STMicroelectronics and Tatung Collaborate to Enable Smarter

STMicroelectronics and Tatung Collaborate to Enable Smarter Homes 
GENEVA and TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- (Marketwire) -- 01/07/13 --  The era of
the smart, connected home that offers its occupants a greener, safer,
more convenient and more enjoyable lifestyle has been brought closer
through a unique collaboration announced today by STMicroelectronics
(NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across
the spectrum of electronics applications, and Tatung, a leading
electronics company for smart-home solutions. Working together, the
two companies have developed an array of smart-home appliances that
can be interconnected to form a smart-home ecosystem.  
The products, implemented by Tatung using a variety of platforms and
reference designs developed by ST, are designed to leverage the
popular HomePlug powerline communication (PLC) protocols and hybrid
networks. The HomePlug technology transforms ordinary electric wires
into a high-speed communication network available in every power
outlet. Hybrid networks are based on the emerging IEEE 1905.1
standard and allow devices to take advantage of all available
communication media including HomePlug and WiFi. Illustrating the
huge range of creative possibilities open to smart-home equipment
designers, one of the products demonstrated is an innovative
combination of a remotely-controllable LED room light, a networked
loudspeaker, and a WiFi access point in a single unit. 
All of the modules are based on a unique intelligent communication
hub/gateway System-on-Chip (SoC) technology from ST that is the first
in the world to integrate both the powerline modem and a powerful
applications processor based on an ARM926EJ-S core running at 330MHz.
Because the connected homes of the future will leverage many wired
and wireless communication technologies, ST's new hub/gateway
solution was designed to support the emerging IEEE P1905.1 standard. 
For the initial roll-out, ST has worked with Tatung to develop some
prototype products that could be easily commercialized and customized
and/or branded by Tatung for other OEMs. This family of HomePlug
powerline-enabled products, all targeting smart-home applications,
includes a smart meter, a smart plug capable of controlling and
measuring the electrical product plugged into it and its power
consumption, and video surveillance cameras supporting H.264 and
MJPEG video streaming. Additional products include a smart-Home
Services Gateway supporting HomePlug, ZigBee, WiFi, NFC, and other
communication standards, a smart In-Home Display, a Touch Control
Panel, and a revolutionary LED Light, Speaker, and WiFi Access Point. 
"This ecosystem of connected products brings the "Internet of Things"
into the smart home, enabling the convergence of energy management,
entertainment, surveillance and monitoring, and other functions such
as Electric Vehicle charging," said Matteo Lo Presti,
STMicroelectronics Group VP and Industrial and Power Conversion
General Manager. "We believe that working with a strong and
well-known OEM such as Tatung will accelerate the market availability
of products that leverage the unique combination of PLC modem and
powerful application processor in a single SoC solution." 
By combining entertainment, energy management and other applications
via low-cost, reliable and secure connectivity, smart-home products
such as the ones that will be shown in Las Vegas will make it easier
for consumers to control their homes and reduce their energy bills.
The user interface can span across many screens in the home,
including smart phones and tablets, TVs, computers, and dedicated
In-Home Displays. In the demonstration, all of the smart-home
products communicate with the main home gateway that is based on ST's
leading-edge STiH416 connected-home System-on-Chip device and
Linux/OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative), which provides a
future-proof, scalable, and secure platform for the delivery of
entertainment, information, social and home services. 
"The convergence of Home Automation, Energy Management, and
Infotainment creates exciting opportunities to develop new types of
products, from essential smart-home building blocks such as smart
plugs, to innovative functional combinations such the
LED/Loudspeaker/WiFi unit," said W. Y. Lin, President of Tatung.
"This collaboration will enable OEMs to bring innovative new
ST-enabled smart-home products to market as quickly and
cost-effectively as possible." 
Initially implemented in Tatung's prototype smart-home products, ST's
new intelligent communication hub/gateway technology will be
available on the open market later in 2013.  
About STMicroelectronics
 ST is a global leader in the semiconductor
market serving customers across the spectrum of sense and power and
automotive products and embedded processing solutions. From energy
management and savings to trust and data security, from healthcare
and wellness to smart consumer devices, in the home, car and office,
at work and at play, ST is found everywhere microelectronics make a
positive and innovative contribution to people's life. By getting
more from technology to get more from life, ST stands for
In 2011, the Company's net revenues were $9.73 billion. Further
information on ST can be found at 
About Tatung (
 As the company that best represents
Taiwan by media's choice, Tatung Company has three business groups
covering power related business, consumer electronics, and system
integration. The Company focuses particularly on the development of
advanced technologies and global network of operation. Specializing
in serving branded customers on a global basis, Tatung offers its
customers tremendous advantages on cost, speed, and seamless backend
With smart home solutions and smart grid applications, Tatung
demonstrates its synergy on home area networking (HAN) and energy
management to make it affordable and complete. Its cutting-edge new
products include PLC module, machine-to-machine bridge, smart plug
with HomePlug & ZigBee, smart meter with command & control, in-home
display, surveillance camera, and addressable LED lighting speaker.  
Research and development collaborations between the Company and
Tatung University also lay a solid foundation for Tatung to yield
advancement and excellence. 
ST and Tatung Smart Home: 
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