Monsanto's Integrated Yield Pipeline Advances A Record 18 Projects Across Multiple Research Areas

  Monsanto's Integrated Yield Pipeline Advances A Record 18 Projects Across
                           Multiple Research Areas

Advancing projects highlight a systems approach to maximizing yield for

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ST. LOUIS, Jan. 8, 2013

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Monsanto's annual research and
development update highlighted record project advancement across the company's
breeding, biotechnology, and improved agronomics platforms, all aimed at
sustainably maximizing farmer productivity while conserving resources like
water and land.

Through integrated research in breeding, biotechnology, and new technology
areas such as Integrated Farming Systems^℠ and agricultural biologicals,
Monsanto is focused on offering farmers the best possible system of products
to optimize the performance of their crops each growing season. This systems
approach focuses on delivering multiple solutions for farmers to combat the
challenges they face, using fewer inputs, while ensuring the solutions work
together to maximize total yield potential.

"In this record year for our pipeline, we added next-generation agronomic
trait solutions, advanced our work in the unique space of yield and stress
with the launch of Genuity^® DroughtGard^™ Hybrids, advanced breeding projects
that combat yield-reducing pests and diseases, and also added projects in our
newest area, agricultural biologicals," said Robb Fraley, Ph.D., Monsanto
chief technology officer. "With our diverse and expanding pipeline of
solutions, we'll be able to deliver additional innovations to meet the needs
of our customers in a sustainable way."

In addition to the 18 project advancements, Monsanto has three projects in its
Ground Breakers^®^on-farm testing program. Ground Breakers^®, a testing
program that informs the company's commercial decisions and gives farmers a
firsthand look at future products in their fields, continues Intacta RR2 PRO^™
in Brazil, and added Roundup Ready^® 2 Xtend soybeans (field trials under
permit) and FieldScripts^℠ under Integrated Farming Systems^℠ in the United

Biotechnology Platform
Monsanto has a pipeline of exciting products in development, including yield
and stress work in collaboration with BASF Plant Science, as well as
next-generation insect control, designed to minimize yield risk and take
production to a whole new level. This year's advancements are comprised of
eight projects, including the launch of Genuity^® DroughtGard^™ Hybrids,
developed in collaboration with BASF. This drought-tolerant corn system is
designed to enhance yield stability when water is limited, providing farmers
in tough environmental conditions with an opportunity to improve yield and

Breeding Platform
Monsanto's breeding program draws from a diverse genetic germplasm collection
that is unparalleled in the industry. Combined with an extensive global
testing program, an understanding of biotechnology traits and advanced
breeding tools like molecular markers and seed chippers, these components help
plant breeders deliver new and improved hybrids and varieties faster and with
higher yield potential than ever before. In addition to annual germplasm
improvements, this year's breeding pipeline advanced four projects, including
the launch of phytophthora root rot resistant soybeans which targets the
second most significant soybean disease in the United States, with an average
yield loss of 44 million bushels per year.

Agricultural Biologicals Platform
Within Monsanto's agricultural biologicals platform, researchers are working
on targeted and effective products for weed, insect, and virus control that
could maximize growers' yield potential. Monsanto's first technology under
agricultural biologicals is BioDirect^™. The company's two BioDirect^™
projects in virus control and insect control would offer farmers protection
from virus and insects across a wide variety of crops. Monsanto's BioDirect^™
technology glyphosate-resistant weed control would target glyphosate-resistant
weeds and provide a broader spectrum of control.

Agronomic Solutions Platform
Monsanto featured two advancements in its agronomic solutions platform that
are designed to provide farmers with multiple solutions to combating weeds and
multiple nematode species that impair productivity. Nematicide chemistry
would provide farmers with control against nematode species in a wide variety
of crops. The company also advanced its improved dicamba formulation, which
would provide farmers with an additional tool for weed management, to the
final phase before commercialization.

The following is a complete list of the 18 projects advancing phases in 2013.

Biotechnology Platform

Next-Generation Corn Rootworm (Advanced to Phase 1)
Next-Generation Corn Rootworm would provide farmers with multiple modes of
action against corn rootworm. This project would build upon current corn
rootworm technology, with multiple, new modes of action that would offer the
opportunity for greater control and durability against corn rootworm.

Next-Generation Above-Ground Insect Protection for Corn (Advanced to Phase 1)
Next-Generation Above-Ground Insect Protection is designed to offer increased
control and durability against key lepidopteran pests. This next-generation
project would provide multiple modes of action against above-ground insects,
providing a broad spectrum of efficacy on farmer's fields.

Next-Generation Insect-Protected Soybeans (Advanced to Phase 1)
Next-Generation Insect-Protected Soybeans add additional modes of action,
improving current yield protection and trait durability from previous
generation products. This product is designed to provide multiple modes of
action to primary and secondary insect pests with a broad spectrum of insect

Next-Generation Genuity^® Bollgard^® Cotton (Advanced to Phase 1)
Next-Generation Genuity^® Bollgard^® Cotton is designed to enhance the insect
protection in earlier Bollgard^® products. This next-generation technology
would provide season-long protection with multiple modes of action against key
lepidopteran pests in cotton fields worldwide.

Herbicide-Tolerant Wheat (Advanced to Phase 2)
Herbicide-Tolerant wheat is designed to incorporate tolerance to multiple
herbicide modes of action, giving growers multiple options for weed
management. Early field trials showed excellent tolerance to dicamba and

Insect Protected + Roundup Ready^® Sugarcane (Advanced to Phase 2)
Insect-protected + Roundup Ready^® Sugarcane is designed to use the Bt
technology widely adopted in corn and cotton to control economically damaging
pests in Brazil, including sugarcane borer. The insect protection is combined
with the Roundup Ready^® gene for more flexible weed control.

Dicamba-, Glufosinate- and Glyphosate-Tolerant Corn (Advanced to Phase 3)
Dicamba-, Glufosinate- and Glyphosate-Tolerant Corn is designed to build on
the Roundup Ready^® Xtend crop system and provide farmers with additional
herbicide-tolerance options. This product would contain multiple herbicide
tolerance traits enabling use of herbicides with different modes of action,
expanding growers' options to protect their corn crop from weed infestations.

Dicamba- and Glufosinate-Tolerant Cotton (Advanced to Phase 4)
Dicamba-and Glufosinate-Tolerant Cotton would represent Monsanto's first stack
of herbicide-tolerant technologies in cotton, containing Genuity^® Roundup
Ready^® Flex stacked with Dicamba-and Glufosinate-tolerance for three unique
modes of action. Part of the Roundup Ready^® Xtend Crop System, this would
provide cotton growers with the most effective weed management system

Drought-Tolerant Corn (Launched) – Collaboration between Monsanto and BASF
Genuity^® DroughtGard^™ Hybrids is Monsanto's drought-tolerant corn system
developed as part of a joint R&D collaboration with BASF on yield and stress.
Monsanto will introduce Genuity^® DroughtGard^™ Hybrids in the Western Great
Plains for the 2013 growing season under stewardship requirements pending
import approvals in key export markets. Genuity^® DroughtGard^™ Hybrids
combine germplasm selected for its drought-tolerant characteristics through
breeding, the drought-tolerant biotechnology trait and agronomic
recommendations. In the 2012 growing season, Genuity^® DroughtGard^™ Hybrids
experienced strong performance in trials, with commercially projected products
showing a yield advantage of more than 5 bushels per acre over competitor

Breeding Platform

Goss's Wilt Resistance in Corn (Advanced to Phase 3)
Goss's Wilt, caused by a bacterium that reduces yields in the Western Great
Plains and expanding areas, affects approximately 30 percent of U.S. corn
acres and can impair yields greater than 60 bushels per acre. The Goss's Wilt
Resistance project would enhance disease resistance against Goss's Wilt in
corn crops.

Root Knot Nematode Resistance in Cotton (Advanced to Phase 4)
Root Knot Nematode Resistance technology in cotton can reduce root knot
nematode populations by 60 percent. When combined with seed treatments, the
system can provide enhanced seedling vigor, resistance management, and
season-long protection against root knot nematodes. These new cotton varieties
would offer more uniform, stable growing performance than is currently

Phytophthora Root Rot Resistance in Soybeans (Launched)
In field-testing, Genuity^® Roundup Ready 2 Yield^® Phytophthora Root Rot
soybean varieties with double gene stack showed a significant yield advantage
over the competition, providing enhanced season-long protection against the
diverse pathogen strains of the second-most impactful soybean disease in the

Performance Series^™ Broccoli (Launched)
Unlike ordinary broccoli, the crown in Performance Series^™ Broccoli extends
even with the leaf canopy. The stem is clean without large leaves to remove.
The crowns mature uniformly, requiring fewer passes through the fields at
harvest which makes them easier for farmers to harvest.

Agricultural Biologicals Platform

BioDirect^™ Technology Virus Control (Advanced to Discovery)
Leveraging Monsanto's core capabilities in genomics, BioDirect^™ Technology
Virus Control could significantly reduce the impact of viruses across a broad
range of crops.

BioDirect^™ Technology Insect Control (Advanced to Discovery)
Early testing indicates BioDirect^™ Technology Insect Control could provide
specific and precise protection against insect pests that significantly impact
the health of a farmer's crop.

BioDirect^™ Technology Glyphosate-Resistant Weed Control (Advanced to Phase 1)
BioDirect^™ Technology Glyphosate-Resistant Weed Control has the potential to
be a game changer for managing weeds that have developed glyphosate
resistance. Early testing indicates that BioDirect^™ technology can be used
with glyphosate to target weeds and provide a broader spectrum of control on
problem weeds.

Agronomic Solutions Platform

Nematicide Chemistry (Advanced to Phase 3)
Monsanto's nematicide chemistry would provide farmers with an additional tool
to control pressure from multiple nematode species, one of the largest pest
problems in agriculture.

Improved Dicamba Formulation (Advanced to Phase 4)
The Improved Dicamba Formulation, a complementary component of the Roundup
Ready Xtend Crop System, would control resistant and tough to control weeds
with a dual-mode-of-action herbicide. The new low-volatility
dicamba/glyphosate premix candidates could be used before, during and after
planting with Roundup Ready Xtend Crops.

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