Sharp® Provides a Glimpse of the Future at CES 2013

  Sharp® Provides a Glimpse of the Future at CES 2013

Breakthrough Display Technologies that Unlock New Possibilities and Incredible
Large Screen Televisions that Change the Viewing Experience Highlight Sharp’s
                                  CES Booth

2013 International CES BOOTH #10916

Business Wire

LAS VEGAS -- January 7, 2013

Brace yourself for a look into the future … today. This year, Sharp comes to
CES with breakthrough technologies and exciting products that show the future
is not that far off – Sharp is making amazing things happen now.

The Sharp ICC Purios (pictured) combines Ultra HD resolution and the ICC
(integrated cognitive creat ...

The Sharp ICC Purios (pictured) combines Ultra HD resolution and the ICC
(integrated cognitive creation) image processor, announced today at CES 2013
(Photo: Business Wire)

“Whether in your home or in your hand, display technology is everywhere,” said
Toshi Osawa, CEO and Chairman of Sharp Electronics Corporation. “From game
changing IGZO, to stunning Ultra HD products, and large screen televisions,
the introductions we are making at CES 2013 will advance people's lives at
home, work and everywhere in between.”

For the first time in the United States, the company is showcasing the amazing
possibilities of IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) and introducing the first
new products that use it. Today and tomorrow, IGZO will engender a whole
generation of display products that produce high resolution images, are
dramatically more energy efficient and are ultra-responsive to touch.

Sharp will take the lead in Ultra HD – the next generation of high-definition
4K display technology for the home – showcasing two lines of large screen
Ultra HD TVs that will be introduced this year.

At CES, Sharp is also primed to continue its leadership in large screen LED
TVs by introducing its 2013 AQUOS^® LED TV lineup, featuring the largest
commercially available LED TV in the world, more large screen models featuring
Quattron^™ technology and striking new designs.

Details of the new products and technologies showcased at CES include:


Sharp is the first to successfully mass produce IGZO, an innovative compound
that replaces the industry standard amorphous silicon material used for the
active layer in thin-film transistors (TFTs).

IGZO’s advantages are:

  *Super high resolution and clarity: IGZO’s transistors are much smaller
    than traditional LCDs thanks to significantly higher electron mobility.
    Therefore, more data can be shown in a single display, creating a
    stunningly detailed image – up to four times that of conventional full-HD
    or 1080p LCDs.
  *Ultra low power consumption: IGZO can maintain the onscreen data for a
    certain period of time without refreshing the data, even when the current
    is off. This helps cut back the power consumption to achieve longer
    battery life for mobile displays.
  *High performance touch response: Compared to conventional LCDs, IGZO
    displays have drastically minimized the noise caused during touch input.
    This allows for quick, easy, more natural-feeling writing and smooth

While the possibilities for this technology are far reaching, Sharp is already
implementing IGZO technology in its displays, tablet PCs, monitors and
smartphones available today.

Ultra HD Intuitive IGZO Business Display

At CES, Sharp is revealing its state of the art 32" (31.5" diagonal) class
professional LCD monitors, the PN-K321 and a touchscreen monitor prototype,
which feature IGZO technology with ultra-high-definition 4K × 2K resolution
(3,840 × 2,160 pixels), four times the pixel resolution of full high
definition. These models also boast the industry’s thinnest design at just
35mm. The touchscreen monitor prototype is capable of 10-point multi-touch
option, allowing users to perform multiple gestures at once simply by touching
the screen, which is especially useful for portraying and interfacing with
images, graphics, complex visual elements or architectural designs. The
PN-K321 is planned to launch in February.

Ultra HD

Sharp is taking the lead in the development of the next generation of screen
resolution: Ultra HD. Previously known as 4K, this significant leap in viewing
is four times the pixel resolution of 1080p. At CES, Sharp is demonstrating
two large screen Ultra HD televisions:

ICC Purios: Developed jointly with I-cubed Research Center Inc., ICC Purios
combines Ultra HD resolution and the ICC (integrated cognitive creation) image
processor, which reproduces the “cognitive” process by which the human brain
interprets light stimuli. Employing this unique process provides a similar
sense of depth, texture and perspective to what people experience when looking
directly at an object for a lifelike viewing experience where everything is in
sharper focus. The picture is so stunningly real, ICC Purios is the world’s
first display to pass the 400 tests necessary to receive THX^® 4K Display
certification, confirming that the display not only meets industry 4K
performance guidelines, but that it maintains content accuracy true to the
original HD image. This model will come to market summer 2013.

AQUOS Ultra HD:  At CES, Sharp is showcasing a prototype of the AQUOS Ultra HD
TV. In addition to boasting Ultra HD resolution, this prototype features a new
screen technology, introduced as Moth Eye that virtually eliminates glare
while preserving color vibrancy.

2013 AQUOS Lineup

Brace yourself for an all-out visual thrill ride. Sharp is showcasing its full
line of 2013 AQUOS LED TVs, with striking new designs and large screen sizes
such as 60" (diagonal), 70" (69 ½ " diagonal), 80" (diagonal) and 90"
(diagonal), the world’s largest commercially available LED TV. This year,
Sharp, the leader in large screen LED TVs, will introduce 21 models of 60"
size or larger, the most choices in the industry.

The 2013 AQUOS line features two series with Quattron technology. All large
screen AQUOS LED TVs are smart TVs with dual-core processors for quick and
easy smart connection, control and content choices. The flagship 8-Series
features Super Bright, an intelligent contrast engine and a brighter panel to
create a brighter picture and extraordinary contrast.

Big, Bold Audio

Sharp is demonstrating two exciting audio products at CES: the HT-SB60, the
only soundbar system on the market designed from the ground up to be used
exclusively for 60" and larger TVs. The system provides clear and powerful
sound via a 2.1 channel arrangement with 310 total watts of power and a
wireless subwoofer. Its flexible design offers options for horizontal and wall
mounted use. Exposed drivers and a rich black-brushed aluminum finish offer a
striking visual element.

The second, the stylish GX-M10 Portable Audio System has built-in CD and
iPhone, iPod and iPad docking stations, as well as microphone and guitar
inputs with input level control. Operating on AC/DC or battery outputting 100
watts of power and sporting LED accent lighting on its dual subwoofers, the
GX-M10 consistently delivers high power audio no matter where it is placed.

The Next Generation of Quattron

Sharp is also demonstrating the next generation of Quattron technology at CES
2013. Using a specialized sub-pixel signal processing for Sharp’s
red-green-blue-yellow Quattron pixel panel, the next genesis of Quattron will
allow the control and use of these colors individually, enabling the
reproduction of double resolution in one singular pixel. As a result of this
breakthrough feature, the next generation of Quattron can increase the
effective resolution of a 1080p panel to Ultra HD-like for video and still
image content as well as Web based text. The next generation of Quattron
technology also includes specialized signal processing for scaling up from
1080p to 4K images. Sharp expects to introduce products with the next
generation of Quattron technology in 2014.


The company is showing a glimpse of the high definition future with a
demonstration of 8K resolution on an 85" (diagonal) screen size class TV.
Sharp was the first brand to showcase this groundbreaking technology at CES
2012. 8K is an astounding 7680 x 4320 resolution, the equivalent of 16 times
the pixel resolution of HDTV and presents an unprecedented level of incredibly
detailed, high-quality images.

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