PRHL Announces Successful Pilot Tests

PRHL Announces Successful Pilot Tests 
Premier Holding's Energy Efficiency Experts (E3) and Muni-Fed Energy
Tests of Active ES Technology at Two Long Beach Facilities Deliver
Better Than Expected Results 
LONG BEACH, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 12/28/12 --  Premier Holding
Corporation's (OTCBB: PRHL) subsidiary, Energy Efficiency Experts,
Inc., (E3) and Muni-Fed Energy announce that two separate pilot
installations of the Active ES energy efficiency technology for
high-masted lighting at two different facilities at the port of Long
Beach, Calif., both posted excellent results. 
The Active ES Lighting Controls for existing HID lamps performed
beyond expectations for two clients at the port of Long Beach. The
first client, who has almost 650 1,000-watt HID lamps, tested the
technology at its site with exemplary results. The product was set at
20 percent savings and achieved 21.5 percent savings, producing more
savings than promised with no negative effect on lamp performance.
These lamps ran on 277v power and utilized the 20 amp/277 volt
version of the Active ES modules. Using only three modules per pole,
this was the most cost-effective solution presented to the client
from all competing technologies. It is estimated that the client will
save over $1.4 million over 15 years. The pilot test has been
continuing since this past summer while the roll out is finalized.  
At a separate facility with a client having almost 2,000 1,000-watt
lamps, the new 480-volt version was required. This new version is the
first developed by E3 since acquiring the intellectual property this
past summer. The 10 amp/480 volt module dramatically increases the
potential market for the technology. This pilot also exceeded
expectations with 24 percent savings, which included competition from
an LED alternative that was 700 percent higher in cost and promised
only 40 percent of the light output of their existing lamps. This
client is expected to achieve savings of over $3.5 million over the
next 15 years. 
Both clients have been presented the option for 100 percent financing
of their projects.  
It is a little known fact that, as of this release, HID lamps are
actually more efficient than LED lamps, and LED are only an option
when lighting levels can be reduced. HID lamps in high-bay and
high-masted situations are still the most efficient technology (on a
lumen per watt basis) than competing technologies. The Active ES
modules work on these existing lamps in this extreme environment,
making the most efficient lamps even more efficient at a fraction of
the cost of alternatives. 
Clay Sandidge of Muni-Fed Energy said, "We could not be more excited
about the performance of these pilot installations. We have strong
relationships with these clients and would only provide them the best
solution for their particular needs. With the advent of the 480-volt
version, not only will more port clients be appropriate for this
technology, but we have additional clients who have distributions
centers and warehouses that can now benefit from this technology." 
Randy Letcavage of Premier Holding Corp. said, "A big part of Premier
Holding's reorganization and growth plan includes Active ES
technology and we have had an aggressive R&D effort in place to
create more versions of the technology to increase its market. With
the addition of the 480-volt version, we can now reach every
appropriate lighting installation in the United States. Premier will
be launching other exciting versions and features that we will
announce as they are completed. All of these products will be
marketed by E3 (Energy Efficiency Experts, Inc.), our distribution
partners and Muni-Fed in the municipal markets." 
About Premier Holding Corp.
 The Company provides financial support
and management expertise, which includes access to capital,
financing, legal, insurance, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures
and management strategies. The Company also intends to acquire clean
technology companies and/or green products and services that are
accretive and that can be seamlessly integrated and utilize the
overall economics of such products and services for the benefit of
its customers. Through subsidiaries we offer renewable energy
production, energy efficiency products and services to commercial
middle-market companies, Fortune 500 brands, developers and
management companies of large-scale residential developments.
Additional integrated business offerings include direct energy
services as power purchase agreements (PPAs), energy financing and
leasing of solar- and wind-powered generation programs in urban and
rural real estate environments, lighting efficiency systems and
refrigeration systems. For more information visit PRHL Investors
About Muni-Fed Energy Inc.
 Muni-Fed Energy engages in renewable
energy development (solar, wind, waste to energy) energy efficiency
integration, consulting and financing. The company serves federal,
municipal and commercial clients. Its team's experience and diverse
capabilities allow them to take on challenging projects in a variety
of locations ranging from commercial sites, hospitals, schools,
universities and government facilities to utility-grade clean energy
projects. Muni-Fed works as a comprehensive partner to its clients,
from project discovery all the way through to finance and
development. They align with strategic partners to deliver effective
technologies and services to address energy supply, energy demand,
infrastructure and financing solutions. 
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