BUYINS.NET Updates TherapeuticsMD SqueezeTrigger Report

BUYINS.NET Updates TherapeuticsMD SqueezeTrigger Report

  oApproximately 8.95 Million Shares Shorted Since November 2011
  oShort Squeeze Has Begun As Stock Above $2.34 SqueezeTrigger

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Jan. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BUYINS.NET,, a leading provider of Regulation SHO compliance
monitoring, short sale trading statistics and market integrity surveillance,
has updated coverage on TherapeuticsMD (OTCBB:TXMD) after releasing the latest
short sale data through December 26, 2012. The total aggregate number of
shares shorted since November 2011 is approximately 8.95 million shares.
Approximately 25.3% of daily trading volume is short selling. The
SqueezeTrigger price for all TXMD shares shorted is $2.34. A short squeeze has
begun as TXMD is above the $2.34 SqueezeTrigger Price.

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Friction Factor calculates if a fair market is being made in the shares of
TXMD. 43% of the previous 37 trading days have been positive or bullish-biased
and 57% have been negative or bearish-biased.

Regulation SHO requires bona-fide market-making activities to include making
purchases and sales in roughly comparable amounts. The Commission has stated
that bona-fide market-making DOES NOT include activity that is related to
speculative selling strategies or investment purposes of the broker-dealer and
is disproportionate to the usual market making patterns or practices of the
broker-dealer in that security. Likewise, where a market-maker posts
continually at or near the best offer, but does not also post at or near the
best bid, the market-maker's activities would not generally qualify as
bona-fide market-making. Moreover, a market-maker that continually executes
short sales away from its posted quotes would generally not be considered to
be engaging in bona-fide market-making.

BUYINS.NET monitors TXMD market-makers daily for compliance with Fair
Market-Making Requirements.


BUYINS.NET,, monitors trading in all US stocks in real
time and maintains massive databases of short sale and naked short sale time
and sales data, short squeeze SqueezeTrigger prices, market-maker price
movements, shareholder data, statistical data on earnings, sector correlation,
seasonality, hedge fund trading strategies and comparable valuations. Reports


Friction Factor -- market-maker surveillance system tracking market makers in
all stocks to determine Price Friction and compliance with new "Fair
Market-Making Requirements".

RegSHO Naked Shorts -- tracks EVERY failure to deliver in all US stocks and
all Threshold Security Lists daily for which stocks have naked short


SqueezeTrigger -- 36 billion cell database tracks EVERY short sale (not just
total short interest) in all US stocks and calculates volume weighted price
that a short squeeze will begin in each stock.

Earnings Edge -- predicts probability, price move and length of move before
and after all US stock earnings reports.

Seasonality -- predicts probability, price move and length of move based on
exact time of year for all US stocks.

Group Trader -- tracks sector rotation and stock correlation to its sector and
predicts future moves in ALL sectors and industry groups.

Pattern Scan -- automates tracking of every technical pattern and predicts
next move in stocks.

GATS -- tracks and quantifies known trading strategies.


BUYINS.NET is not a registered investment advisor and nothing contained in any
materials should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any
securities. A third party has paid $1,116 per month to purchase data to be
provided in twelve monthly reports. TXMD has not approved the statements made
in this release. Please read our report and visit our web site,, for complete risks and disclosures.

         Thomas Ronk
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