Klean Industries to Recover Energy, Oil and Chemicals from

Klean Industries to Recover Energy, Oil and Chemicals from Waste
Plastic Recycling 
VACOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (Marketwire) -- 01/03/13 -- Klean
Industries Inc. ("Klean") a Canadian Energy Solutions Company
announces its intent to collaborate with The Dow Chemical Company
("Dow") to recover energy, chemicals and oil from end-of-life waste
plastics that would otherwise be sent to landfill. This supports
Dow's drive to improve the sustainability profile of plastic
packaging, it plans to collaborate with Klean on the possibility of
developing low impact recovery facilities across North America.  
The two companies have extended a three year letter of intent which
allows them to combine proprietary technologies, knowledge and
resources to provide "best in class" solutions for end-of-life mixed
plastics. The recovery of waste plastics for their energy value
provides an opportunity to reduce dependence on fossil fuels while
recovering a valuable resource. Klean's advanced thermal conversion
technology, which has been developed and used commercially in Japan
captures the inherent value in oil rich packaging plastics. 
Jesse Klinkhamer, Chief Executive Officer of Klean Industries said,
"There is a global opportunity with the ever increasing amounts of
plastic waste and we are pleased to provide a solution for dealing
with it." Dow recently visited the world's largest plastics-to-oil
recycling plant in Japan with Klean, whose company owns the
technology IP. Jeff Wooster, Dow's Global Sustainability Leader,
Performance Plastics said, "After years of research in the technology
market place and visiting many facilities around the globe, Klean's
technology is clearly a leader." Of the 50 tonne per day plant
Wooster added, "This is the only technology we have seen that has
consistently operated for over a decade on a commercial scale." Even
more impressive is the fact that the facility Dow visited processed
mixed plastics, including plastics such as PET and PVC at up to 20%
of the in-feed supply in addition to the more predominant
polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene while at the same time
the facility also produced over 4MWe of green electricity. 
With millions of tonnes of end-of-life plastic currently being
landfilled and the ability to recover approximately 950 litres of oil
(depending on the plastics) from a tonne of mixed plastic waste,
Klean believes there is potential for many such facilities around the
globe. In addition to mechanical recycling there is a need for
complementary methods to reclaim value from used packaging and there
is a tangible market opportunity to increase the sustainability of
end-of-life plastic packaging. 
"With Klean's expertise in plastic recycling technologies and their
unique market understanding, we look forward to working with Klean on
this exciting opportunity," said Jeff Wooster.  
Klean proprietary technologies have been in commercial operation for
over 30 years and are able to process a wide variety of polymer waste
such as plastics and tires and other post-industrial materials. Oil
based waste streams such as end-of-life plastics are converted into
high grade liquid fuels, syngas, electricity and nano-scale carbon
black fillers that are compatible with customers' existing end uses
and product formulations, making these products simple to integrate
into new or existing products throughout the supply chain. These
products help companies achieve sustainability goals, while helping
manage the high cost of non-renewable raw materials.  
"Klean's primary customer base includes energy utilities, waste
management companies, manufacturing businesses and government bodies
across North America and Europe who see Energy Recovery as an
important part of the hierarchy of Integrated Resource Management.
This effort is part of our broader technology approach at Klean,
aimed at providing sustainable energy products and solutions without
environmental compromise. Our collaboration with Dow is a critical
step in realizing our goal of "100% Recycling and Recovery of
End-of-Life Packaging," said Jesse Klinkhamer. 
About Klean 
Klean is an environmentally conscious industrial energy company
focused on providing renewable energy, resource-recovery and
recycling solutions. Klean is a specialized international company
using advanced proprietary technologies and know-how to develop
projects that provide environmentally beneficial solutions to energy
and waste-management challenges using unique low-carbon-footprint
technologies and solutions. The company is headquartered in
Vancouver, Canada and is committed to solving problems large and
small in a commercially viable and environmentally responsible manner
using proven technologies. Klean's vertically-integrated approach
turns wide variety of waste streams into domestic energy, sustainable
green commodities and new jobs. For more information about Klean and
our gasification and pyrolysis technologies or to receive project and
general systems information please visit the "Plant Quotations"
section of our website. 
Klean Industries Inc.
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