How Online Videos Could Fix the Economy Fast

                 How Online Videos Could Fix the Economy Fast

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ROSEVILLE, Minn., Jan. 8, 2013

ROSEVILLE, Minn., Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --In a new audio book titled Free
2 Earn 4Ever, Minnesota entrepreneur and author, S.J. August explains how
world economic problems could be solved very quickly if large technology
companies, like Google, Amazon, PayPal, or Apple, were to create a web
platform that would allow anyone to sell online videos as if they were
products. Given the tools to sell their videos, millions of video uploaders
from every corner of the globe could earn money from paid video views. The
book explains that earning and spending among the majority of populations
supersede all other activities for a healthy economy.

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"Our economy coupled with the ever-expanding population of the world can no
longer be sustained by traditional jobs. Politicians promise more jobs, but
that mindset of putting people in traditional jobs to solve our economic
problems will only impede our progress as a species," says S.J. August. "The
only way to achieve a stable economic recovery from where we are today is to
allow people everywhere to participate in the economy by selling their
information, talents, skills, and interests in the form of online video

At the company's website,, a video explains the
idea. In addition, a Revenue Projection Calculator allows visitors to enter
video scenarios to see the income potential with this idea. "People in every
corner of our globe are full of unique information, skills, and experiences.
Allowing anyone to take a video about anything and sell it as if it were a
product, will give millions the freedom to earn a lot of money from their
God-given talents and interests," S.J. August explains. "If a person sold 12
videos at $1 per view and each video had 1,000 paid views per month, they
would earn over $140,000 per year. This is a big opportunity!"

"A person struggling financially because he or she cannot find a job due to
lack of employable skills, their geographic location, or a disability, should
be given the opportunity to sell videos. Someone unable to work in a
traditional job may have stories, collections, or talents that people around
the world would pay to watch. Maybe there is a person out there going to bed
hungry, unable to pay for medical care, or whatever. What if he or she has a
gift of singing, gardening, or woodworking? Instead of giving charity
handouts, give that person an opportunity to earn their own money. More than
money, it gives them dignity of being able to provide for themselves and not
be reliant on handouts from others. It is the Teach a Man to Fish theory.
What's missing is the fishing equipment."

A video explaining the idea is available at or

The book is titled Free 2 Earn 4Ever and is available in paperback at Barnes
and Noble, or as an audio book at,, and on

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