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Knovel Expands Yaws' Critical Property Data for Chemical

Knovel Expands Yaws' Critical Property Data for Chemical Engineers
and Chemists 
Database Addresses Market Need for Updated, User-Friendly Chemical
Properties Information 
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 01/09/13 --   Knovel, a leader in
providing a Web-based application that integrates technical
information with analytical and search tools, today announced an
expansion to Yaws' Critical Property Data for Chemical Engineers and
Chemists which Knovel launched in July 2012. The expanded database
now includes data on superheated, saturated and subcooled fluids,
mixtures, refrigerants and various materials used in chemical plant
construction and equipment design -- information previously
unavailable in a single reference database. 
"Today's expansion of Yaws' Critical Property Data for Chemical
Engineers and Chemists reflects the demand for dynamic technical
content and ever-improving resources," said Sasha Gurke, Knovel's
senior vice president and co-founder. "With the additional coverage
of mixtures, refrigerants, alloys and construction materials,
chemical engineers will be able to use this database for a wider
variety of applications." 
Adding to Yaws' initial release offering more than 5,000 inorganic
and 34,000 organic substances as well as 293,000 records, the
database now includes an additional 90 tables and 5,000 records of
property data for mixtures, refrigerants and miscellaneous solids and
liquids. Notable additions: 

--  Physical and thermophysical properties of mixtures, including
    densities of aqueous solutions and total pressures of aqueous
--  Thermophysical properties of superheated, saturated and subcooled
    fluids over a range of pressures and temperatures including vapor
    pressure, densities and volumes, surface tension and compressibility
--  Thermodynamic properties of superheated, saturated and subcooled
    fluids, over a range of pressures and temperatures including internal
    energy, heat capacity, enthalpy, entropy at constant volume of liquid
    and of gas.
--  Transport properties of superheated, saturated, and subcooled fluids,
    including speed of sound, Joule-Thomson coefficient of liquids and
    gases, thermal conductivities, and viscosities.
--  Thermophysical properties of refrigerants, including vapor pressure,
    densities, volumes, surface tension and compressibility factors.
--  Thermodynamic properties of refrigerants, including internal energy,
    enthalpy, entropy and heat capacity.
--  Transport properties of refrigerants, including speed of sound,
    thermal conductivity, viscosity, Prandtl number, and Joule-Thomson
--  Thermodynamic and transport properties of solutions and miscellaneous
    solids and liquids, including R-value, heat capacity for miscellaneous
    solids and miscellaneous liquids, thermal conductivity for building
    and insulation materials, various stainless steels and pure metals and
    alloys, and viscosity of aqueous solution for inorganic and organic

Yaws' Critical Property Data closely follows the content in Section 2
of Perry's tables, the most frequently used section of Perry's on
Knovel. However, Yaws' database provides information in a format
that's easier to use, more discoverable and interactive. Features of
this database include: 

--  Interactive graphs providing visualization of data points and the
    ability to calculate and plot additional data values as functions of
    variables such as temperature and pressure.
--  Interactive tables with sort and filter capabilities, allowing for
    easy assessment and comparison of data.

"Chemical engineers have been using Perry's as their chemical
properties resource for decades, but there is a need for chemical
properties resources that offer usability and interactivity
enhancements," said Dr. Vadim Lvovich, President, Electrochemical
Sciences Consulting. "The scheduled updating and advanced features of
The Yaws' Critical Property Data for Chemical Engineers and Chemists
clearly separates it from its competition and ensures that engineers
always have the most up-to-date information on chemical properties." 
This is the second release of Yaws' Critical Property Data for
Chemical Engineers and Chemists, part of Knovel's Critical Content
line. Additional properties and substances will be added over time.
For more information, contact your Knovel Account Representative or
Knovel Customer Support at +1.866.324.5163.  
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