed to provide seed capital to the Community 
               Trust of an aggregate amount of US$10.0 million. The first  
Queries:           instalment of US$3.3 million was paid to the Community Trust 
               in June 2012, with the subsequent two instalments being     
Bob Gilmour        payable in financial years 2013 and 2014 respectively. This  
               will be construed as Corporate Social Investment spending by
+27 11 731 9013/43 Zimplats for the purposes of the applicable law.             
+27 82 453 7100    Should future funding be raised by equity subscriptions,     
               then all parties are required to contribute their respective
Website:           pro rata share, failing which dilution is provided for.      
                                                                    The Transaction is subject to certain conditions precedent,  

                   including, amongst others:                                  
                     * Implats, Zimplats Holdings, Zimplats and the Indigenous 
                       Entities concluding definitive transaction agreements;  
                     * the amendment of the 24 May 2006 Release of Ground      
                       Agreement ("ROGA") to provide for a payment by the      
                       Indigenous Entities to Zimplats of US$153 million in    
                       settlement of the Government `s outstanding ROGA        
                     * that a certificate of compliance is issued confirming   
                       current and future compliance by Implats, Zimplats      
                       Holdings and Zimplats ("the Zimplats Group") with       
                       applicable indigenisation laws and requirements         
                       following the implementation of the IIP;                
                     * the parties obtain all necessary regulatory approvals,  
                       including Zimbabwe exchange control approval;           
                     * the Zimplats Group entities obtain the requisite Board  
                       and shareholder approvals required to implement the IIP;
                     * an exemption being obtained for Zimbabwean withholding  
                       tax on interest paid by the Indigenous Entities to      
                       Zimplats Holdings under the vendor financing            
                   It was further agreed that by 30 June 2013 the Government   
                   would use its best endeavours in good faith to, amongst     
                   other things,:                                              
                     * amend the 2012 Mining Regulations in such a manner so as
                       to reduce all ground rentals payable by Zimplats to the 
                       same levels as were in force immediately prior to the   
                       promulgation and coming into force of the 2012          
                       regulations; and                                        
                     * amend the Mining Agreement and fiscal terms currently   
                       applicable to Zimplats such that Additional Profits Tax 
                       and royalty rates are no worse than those granted/      
                       provided to any other Platinum Group Metal mining entity
                       operating in Zimbabwe.                                  
                   The parties have committed to co-operate to fulfil the      
                   conditions precedent by 30 June 2013. The effective date of 
                   the Transaction will be the date on which the conditions    
                   precedent are fulfilled.                                    
                   The negotiation and conclusion of the definitive transaction
                   agreements will critically affect the accounting treatment  
                   of the Transaction. Shareholders will be advised once       
                   binding definitive transaction agreements have been entered 
                   into, which advice will include the detailed financial      
                   effects of the transaction.                                 
                   Terence Goodlace, CEO of Implats said: "This agreement      
                   underlines our commitment to good corporate citizenship and 
                   lays the foundation for the creation of a sustainable       
                   Zimbabwean platinum mining company capable of attracting the
                   investment needed to deliver future benefits to our         
                   shareholders, the people of Zimbabwe, our employees and the 
                   local community."                                           


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