Cisco, NXP Invest in Cohda Wireless to Enable the Connected Car

Cisco, NXP Invest in Cohda Wireless to Enable the Connected Car 
Advancing Intelligent Transport Systems and Car-to-X Communication 
EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS -- (Marketwire) -- 01/04/13 --  Cisco
(NASDAQ: CSCO) and NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) today
announced that they have each made an investment in Cohda Wireless to
advance intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and car-to-X
communications. Cohda Wireless is a leading specialist in wireless
communication for automotive safety applications. Today's
announcement brings together the expertise of the three organizations
to make the Internet of Everything a reality for the automotive
industry, creating a safer and more enjoyable driving experience
while improving the traffic flow. 
Car-to-Car (C2C) and Car-to-Infrastructure (C2I) communications
enable active safety systems that can affect 81 percent* of all crash
scenarios, as a result helping to reduce fatalities and injuries on
the roads. In addition to improving safety, car-to-infrastructure
(C2I) communication holds great potential for intelligent transport
system (ITS) management and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from
This progress in traffic management and road safety can be realized
with the help of applications that warn of hazards such as the
potential of a collision ahead, alerting if a nearby vehicle is
losing control, or of upcoming traffic congestion, and others -- all
enabled by the combined expertise and technologies of the three
By allowing vehicles to reliably interact with each other when
travelling at high-speeds, each vehicle can give drivers warnings
about potential hazards and allow them to avoid accidents, or even
automatically respond to changing driving conditions faster than
typical human reaction times. Warnings about traffic blockages ahead
also allow early re-routing to avoid traffic congestion.  
C2C and C2I communications require highly reliable and secure data
exchange between fast moving vehicles and infrastructure in a range
of conditions -- from rural highway to dense urban canyons. NXP and
Cohda Wireless have built a market-ready, flexible wireless
communication solution for onboard-units based on Cohda's existing
advanced radio and NXP's market-proven software-defined radio
technology. This makes it a key element to connect to Cisco's vision
of a ubiquitous and highly-secure Internet of Everything. 
Onboard and road side units developed using technologies from the
three companies have been tested to global standards in major field
trials. In August 2012, the "Safety Pilot Model Deployment" trial by
the US Department of Transport was initiated, and other major field
trials include simTD in Germany, ScoreF in France, and ERP2 in
The three companies will apply their collective expertise and
technologies to help automotive OEMs, suppliers, enterprises and
consumers to connect vehicles with ITS infrastructure. This will be
spearheaded by producing the first automotive-qualified IEEE 802.11p
products for onboard and road-side units that are ready for C2C and
C2I deployments across the globe.  
Cohda's technology enhances wireless communications to quality levels
far beyond commercial off-the-shelf IEEE 802.11p transceivers,
allowing cars to more effectively "see" through obstacles or around
corners. NXP, as global number one supplier of car radio
semiconductors and security chips, brings its software-defined radio
platform and ensures industry-ready data security, cost efficiency,
form factor, power consumption, and performance. Together, Cisco,
NXP, and Cohda will develop a complete market-ready solution for the
automotive and ITS industry. 
NXP will exclusively license the Cohda 802.11p technology together
with its chipsets as a one-stop shop to automotive customers. Cohda
will be NXP's preferred partner for automotive 802.11p reference
Cisco is helping the automotive and transportation systems industries
deliver new functionality, enhanced safety and driver experience. By
incorporating an intelligent network, OEMs, suppliers, enterprises
and consumers can benefit from intelligent transportation systems,
connected commercial fleets and smart connected vehicles. 
*source: U.S. Department of Transportation, 2010: "Frequency of
Target Crashes for IntelliDrive Safety Systems" 
Supporting quotes: 
Maciej Kranz, VP / GM of the Connected Industries Group at Cisco: "We
believe that amazing things can happen when you connect the
previously unconnected, and smarter vehicles are one of the many ways
in which we will fully experience the Internet of Everything. The
onboard solution is one element of an end-to-end architecture that
integrates with Cisco's offboard network infrastructure. Our ultimate
aim is to bring about a safer, more enjoyable, and more productive
travel experience, enabled by the network." 
Cohda Wireless CEO Paul Gray: "We make Car-to-X work for the moving
car. Our patented technology enhances radio reception; the car can
see around corners or through obstacles when needed. Combining our
special expertise in wireless automotive communication with that of
long-established automotive companies like NXP and a global player
like Cisco is a logical next step to further grow our reach into the
automotive industry." 
Kurt Sievers, EVP / GM of the Automotive Business at NXP
Semiconductors: "Our market-proven multi-standard software-defined
radio is the ideal platform for C2X communication. Combined with
Cohda's superior wireless communication algorithms and Cisco's
network intelligence we will achieve the performance, system cost and
compactness that car makers and tier-1 suppliers are asking for. Our
combined technology will help to avoid traffic accidents, save lives
and reduce CO2 emissions." 
About Cohda
 Cohda Wireless is an equipment vendor in the Cooperative
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market. The company manufactures
hardware products with acknowledged best-in-world performance and has
developed complete software solutions (from network layer to
applications layer) for this market. Cohda's hardware and software
products are being used in Vehicle-to-X field trials worldwide today.
Our customers include a large number of Car Makers, Tier One
Suppliers, Automotive Chip Makers, Road Authorities, as well as New
Market Entrants. Cohda's products are already in use in the USA,
Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea. 
About NXP
 NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) provides High
Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage
its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and
Digital Processing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide
range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure,
lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications. A
global semiconductor company with operations in more than 25
countries, NXP posted revenue of $4.2 billion in 2011. Additional
information can be found by visiting 
About Cisco
 Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in IT that
helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that
amazing things can happen when you connect the previously
unconnected. For ongoing news, please go to 
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