Consumer Electronics Show 2013: The best technologies serving a smart way of life

 Consumer Electronics Show 2013: The best technologies serving a smart way of

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2013

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Parrot, a global leader of wireless
peripherals for mobile phones, unveils innovations that will be available in
2013. Every day, Parrot is exploring the new possibilities around Smartphones
in the spirit of "Smart Living."

For Parrot, 2013 will mark the opening of a new field of exploration:
'eco-geek' products.

  oParrot Flower Power

       oA wireless Bluetooth low-energy sensor for your plants that will
         inform you of their needs thanks to a dedicated application.

And of course, technological innovations to offer new capabilities to existing

  oParrot Zikmu Solo

       oA 'Duo' option to connect two stereo tower speakers and create an
         ultra powerful audio stereo system of 2 x 100 watts.

  oParrot AR.Drone 2.0

       oNew functionalities and accessories

            oGPS 'Flight Recorder': to record the 10 most important flight
              parameters, like airliners
            o'Director Mode': for aerial shooting
            oLonger battery life
            oGames connected to AR.Drone Academy

  oParrot ASTEROID

       oASTEROID Market: the first platform to download applications
         dedicated to vehicles
       oDedicated developer zone (

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Parrot, a global leader in wireless devices for mobile phones, stands on the
cutting edge of innovation. The company was founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux
as part of his determination to drive the inevitable breakthrough of mobile
phones into everyday life by creating high-quality, user-friendly wireless
devices for easy living. Parrot has developed the most extensive range of
hands-free systems on the market for cars. Its globally recognized expertise
in the fields of mobile connectivity and multimedia around Smartphones has
positioned Parrot as a key player of in-car infotainment.

Additionally, Parrot designs and markets a prestigious line of high-end
wireless multimedia products in collaboration with some of the world's most
renowned designers. Finally, Parrot is expanding on the UAV market with the
Parrot AR.Drone, the first quadricopter piloted via Wi-Fi and using augmented
realitywith new solutionsfor professional use.

Parrot, headquartered in Paris, currently employs more than 700 people
worldwide and generates the majority of its sales overseas. Parrot is listed
on NYSE Euronext Paris since 2006. (FR0004038263 – PARRO)

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The smart sensor for your plants

With 'Flower Power', Parrot is creating a new path of exploration: 'eco-geek'

The project, presented at CES 2013, is a smart wireless sensor – equipped with
Bluetooth Smart technology- and its dedicated mobile application to help us
care for our plants.

Indoor or outdoor, Parrot Flower Power measures the parameters that facilitate
the growth of the plant in which it is associated. It measures sunlight,
humidity, temperature and fertilizer.

The information is transferred via Bluetooth Smart (low consumption) to the
Parrot Cloud, analyzed by dedicated software and sent to a compatible
Smartphone or tablet. 

Thanks to a library of thousands of plants, pro or rookie gardeners can remain
informed about the needs of their geranium, ficus or tomato plants!

Project name: Parrot Flower Power
Date of availability: 2013

Sound takes on another dimension with the 'Duo' option

Revealed at CES 2012, the wireless stereo tower speaker Parrot Zikmu Solo
produces a natural stereo musical experience with deep bass capabilities.

For music lovers seeking an even more powerful audio system, Parrot is
developing the 'Duo' option.

Thanks to the 'Duo' option, two Parrot Zikmu Solo speakers can now be
connected together via Wi-Fi, in order to create an audio stereo system with
the amazing power of 2 x 100W RMS.

The Parrot Audio Suite application, already available for free on App Store^™
and Google Play, will enable users to manage the connection of the two
speakers and their audio parameters, as well as taking advantage of the
existing setting capabilities like the positioning of the speakers in a room,
the volume, the equalizer…

Parrot Zikmu Solo is the most technologically-advanced wireless speaker in the

For the first time, a 1 GHz ARM A8 processor controls the path of the coil of
the bass loudspeaker in real-time. This provides maximum power of the
loudspeaker, without distortion.

Ultra-connected, Parrot Zikmu Solo is compatible with any peripheral or
network (iPhone, iPod, PC, Mac, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth mobile phone, Ethernet,

Project name: Parrot Zikmu Solo, 'Duo' option
Date of availability: 2013

Always pushing back the limits

The uncontested star of CES since 2010, Parrot AR.Drone is again promising new
and exceptional flying experiences: GPS 'Flight Recorder,' advanced flying
camera software, a longer battery life and games.

  oGPS 'Flight recorder', the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 black box
    Connected to the USB plug of the AR.Drone 2.0, 'Flight Recorder' is a GPS
    module with a 4GB flash memory that records flying parameters, like
    airliners. It will enable the visualization of flights in 3D on the
    AR.Drone Academymap and will provide developers with an additional field
    of creation.
  o'Director Mode', film like a pro
    Director Mode enables pilots to program pre-registered and automatic
    movements (e.g. traveling, pan, crane, etc.) in order to shoot perfect
    videos like a movie director with Parrot AR.Drone 2.0.
    A stabilization system and video post-processing features allow clean
    smooth shots and the videos could be used in editing or shared via the
    AR.Drone Academy.
  oHigh Density Battery, 50 percent additional flying time!
    A new high-density Lithium-Polymer battery option increases flight time of
    the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 to 18 minutes!
  o'AR.Race 2.0' and 'AR.Rescue 2.0', compare yourself to the community
    'AR.Race 2.0', a customizable solo or multi-player race game and
    'AR.Rescue 2.0', an adventure game in augmented reality, will be connected
    to the AR.Drone Academy for pilots to compare their scores with other

Project name: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 news
Date of availability: 2013

A Development Guide for developers

After designing Parrot ASTEROID Classic, Mini, Tablet and Smart, the largest
range of connected solutions running on Android for the car, Parrot provides
developers with a 'Development Guide' available for free at 

Developers can access tutorials, examples and tools to create their own
applications or services for professionals or individuals, adapted for
in-vehicle use (e.g. driving assistance, navigation, communication, music,

These applications will be available via the ASTEROID Market, where theyare
classified by categories (e.g. driving assistance, music, point of interest,
etc.), by price or number of downloads. Users can customize their Parrot
ASTEROID by selecting the Apps and content answering their needs.

ASTEROID Market is the first platform of applications dedicated solely to the
automotive space and allows developers to sell them. At the time of its
launch, the ASTEROID Market is expecting approximately twenty applications,
including: solutions for navigation, geo-localization, music, etc.

Project name: ASTEROID Market and ASTEROID Development Guide
Date of availability: H1 2013


Contact: Airfoil for Parrot: Kristen Berry, +1-650-691-7318, or Megan Soule, +1-248-304-1428,
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