Erwin Braich, One Of World's Wealthiest Indians, Sues Canadian Government Agencies

  Erwin Braich, One Of World's Wealthiest Indians, Sues Canadian Government

Erwin Singh Braich, Canadian Billionaire, Files Lawsuit Against Public
Prosecution Service of Canada and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Damages may
exceed $17 billion dollars.

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NEW YORK, Jan. 2, 2013

NEW YORK, Jan. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Erwin Singh Braich, 57, a NRI Canadian
businessman and philanthropist, known as North America's first Sikh
Billionaire, filed a lawsuit in Vancouver, British Columbia, against the
Public Prosecution Service of Canada, Crown Counsel Gerry Sair, the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police and Constable Wendy Saint-Onge on Friday, October, 12,

The lawsuit (No. S-127164, Vancouver Registry, Supreme Court of British
Columbia) alleges misconduct, gross negligence and a pattern of not acting in
good faith on the part of the Defendants. Braich alleges that he was and is
being kept from regular business and/or unfettered activities due to the
threat of Warrants for his arrest. He further alleges that the same Warrant or
duplicitous Warrants, which have not been legitimate, are likely keeping him
from traveling to required destinations.

This is not the first time that Braich alleges that the process has been
horribly abused by the Crown and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Both of
these organizations settled out of court with Plaintiff Braich, in a different
litigation, in Seattle in 2007 (Seattle's Western District of Washington
Court, Case no. CV7 00177CMP).

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Erwin Singh Braich is the son of Herman Singh Braich (1911- 1976), a
successful businessman and forest industry pioneer who immigrated from Punjab,
India, to Canada in 1927 and passed away in 1976. After his untimely death,
his son, Erwin Singh Braich, at age twenty, left his studies at Simon Fraser
University in Burnaby, British Columbia, to assume control of his father's
businesses. In the subsequent years, he built his family businesses into a
multi-million dollar conglomerate, further expanding what his father had
begun. He accomplished all of this while juggling his many duties as the
eldest son in a family of nine, along with his role as husband, and father of
two children. As a successful businessman, it is said that Erwin Singh Braich
was also a quiet philanthropist giving back to his community.

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"According to estimates of Trusts that Braich controls, the net aggregate
value puts him at being the second richest person in Canada and makes him one
the top three wealthiest Indians in the world today, along with Mukesh Ambani
(Reliance Group) and Lakshmi Mittal (ArcelorMittal) . But much like Ratan
Tata who himself in a personal capacity does not show up on any billionaires
lists in the world and utilizes Trusts, Braich also conducts his business
activities through various Trusts," stated lawyer Jamshed Mistry who is a
member of the Canadian Bar Association and is Senior Counsel on the Central
Government Panel for Advocates of the High Court of India.

Mr. Mistry, is an accomplished lawyer and has the 2nd most Judicial
Appointments in the Mumbai High Court, he is the President of the
Entertainment Lawyers Association in India and along with many high profile
celebrity clients he has represented The Reserve Bank of India and
Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking. Mistry is also very
well known for his social activism and spends much of his time working for
social causes, particularly the rights of the disabled as he is on the
sub-committee of the Planning Commission which is reviewing the legislation
for disabled persons in India.

Recently Mistry spent two weeks in Vancouver, Canada on interrelated matters,
and joined Mr. Satinder Dhillon's international legal team as co-counsel with
Mr. Mark Stephens from the United Kingdom, (Wikilieaks founder, Julian
Assange's, former lawyer), and two of the best constitutional lawyers from
Canada, Mr. Daniel Santoro and Mr. Nicolas Roleau - with the latter having
taught at the top law school in India. The subjects taught by Mr. Roleau
included Political and Legal Philosophy, International Development, Rule of
Law, Democracy and Comparative Constitutional Law.

"The whole process has to be scrutinized and reviewed very carefully in its
entirety in this situation, and the legal team that has been assembled will
leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice and the truth despite the
threats that have been made against me," responded Dhillon when asked why he
was mounting such opposition to a simple allegation of posting a blog.

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With regards to the current lawsuit before the Canadian Courts, Plaintiff
Braich stated that, "I am strongly suggesting that the integrity of our
judicial system and due process afforded to Canadians is being literally
destroyed by this pattern of activity against me."

"I fully anticipate these and other related issues will be raised in
Parliament in the next session of the sitting of the House of Commons. As I
have been informed that the process by which this will be brought to the floor
is already in motion."

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SOURCE Jamshed Mistry

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