Accuracy can be as EZ as 1, 2, 3 for patients managing their diabetes

Accuracy can be as EZ as 1, 2, 3 for patients  managing their diabetes 
New CONTOUR(®) NEXT EZ Strip and Meter Combination is accurate and easy to use 
TORONTO, Jan. 9, 2013 /CNW/ - A new, accurate and easy-to-use blood glucose 
monitoring system is now available for diabetes patients in Canada. The 
CONTOUR(®) NEXT EZ meter combines easy-to-use features and next-generation 
accuracy with Bayer's new CONTOUR(®) NEXT test strip to help patients better 
manage their diabetes. 
"Bayer's new CONTOUR(®) NEXT EZ system is especially accurate in low blood 
glucose ranges - which is important to help patients identify and act if they 
have low blood sugar," says Donnie Edwards, pharmacy owner and past chair of 
the Ontario Pharmacists' Association. "It's so important for diabetes 
patients to have a monitoring system that is accurate and easy-to-use. I 
encourage my patients to regularly self-test their levels to ensure they know 
where their levels are at during the day - this meter will make that process 
easy for them." 
This powerful meter and strip combination uses innovative technology, which 
gives patients results that are even closer in accuracy to those obtained in a 
laboratory when compared to the current CONTOUR(®) system. Built on the 
legacy of Bayer's CONTOUR(®) meter, the CONTOUR(®) NEXT EZ meter is ready to 
test right out of the box and features Bayer's multipulse technology, a new 
algorithm that corrects signals from various sources of error and provides 
accurate results that patients can rely on. 
Diabetes on the Rise in Canada 
There are currently over 9 million Canadians living with diabetes or 
pre-diabetes, and these numbers are expected to rise due to the aging 
population, a rise in obesity and our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.(1) If 
left untreated or improperly managed, diabetes can result in a variety of 
complications, including heart, kidney, or eye disease, impotence and nerve 
While there is no cure for diabetes, making changes to diet and lifestyle and 
ensuring that blood glucose levels are monitored and within the desired range 
is the best way to manage the disease.(3) Self-testing gives patients the 
information they need to avoid too many high or low blood glucose levels 
day-to-day. Accurate and efficient blood glucose testing is an important 
part of caring for diabetes and allows patients to determine if their meal 
plan, medication and exercise are working to carefully manage their blood 
The CONTOUR(®) NEXT EZ meter blood sample size is small (0.6 µL), has a 
large, easy-to-read display and a five-second result countdown for ease of use 
and delivers ±10% accuracy vs. laboratory method for blood glucose 
concentrations ≥4.2 mmol/L, and ± 0.56 mmol/L accuracy vs. laboratory 
method for blood glucose concentrations <4.2 mmol/L.(4) It's also designed 
with No Coding(TM )technology that offers automatic coding every time a test 
strip is inserted. It will notify patients when a test strip is under filled. 
The CONTOUR(®) system should not be used with high risk or pre-term infants 
or for screening for neonatal hypoglycemia. Diagnosis of neonatal hypoglycemia 
should be performed using a laboratory blood glucose method. Monitoring with 
this product should only be done with neonates that are more than one day old. 
For neonates exhibiting hypoglycemic symptoms, provide appropriate medical 
care to treat symptoms and monitor patient. If symptoms are inconsistent with 
meter results, obtain a laboratory blood glucose test. 
About Bayer HealthCare Diabetes Care 
For well over 60 years, Bayer has been dedicated to the well-being of people 
with diabetes, leading the way in diabetes research and introducing dozens of 
innovations to help people living with this complex disease. As part of 
Bayer's commitment to its patients, we offer a variety of online tools to help 
make diabetes management easier. For more information on Bayer meters and test 
strips or visit to become part of our 
online Canadian diabetes community. 
About Bayer Inc. 
Bayer Inc. (Bayer) is a Canadian subsidiary of Bayer AG, an international 
research-based group with core businesses in health care, crop science and 
innovative materials. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Bayer Inc. operates 
the Bayer Group's HealthCare and MaterialScience businesses in Canada. Bayer 
CropScience Inc., headquartered in Calgary, Alberta operates as a separate 
legal entity in Canada. Together, the companies play a vital role in improving 
the quality of life for Canadians - producing products that fight diseases, 
protecting crops and animals, and developing high-performance materials for 
applications in numerous areas of daily life. Canadian Bayer facilities 
include the Toronto headquarters and offices in Montréal and Calgary. 
Bayer Inc. has approximately 800 employees across Canada and had sales of $808 
million CDN in 2011. Globally, the Bayer Group had sales of over 36 billion 
Euro in 2011. Bayer Inc. invested approximately $13 million CDN in research 
and development in 2011. Worldwide, the Bayer Group spent the equivalent of 
over 2.9 billion Euro in 2011 in R&D. For more information, go to 
(4) Data on File - Current ISO (International Organization for 
Standardization) 15197:2003 standard states that ≥95% of results must fall 
within ±0.83 mmol/L for blood glucose concentrations <4.2 mmol/L and within 
±20% for blood glucose concentrations ≥4.2 mmol/L. 
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Laura Burns Bayer Inc. 416-240-5484 
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