Reputation Changer: Complaints on Travel Sites Can Derail a

Reputation Changer: Complaints on Travel Sites Can Derail a Business 
Complaints on Travel Sites Can Prove Devastating to Restaurants,
Hotels, and Other Businesses -- a Finding That Has Won a Comment From
Reputation Changer 
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 01/02/13 --  According to a recent
study, reported at, online reviews and complaints
matter a great deal -- especially within the travel industry. The
study finds that, among those who say they are likely to travel in
the coming year, three out of four consumers say they believe the
reviews submitted to travel sites, by fellow travelers, to be
trustworthy. For the owners of hotels, restaurants, and other
businesses in the travel vertical, then, the implication is clear:
Online reviews can prove make or break, as more and more travelers
take those reviews seriously and use them to guide their travel plans
and their purchasing decisions. The new study has won a comment from
Reputation Changer, a premier reputation management agency. 
Reputation Changer has issued a new press statement, responding to
the article and to online review trends in particular. "More and
more, consumers are coming to use the Internet to do their homework
and to conduct all the research necessary for making prudent,
informed purchasing decisions," says Reputation Changer CEO Cliff
Stein. "This is especially true when it comes to travel. When
individuals are making their travel plans, they do not want to leave
anything to chance. As such, they make it a priority to consult with
other travelers, and to assess the feedback provided on sites such as
Travelocity and TripAdvisor, even" 
Stein continues by noting that the implication of this is clear.
"Because consumers use these online reviews to inform their travel
plans, businesses live or die by what these online review sites say,"
he explains. "At Reputation Changer complaints and negative online
reviews are taken very seriously, because in truth, a single
complaint or bad review is all it takes to utterly sink a company's
reputation, and with it the company's sales." 
Stein says that the consequences of bad online publicity can be dire.
"At Reputation Changer, complaints posted to travel review sites are
seen as potentially lethal to any business," h
e offers. "A single bad
review can have a toxic effect on your hotel, your local business, or
your restaurant. It can lead to sharp declines in the number of
customers who walk through your doors. It can lead to lost sales,
diminished revenues, and more. In fact, Reputation Changer has seen
hotels and restaurants brought to utter ruin by these online review
As such, the CEO advises that companies invest
time and resources into online reputation management. "The first step
is monitoring," Stein says. "Businesses need to know what is being
said about them at these review sites, and to be able to respond as
quickly and as decisively as possible. As such, business owners or
managers should take the time to set up profiles on TripAdvisor, on
Yelp, or on whatever other review sites are applicable." 
Stein also says that hotels, restaurants, and other consumer-oriented
businesses can solicit positive feedback. "Bad reviews can be
suppressed and outshone by good ones, so one thing business owners
can do is to ask their best, most loyal clients to provide some
feedback at these online review sites," he says. 
Additionally, businesses can enlist the services of an online
reputation management agency, like the one Stein leads. "What a
company like Reputation Changer can do is to help establish a
business or brand as reputable and authoritative in the eyes of
consumers," he explains. "This is done through suppressing bad review
and online complaints, and through highlighting the positive and
appealing aspects of the brand in question. Ultimately, we are
committed to making our clients shine in the eyes of
 Reputation Changer was founded in 2009 by a group
of online marketing professionals and SEO experts. The company
quickly established itself as the leading online reputation
management agency in the world. Delivering brand-enhancing services
to businesses, brands, and individuals alike, the agency is zealous
for giving companies and people control over how they are portrayed
on the Web. At Reputation Changer complaints and bad reviews are
suppressed, and positive online content highlighted. 
Cliff Stein
Reputation Changer LLC
39 West Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380
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