Delphi at 2013 International CES Features Technologies to Keep Drivers Informed, Connected and Wirelessly Charged Without

    Delphi at 2013 International CES Features Technologies to Keep Drivers
    Informed, Connected and Wirelessly Charged Without Compromising Safety

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2013

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Delphi Automotive (NYSE: DLPH) today
announced a range of powerful connectivity, infotainment, safety and
wireless-device charging technologies, which it will showcase at the 2013
International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in the Las Vegas
Convention Center North Hall, Booth #730.These Delphi technologies are
designed to help keep the driver's focus on driving while connecting in new
ways for communication and fun.

Delphi enables this driving experience through several advancements:

  oSmart, active safety that places all critical information in the driver's
    forward view through a high-mount display, controlled at the steering
    wheel or by voice
  oMaximizing and extensively integrating in-vehicle computing power for easy
    and flawless entertainment and navigation capabilities through a Connected
    Navigation Radio
  oAllowing a driver to track, locate, access, secure and diagnose their
    vehicle anywhere at any time with a smart device or browser
  oWireless, automatic charging for smartphones, tablets and portable
    navigation devices that fully charge each of these with the flexibility of
    placement within the vehicle

These technologies reflect Delphi's passion about driver safety while
enhancing the consumer experience, as well as its dedication to enabling the
connected digital lifestyle in and out of the vehicle. In these new
approaches, Delphi's expertise in integration and connectivity allows drivers
and passengers to seamlessly share content with one another inside the

"Delphi believes driver safety and connectivity are achieved through eyes on
the road, hands on the wheel and mind on the mission," said Jeffrey J. Owens,
Delphi chief technology officer. "By enabling drivers to keep their hands on
the wheel while viewing the information they need, commanding entertainment
and navigation systems, and supporting their handheld devices, we are helping
to furnish new ways to make the driving experience safe and fun for everyone
in the car."

Delphi's latest contributions to automotive safety, connectivity and power are
embodied in the technologies demonstrated at CES, including MyFi® Connecting
with Safety, MyFi® Maximum Computing Power, Delphi's Connected Car, the
magnetic-resonance-based wireless charging system and a portfolio of products
that offer fast and comprehensive connectivity.

MyFi® Connecting with Safety

Reflecting Delphi's continuous commitment to mitigating distractions by
enabling drivers to keep their eyes on the road, Delphi's MyFi® Active Safety
human-machine interface (HMI) controls place all important information in the
driver's field of view, with the ability to control all major functions by the
touch of a button on the steering wheel or by voice recognition. Helping the
driver keep "eyes forward" is a high-mount, transparent display with
reconfigurable clusters that keeps critical data in the driver's line of view
at all times. Delphi's driver state sensor and workload manager deliver
information in a safe manner, while actively conditioning the driver to focus
and passively minimizing distraction. The technology proactively adjusts
features based on real-time conditions. For example, MyFi® monitors traffic
conditions and the driver's incoming text messages; but if traffic is heavy
and the driver needs to focus, Active Safety will not read the messages aloud.

MyFi® Maximum Computing Power

Delphi has developed a Connected Navigation Radio, a highly integrated
infotainment platform designed to offer increased connectivity and navigation
features to the consumer. The Delphi Connected Navigation Radio is an embedded
system that is rich in features, offering vehicle manufacturers the
opportunity to differentiate their cars and trucks with the flexibility of
individualized entertainment, information and communication. The radio's
features include:

  oThe ability to sync with nomadic devices of drivers and passengers
  oFull-color map navigation
  oFlexible entertainment options, such as AM/FM, digital and high-definition

Delphi's media module consumer ports now have AUX, USB, SD and HDMI
connectivity, with custom solutions to fit any interior style. In the future,
Delphi's media module could include Bluetooth capabilities that can support
in-vehicle communications. The Connected Navigation Radio is the latest
example of how Delphi harnesses the power of dozens of in-vehicle computers to
make simple, reliable systems.

Connected Car

Delphi announced at CES 2013 the release of its innovative cloud-based
automotive connectivity system. Delphi developed a device that provides a
groundbreaking car-to-cloud/cloud-to-car connectivity service, allowing a
driver to track, locate, access, secure and monitor his or her family's
vehicles anywhere at any time with a smartphone or browser. The
first-in-its-class device works in nearly every vehicle sold in the U.S. from
1996 onward.

The Delphi car connectivity system enables drivers to carry out any of the
following features remotely:

  oMonitor overall vehicle status
  oHighlight vehicle fault codes
  oLocate and access a family's cars anywhere and anytime
  oReceive alerts for driving and vehicle performance
  oSet up geo-fences, and receive alerts for entry and exit
  oLive tracking
  oTrip logs
  oFast, cloud-connected response to key fob commands
  oDirect Smartphone connect to vehicle via Bluetooth

Wireless Charging for Consumer Devices

Traveling with chargers, cords and adapters?Delphi is developing technology
to eliminate clutter and take the consumer into a truly wireless experience.
Delphi's Wireless Charging for consumer devices will automatically transfer
power to mobile electronic devices without any need for cords, plugs or
adapters, providing a safe and convenient way to charge devices.
Wireless-charging technology transfers electric power over short distances
without physical contact. Delphi's Wireless Charging requires no cables or
pads and charges multiple devices at a rate comparable to that of most
residential plug-in chargers. The hands-free system will activate the moment a
device is within range and is engineered to provide a safe, robust and fast

Data Connectivity Kiosk

To meet the increasing consumer demand for more entertainment and data
exchange capability in cars and trucks, Delphi has developed an expanding
portfolio of cables, connectors and consumer ports that allow communication of
audio, video and navigation data within the vehicle.

Interviews at CES

Delphi will have technical specialists available at CES. Please contact for additional information or to schedule an

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