Sanatana Provides Exploration Update on Its Watershed

Sanatana Provides Exploration Update on Its Watershed Property 
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (Marketwire) -- 01/10/13 -- Sanatana
Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:STA) ("Sanatana" or the "Company") is
pleased to provide this exploration and operational update for the
Watershed Property. 
Exploration Update 
During the second half of 2012, the Company's exploration program
focused on fulfilling the terms of the option and joint venture
agreement and testing potential distal extensions of IAMGOLD
Corporation's Cote Gold Deposit and the Company's discovery on Clam
Lake claim 3011820. The program comprised exploration drilling of
5,410 metres, collecting 1,454 soil samples from across the entire
property and outcrop stripping, mapping and channel sampling over
selected sites. 
Peter Miles, CEO of Sanatana, stated: "We are pleased with the
significant exploration progress we have made on the Watershed
Property: not only have we earned a minimum 50% interest in the
property, but we have also encountered gold mineralization in 25 of
27 holes drilled to date which is a strong indication of the gold
prospectivity of the Swayze Greenstone Belt. We look forward to
receiving results from our recently initiated infill drill program on
Clam Lake claim 3011820 as this will help us understand the magnitude
of its mineralization and how it relates to IAMGOLD's Cote Gold
The objective of the drill program was to test anomalies previously
identified through the Company's Induced Polarization (IP)
geophysical work. The IP anomalies tested were predominately well to
the west of the Company's previously successful drill program on
claim 3011820, and included the Chain of Lakes, Clam Lake claim
3018412, and Chester prospects. 
SR-12-10 was collared in mineral claim 3017670 inclined 60 degrees
and oriented to the south some 300 m north of hole SR-12-09
(previously reported in a Company news release dated June 19, 2012)
on cut Line 3 testing an east - west trending subsurface apparent
resistivity anomaly (see Table 1). This concluded the drill program
for the Chain of Lakes area. 
The drill was relocated to mineral claim 3018412 testing for
extensions of the gold mineralization from mineral claim 3011820
across to the western shore of Clam Lake. Holes SR-12-11, SR-12-12
and SR-12-14 - 16 were drilled as a fence along the western boundary
of the mineral claim from north to south in sequential order at
between 50 to 100 m spacing with hole SR-11-13 collared 150 m east on
a peninsular in the north-central area of the claim. Again, the
drilling was angled at 60 degrees to horizontal towards the south,
allowing for some slight drift to the west at times, except for hole
SR-12-12 which was drilled due north at 50 degrees as a scissor hole
testing gold mineralization encountered in hole SR-12-11. 
Holes SR-12-17 - 21 were drilled south of the Chain of Lakes area on
mineral claim 3017674 targeting parallel IP anomaly trends 2.0 km
southwest of the Clam Lake claim 3011820. Hole SR-12-22 tested an
isolated IP anomaly oriented southeast - northwest in the Chester
area within mineral claim 3017665. All the drilling was angled at 60
degrees to horizontal towards the south, allowing for some slight
drift to the west at times. Locations and results of this drill
program are detailed in the tables below: 

Table 1:
Hole       Line    East     North  Projection         Dip     Azimuth Depth
SR-12-10     L3 427,000 5,267,550 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 175 degrees  501m
SR-12-11        427,910 5,267,012 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 175 degrees  505m
SR-12-12        427,908 5,266,975 UTM Zone 17 -50 degrees 000 degrees  110m
SR-12-13        428,085 5,266,919 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 170 degrees  503m
SR-12-14        427,919 5,266,865 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 175 degrees  409m
SR-12-15        427,935 5,266,766 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 180 degrees  200m
SR-12-16        427,946 5,266,715 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 180 degrees  102m
SR-12-17     L3 427,000 5,265,050 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 180 degrees  559m
SR-12-18     L3 427,000 5,265,110 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 175 degrees  458m
SR-12-19     L4 427,200 5,265,335 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 175 degrees  537m
SR-12-20     L5 427,400 5,265,050 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 175 degrees  518m
SR-12-21     L7 427,800 5,264,700 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 175 degrees  501m
SR-12-22    L10 428,800 5,265,300 UTM Zone 17 -60 degrees 175 degrees  507m

Sporadic narrow intercepts of gold were encountered in most of the
drill holes (see Table 2) except for the two holes located well to
the south (SR-12-21 and 22). The gold results were attributed to
quartz veins along strike or parallel to the Cote Gold Deposit - Clam
Lake trend. Interpretation of the data implies that these narrow
zones of gold mineralization may represent stringers peripheral to
the main lode. 

Table 2:
                    From        To     Length        Au                    
Hole                   (m)       (m)        (m)     (g/t)     Au Cut (25g/t)
SR-12-10            164.5     165.0        0.5       0.5                   
SR-12-11             11.0      29.7       18.7       1.2                1.0
SR-12-11             11.0      12.0        1.0       3.4                   
SR-12-11             29.1      29.7        0.6      32.4               25.0
SR-12-11            401.9     402.4        0.5       1.0                   
SR-12-11            432.1     432.6        0.5       0.7                   
SR-12-12             42.7      45.4        2.7       0.5                   
SR-12-12             44.7      45.4        0.7       1.2                   
SR-12-12             59.0      60.0        1.0       0.9                   
SR-12-12             79.7      80.5        0.8       0.8                   
SR-12-12            108.7     109.4        0.7       4.5                   
SR-12-13             15.5      16.3        0.8       0.9                   
SR-12-13            139.8     140.6        0.8      14.5                   
SR-12-13            317.3     318.0        0.7       0.3                   
SR-12-13            370.0     370.6        0.6       0.4                   
SR-12-14             65.6      66.2        0.6       0.5                   
SR-12-14             91.2      91.9        0.7       0.3                   
SR-12-14            149.0     153.0        4.0       0.6                   
SR-12-14            152.0     153.0        1.0       1.8                   
SR-12-14            162.0     163.0        1.0       0.4                   
SR-12-15              6.0       7.0        1.0       0.4                   
SR-12-15            102.0     113.0       11.0       0.3                   
SR-12-15            107.0     107.7        0.7       1.4                   
SR-12-15            133.0     134.0        1.0       1.0                   
SR-12-16             80.7      81.4        0.7       0.8                   
SR-12-17             22.0      23.0        1.0       0.4                   
SR-12-17             53.0      54.0        1.0       0.7                   
SR-12-17            129.7     130.5        0.8       0.6                   
SR-12-17            230.0     231.0        1.0       0.4                   
SR-12-17            404.0     405.0        1.0       0.5                   
SR-12-18            307.0     311.8        4.8       1.0                   
SR-12-18            308.0     309.0        1.0       3.1                   
SR-12-19            476.0     477.0        1.0       0.4                   
SR-12-20            386.0     386.7        0.7       0.6                   
SR-12-21       No significant results                                      
SR-12-22       No significant results                                      
1. True widths of intersections are unknown at this time.
2. Mineralized intervals are calculated using the weighted Au average based
   on length of sample, a lower cut-off of 0.3 g/t Au and an upper cut-off
   of 25.0 g/t Au, including low grade zones no greater than 20 metres in

Soil Sampling 
The regional soil-sampling program comprised 1,042 samples at a
staggered grid spacing of 400 metres collecting B horizon soil from
till cover to test for gold anomalism across the property.
Interpretation of geochemical anomalies based on statistical analysis
of the complete dataset of assay results defined five areas of
anomalous gold in soil. A further 412 samples were collected from
these areas at a regular grid spacing of 100m. Re-analysis after
incorporating the infill data highlighted one area in the southeast
of the property warrants follow up with ground prospecting and this
work is planned for the 2013 summer program. 
Silver Butte Prospecting 
Fresh mechanized outcrop stripping, mapping and channel sampling at
the pre-existing "Silver Butte" showing just off Highway 144 near the
Mesomikenda Lake turn-off in the eastern part of the property was
commenced in 2012. Of prime focus was the Northern Shear zone Au
occurrence where hand stripping, mapping and channel sampling early
in the program revealed an interval of 8.4m @ 1.63g/t Au within a 12m
outcrop cut in two sections by a diabase dike. 
Within the shear zone the rocks have been deformed to a mylonite
fabric with quartz involved with the deformation. There is an
overprinting of sericite and disseminated sulphides that exhibits a
positive association with the gold values. The Northern Shear trends
southeast to northwest and is sub-vertical and lies close to the
interpreted gold trend in the area. Mechanized outcrop stripping has
so far revealed 150m of strike extent to the shear zone varying in
width from 5 to 15m. Gold assay results from channel sampling across
the shear zone at intervals of 25m along strike have not been fully
collated at this time. 
Operational Update 
In late December 2012, Sanatana began an infill drilling program on
Clam Lake claim 3011820. The purpose of this approximately
5,000-metre program is to test the continuity of the gold bearing
intervals previously drilled and referred to in the Company's news
releases dated April 20 and June 19, 2012. 
Results from this program are expected throughout the first and
second quarter of 2013. 
About the Sampling 
Drill samples were collected from split NQ2 drill core at a nominal 1
metre interval breaking at major geological boundaries such that no
sample interval was less than 0.5 metres or greater than 1.5 metres.
The samples were submitted to AGAT Laboratories (AGAT), Sudbury,
Ontario for drying, crushing and pulverization in preparation for
analysis of gold by Fire Assay and a suite of trace elements by ICP
methods at the Mississauga, Ontario facility. Gold assay results
measuring over 10 g/t are re-analyzed by Fire Assay using a
gravimetric finish. 
AGAT is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, the Canadian
Association for Laboratory Accreditation and QMI-SAI Global and is an
ISO 9001 and 17025 certified analytical laboratory. 
A rigorous QA/QC program was implemented as part of the sampling
procedures throughout the drill program. Duplicate, standard and
blank samples were inserted into the sample stream prior to being
sent to the laboratory and the adherence of results to strict
parameters was monitored. 
Soil samples of approximately 1kg were collected from the B horizon
of till and submitted to ALS Minerals Laboratory, Sudbury. Each
sample was dried and sieved to -63 micrometres and analyzed for Au by
trace level 25g aqua regia ICP-MS method and for 51 elements by aqua
regia ICP-MS. Duplicate sample splits were taken every 20 samples to
check sample result variation. Internal lab standards results were
requested to assess sample precision. ALS is an ISO 9001:2008 and
17025 certified analytical laboratory. 
Channel samples are collected over approximately 1m intervals from
2-3cm wide channels cut with a motorized saw using twin diamond
impregnated blades to a depth of 5-10cm. The samples were submitted
to SRX Assay Lab, Sudbury for 50g Fire Assay gravity finish analysis
for gold and multi acid digest ICP-MS analysis for 51 other elements.
Results of internal lab duplicates and standards were requested to
gauge sample result accuracy and precision. SRX is an ISO 9001:2008
and 17025 certified analytical laboratory. 
About the Company 
Sanatana Resources Inc. is a Canadian mineral exploration and
development company focused on its Watershed property in Ontario.
Sanatana entered into an option and joint venture agreement with
Trelawney Augen Acquisition Corp. (formerly Augen Gold Corp.)
("TAAC") which grants Sanatana an option to acquire up to 51% of the
Watershed property. On June 21, 2012 IAMGOLD Corporation completed
its acquisition of Trelawney Mining and Exploration Inc. and became
the sole indirect shareholders of TAAC. With an experienced
management team and board of directors, the Company has the ability
required to identify, develop and fund economic mineral properties.
Sanatana is based in Vancouver and is listed on the TSX Venture
Exchange (TSX VENTURE:STA). 
The technical portions of this news release were reviewed and
approved by Troy Gill, Exploration Manager for the Company, a
"qualified person" as defined by National Instrument 43-101 -
Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects. 
Peter Miles, President and Chief Executive Officer 
Cautionary Statement Regarding "Forward-Looking" Information 
Some of the statements contained in this press release are
forward-looking statements and information within the meaning of
applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements and
information can be identified by the use of words such as "plans",
"expects", "intends", "is expected", "potential", "suggests" or
variations of such words or phrases, or statements that certain
actions, events or results "may", "could", "should", "would", "might"
or "will" be taken, occur or be achieved. Forward-looking statements
and information are not historical facts and are subject to a number
of risks and uncertainties beyond Sanatana's control. Actual results
and developments are likely to differ, and may differ materially,
from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements
contained in this news release. Accordingly, readers should not place
undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The Company undertakes
no obligation to update publicly or otherwise revise any
forward-looking statements, except as may be required by law. 
Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulations Services Provider
(as that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange)
accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. 
Sanatana Resources Inc.
Mr. Peter Miles
President and Chief Executive Officer
604-408-6680 or Toll Free: 1-877-881-6680
604-408-6682 (FAX)
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