TI ultra-low power converter to accelerate energy harvesting designs in consumer electronics, smart home

   TI ultra-low power converter to accelerate energy harvesting designs in
                       consumer electronics, smart home

Tiny power circuit allows mobile accessories and wireless sensors to manage
microwatts generated from solar, thermoelectric, magnetic and vibration energy

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DALLAS, Jan. 3, 2013

DALLAS, Jan. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Answering the question, "How low can you
go with power?" Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today
introduced the industry's lowest power DC/DC step-down converter, which
increases the amount of harvested energy an end application can use as much as
70 percent over alternative devices. The ultra-low power circuit enables
battery-free power to applications, such as wireless sensor networks,
monitoring systems, smoke detectors, wearable medical devices and mobile

"Imagine not having to change the battery in your smoke detector – ever," said
Sami Kiriaki, senior vice president of TI's Power Management. "TI continues to
develop circuits with very low operating current and high power efficiency
that can manage microwatts to milliwatts and extract ambient energy. This new
power circuit gives designers capabilities not possible with traditional
battery-powered systems."

Lowest power DC/DC converter
TI's TPS62736 DC/DC converter delivers high power conversion efficiency from
10 uA to 50 mA output currents, and consumes only 350 nA of active current and
20 nA during standby. The converter achieves greater than 90-percent
efficiency across output currents higher than 15 uA. The TPS62736 regulator
steps down the voltage from a power source, such as a thin-film  or  regular
battery or a super capacitor and features a programmable output voltage.

Enabling energy harvesting design
Innovative power management, sensors and microcontrollers from TI are taking
low-power design to the next level by optimizing extracted energy from ambient
sources using the highest possible efficiency and lowest power consumption. In
2011, TI introduced its bq25504 boost charger circuit with a low quiescent
current of 330nA, to allow start-up from single-cell solar cells under low
light or thermoelectric generators with low temperature differences. 

TI also recently announced sampling of its MSP430FR59xx microcontrollers based
on its "Wolverine" technology platform. These new FRAM-based microcontrollers
can operate as low as 360 nA in real-time clock mode or less than 100 uA/MHz
in active power consumption, and feature fast wakeup time of 6.5 us and
high-precision peripherals. The MSP430FR59xx enable developers to add
flexibility, performance and battery life to a variety of applications,
including wireless sensing, energy harvesting, smart grid, building automation
and security.

Availability and pricing
The TPS62736 is currently sampling through TI. It comes in a 3.5-mm by 3.5-mm
QFN package and is priced at US$2.00 in 1,000-unit quantities. Volume
production is expected later in the first quarter. Evaluation modules are
available to select customers.

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