Illumina Announces Sequencing Technology Innovations

  Illumina Announces Sequencing Technology Innovations

    Rich Pipeline Delivers the Most Comprehensive End-to-End Solutions for
                          Next-Generation Sequencing

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SAN DIEGO -- January 8, 2013

Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN) today announced a series of product and technology
innovations for its powerful sequencing ecosystem – from sample preparation to
system enhancements to data analysis –– that will enable the next
breakthroughs in understanding the genome.

“Illumina has consistently led the market in conceptualizing, developing, and
executing on industry-changing sequencing technology, and we continue to
provide scientific advances that facilitate fully integrated and highly
economical sequencing with very rapid turnaround,” said Jay Flatley, President
and Chief Executive Officer of Illumina. “These capabilities allow us to
continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers, as they develop an
ever-increasing range of applications, in new and emerging markets from
agrigenomics to molecular diagnostics.”

Sample Prep Evolution

Simplifying and accelerating the sample prep process is fundamental to
improving sequencing workflows and decreasing turnaround time, an important
factor for sequencing to be adopted in clinical settings. Illumina announced
and previewed several innovations in sample preparation technology:

  *Nextera® Rapid Capture Exome Kits represent a new generation of targeted
    enrichment products, providing the fastest exome enrichment workflow on
    both the HiSeq® 2500 and the MiSeq®. With a sample-to-data protocol of
    less than three days, the kits deliver a 70% speed improvement over
    current technologies, with a solution optimized for efficient enrichment
    of coding content.Commercial availability for these kits is scheduled for
    the end of 1Q’13.
  *Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Kits enable enrichment of hundreds of
    kilobases to tens of megabases of custom-selected content. Fully automated
    probe design through DesignStudio™ and the ability to add content to
    previously designed panels will be provided. Nextera Rapid Capture Custom
    Kits will begin shipping in 2Q’13.
  *TruSeq® DNA PCR-Free Kits are a simple, all-inclusive sample prep solution
    for whole-genome sequencing providing industry-best genome coverage, the
    ability to sequence the most challenging regions, and the power to
    identify variants with high accuracy. These kits will be available to
    order on January 21, 2013.
  *Nextera Mate-Pair Sample Preparation Kits offer the only gel-free method
    for preparing up to 15 kb mate-pair libraries in less than two days with
    the industry’s lowest DNA input; an ideal approach for de novo sequencing,
    genome finishing, and the detection of structural variation – even in the
    most complex genomes such as those derived from cancer. These kits are
    available for immediate order.
  *TruSeq Targeted RNA Kits bring a new standard to mid-plex gene expression
    profiling and validation by overcoming significant challenges in cost and
    workflow. User-defined custom panels of 12-1,000 assays can be created to
    target genes, isoforms, splice junctions, and cSNPs, all of which can be
    added to a wide variety of pre-selected gene panels focused on cell
    pathways and disease states. Commercial availability for the TruSeq
    Targeted RNA Kit is scheduled for 1Q’13.

Core Technology Enhancements

Illumina also highlighted a number of core sequencing platform enhancements
that will increase the throughput, read lengths, and speed of existing
systems, as well as decrease running costs.

  *A new flow cell technology will provide a significant increase in cluster
    density and number of reads per flow cell while reducing image-processing
    time. This new technology improves support for counting applications,
    lowers the cost per data point, and reduces turnaround time for sequencing
    projects. First customer experience with these new flow cells will occur
    in the second half of this year.
  *A novel library prep method and analysis algorithm, enabled by the
    acquisition of Moleculo Inc., will produce synthetic read lengths up to 10
    kb at an extremely low error rate (Q50 or better). This advancement allows
    more comprehensive coverage and accurate genotyping of clinically
    important genes and new applications such as phased resequencing of human
    genomes, andrapidde novosequencing of complex plant and animalgenomes.
  *HiSeq 2500 chemistry enhancements empower the industry’s highest daily
    throughput and drive down the price of whole-genome sequencing. With
    support of paired 250 base pair read lengths in rapid run mode, the HiSeq
    2500 will be capable of generating up to 300Gb in rapid mode with sample
    to data in less than three days. These enhancements will be available in
    the second half of this year.

Informatics Advances

Illumina also shared today a development in the evolution of its cloud-based
data analysis, storage, and sharing platform, BaseSpace™

  *BaseSpace Apps, a dedicated applications store for BaseSpace, has quickly
    become a seminal environment for the deployment of informatics
    tools.Today the community has grown to more than 100 independent
    developers who are working to bring a wide assortment of analysis tools to
    a growing cloud-enabled user base.

“Our ability to rapidly innovate across the entire workflow of next-generation
sequencing ensures we are better positioned than ever to continue creating and
delivering value to both our research and clinical customers,” said Christian
Henry, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Illumina’s Genomic
Solutions business. “With enhancements to our platform, we continue to set the
standard for speed, accuracy, output, and workflow.”

About Illumina

Illumina ( is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer
of life science tools and integrated systems for the analysis of genetic
variation and function. We provide innovative sequencing and array-based
solutions for genotyping, copy number variation analysis, methylation studies,
gene expression profiling, and low-multiplex analysis of DNA, RNA, and
protein. We also provide tools and services that are fueling advances in
consumer genomics and diagnostics. Our technology and products accelerate
genetic analysis research and its application, paving the way for molecular
medicine and ultimately transforming healthcare.

Forward-Looking Statements

This release contains forward looking statements that involve risks and
uncertainties. Examples of forward-looking statements include, but are not
limited to, statements we make regarding the expected shipping and
availability dates for new sample preparation products and technology
enhancements. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ
materially from those in any forward-looking statements include challenges
inherent in developing, manufacturing, and launching new products and services
and the other factors that are detailed in our filings with the Securities and
Exchange Commission, including our most recent filings on Forms 10-K and 10-Q,
or in information disclosed in public conference calls, the date and time of
which are released beforehand. We do not intend to update any forward-looking
statements after the date of this release.


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