"Outlook is Bright for US Manufacturing in 2013" PCB Maker Mass Design Says

 "Outlook is Bright for US Manufacturing in 2013" PCB Maker Mass Design Says

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NASHUA, N.H., Jan. 9, 2013

NASHUA, N.H., Jan. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- 2013 looks promising for US
manufacturers – among them companies like Mass Design that are located in
technology hubs where they draw on a highly educated workforce and serve niche
customers nearby.

Mass Design (www.massdesign.com) produces high-reliability circuit boards used
in military, medical, aerospace and instrumentation products as well as
emerging sectors such as renewable energy.

For insight into the 2013 outlook, PCB Design 007 interviewed Bill Gately,
Mass Design's sales manager. See a reprint of his interview, An American PCB
Manufacturer's Tale: http://massdesign.com/sites/default/files/article.pdf

While we expect some consumer electronics manufacturing to return to the US in
2013, for the most part, circuit boards for smart phones, computers and
toasters are manufactured in Asia where plants hire thousands of workers to
assemble millions of boards.

In contrast, Mass Design has fewer than 100 employees who can take a new
product from design through prototype to fabrication and assembly – all under
one roof. Its Nashua, New Hampshire location is a stone's throw from
Massachusetts' Route 128 Technology Highway and Boston and Cambridge. Defense
contractors and medical products manufacturers such as Raytheon, Fresenius and
GE are within driving distance. Area colleges and universities deliver top
engineering, manufacturing and technical talent. Likewise, the East Coast's
high-tech community promotes knowledge sharing and other intangible benefits.

Regarding past election uncertainty, Gately notes, "Since Paul Boduch and Tony
Bourassa founded the company in 1986, we've been through seven Presidential
electoral cycles. We've heard arguments over which candidate would have been
better for defense or healthcare – two technology-driven sectors in which Mass
Design leads. Nonetheless, politics matter far less than how well we respond
to technology, business and economic shifts in the US and worldwide."

The emphasis on medical outcomes, cost and home monitoring offers potential
with Mass Design participating in developing diagnostic and treatment
equipment for Siemens, Baxter, GE, Tyco and others.

Regarding the military, Gately says, "In 2010, the US Cyber Command was
created to coordinate our cyberspace resources and defend our information
security environment. This emphasis on computer defense is unprecedented."

Additionally, "Wind energy has shifted from 'alternate' to mainstream and
we're working on next-generation wind turbines," says Gately. Mass Design
manufactures multi-layer PCB boards large enough to handle massive amounts of
current and power.

"We also serve customers who insist on manufacturing in the US for quicker
turnaround, product confidence and environmental and safety standard
assurances," says Gately adding, "More broadly, outsourcing is turning around.
Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced plans to manufacture one of its Mac lines in
the US during an interview with NBC's Brian Williams." See: Huffington Post

December's Atlantic magazine echoes Gately's optimism. In The Insourcing Boom,
Charles Fishman reports that GE is adding assembly lines at its Appliance Park
in Louisville, KY noting, "U.S. labor productivity has continued its long
march upward [and] .... You simply can't save much money chasing wages

SOURCE Mass Design

Website: http://www.massdesign.com
Contact: Richard Pirozzolo, +1-617-959-4613, dick@pirozzolo.com
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