PortaBilling Oracularius Powering New Era For Russia's Largest Independent Telecom Company

  PortaBilling Oracularius Powering New Era For Russia's Largest Independent
                               Telecom Company

Shift to PortaOne's Ultimate Telecom Billing and Customer Management Software
Lets MTT Bundle Flexible Range of Retail Products to Business and Consumer

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COQUITLAM, British Columbia, Jan. 3, 2013

COQUITLAM, British Columbia, Jan. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Simply put, MTT
(Multiregional Transit Telecom) is helping to re-define Russian
telecommunications. In 2006, the Russian government broke the industry
monopoly on long distance and international calling services. MTT was the
first to seize the opportunity—and as a result, is today one of the biggest
domestic and international long distance carriers in the country. It is a
formidable rival to Rostelecom, the incumbent.

Nor is MTT resting on its laurels. For the past year, MTT has been moving its
customer management and billing infrastructure to a new software platform. The
major project will give MTT new competitive advantages in virtually every
corner of the telecom landscape, from flexible service bundles to consolidated
billing statements and unlimited scalability, for years to come.

Its software choice: PortaOne's PortaBilling Oracularius.

"We believe PortaBilling Oracularius has the super-reliability we need to
support our pattern of growth," said Evgeny Vasiliev, MTT General Director.
"With new competitors and the continual introduction of new services and
technologies, we needed a customer management infrastructure that can keep up.
PortaBilling Oracularius is meeting that challenge."

PortaBilling Oracularius is a carrier-grade converged billing software system
designed to meet the needs of Tier 1 and fast-growing Tier 2 telecoms. Built
specifically for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) environments, the
system supports the broadest possible range of billing strategies including
real-time mediation and rating, multiple services billing, programmable
discounts, prepaid/postpaid business models, and the flexibility to support
event-based, usage-based and periodic charging, among others.

Yet at another level, PortaBilling Oracularius also allows carriers to bundle
any combination of traditional and emerging services from residential and IP
Centrex services and wholesale/international termination to mobile services,
WiFi/WiMAX/broadband, IPTV and triple-play. An embedded license for Oracle RAC
is supplied with PortaBilling Oracularius, enabling nodes to be added at a
lower cost than through direct Oracle licensing; what's more, due to the
platform's virtual cluster orientation, users can depend on PortaBilling
Oracularius to deliver seamless redundancy and availability.

For MTT, PortaBilling Oracularius was an ideal fit for the company's evolving
menu of services. "MTT is addressing the changing telecom landscape in Russia
at numerous levels. We offer IP telephony for social networks and a diverse
mobile network lineup as well as hosted IPPBX and IP-based residential
text/voice/video," noted Vasiliev. "PortaBilling Oracularius helps us market
these services in attractive packages for different customer segments."

MTT's confidence in PortaOne's high-end customer management system was in
evidence even before installation. In order for PortaOne and MTT to complete
their transaction, PortaBilling Oracularius had to be formally certified with
the Russian federal regulatory authorities. MTT assisted PortaOne in its
certification process, generously clearing the way for the platform's purchase
and use not only by MTT, but also any other Russian operator.

Since it began using PortaBilling Oracularius over a year ago, MTT has been
steadily migrating customer accounts to the system. Its biggest initiative to
date has been the switchover of more than one million end-user accounts held
by Mail.ru, Russia's largest free email service, to PortaOne's premier
platform. Eventually, all of Mail.ru's 25 million users will be served by
PortaBilling Oracularius.

At every step PortaOne has supported MTT through its Premium PortaCare
technical support program. PortaOne was onsite in Moscow to train MTT
personnel before, during and after installation, and has returned for
assistance visits whenever necessary. MTT technical personnel also receive
preferred, 24/7 consultation from PortaOne's most experienced engineers.

"MTT's long-term strategy is to expand our offerings beyond our nation's
borders to other customer bases and through additional sales channels. Our
success so far with Mail.ru is indicative of how we can pursue
Russian-speaking customers in Europe and North America through various social
networks," Vasiliev stated. "It's evident that PortaBilling Oracularius will
be a prime enabler for these pursuits."

About PortaOne:
Based in Canada, PortaOne is a leading global provider of software for the
telecommunications and utility industries. The company's products enable
service providers and carriers to run a broad line of retail and wholesale
services within a single software package. PortaOne's flagship products,
PortaSwitch and PortaMDM (www.portamdm.com) are a fundamental part of the
business infrastructure for over 360 service providers and telcos in 80
countries worldwide. Over two-thirds of PortaOne staff are support engineers
providing the best-in-industry 24/7 technical support services for clients
involved in hosted IP PBX and SIP trunking services, calling cards, wholesale
exchange and termination, residential triple-play, MVNO/MVNE, callbacks and
more. To learn more, visit www.portaone.com.


Website: http://www.portaone.com
Website: http://www.mtt.ru
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