Premier Holding Corp. Shareholder Letter

Premier Holding Corp. Shareholder Letter 
Randall Letcavage, CEO of Premier Holding Corp.: Premier to Add Over
$13 Million in Assets With Current Transactions 
TUSTIN, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 12/27/12 --  In an open shareholder
letter dated today, newly appointed Premier Holding Corp. (OTCBB:
PRHL) (the "Company") chief executive officer Randall Letcavage
explained a series of transactions, press releases and 8Ks dating
back to Oct. 15, 2012, culminating in the expectation that Premier
Holding could add more than $13,000,000 in assets to the public
company, along with revenues, receivables and a dynamic business
model as a result of completing several transactions. 
Since joining the board of directors of Premier Holding Corp. and
recently appointed as the new CEO and president of the Company,
Letcavage has focused resources, energy and efforts on reorganizing
the Company. 
Several 8K and/or releases have been made since Oct. 15, 2012,
(1.) Departures of principal officers, elections of directors, and
appointments of principal officers. 
(2.) "Premier Holding Licenses to Muni-Fed Energy" 
(3.) Nov. 29, 2012 - "Premier Holding Corporation" signed a letter of
intent with The Power Company USA, LLC. 
(4.) Buyins.Net issuing Premier Holding squeeze trigger report. 
At this time, I feel that each of our shareholders should be provided
with more details relating to recent announcements and managements
plans for moving the company forward. To do this, I would like to
start with a brief personal history that includes over 30 years as a
financial professional, including founding and acting as the managing
director of iCapital Advisory Group LLC., a company (and its
personnel) that has been involved in over $1 billion in financing
activities. iCapital and I have also been providing advisory services
to clients that range from public and private companies to
municipalities. (A more detailed biography and more information can
be found at and 
Along with this experience, I have held the CEO position at numerous
companies, primarily while reorganizing these companies.
Reorganization has been part of my business practice over the course
of my career but has become a focus over the last five years. In
fact, I served as the CEO and president of Green Central Holding (a
reorganization whose assets were sold to Premier Holding and became
critical to then-operating subsidiary WEPOWER Ecolutions, Inc.). This
transaction also positioned both Green Central, Inc., and iCapital
Advisory Group LLC as major shareholders in Premier Holding, Inc. 
It was my feeling, as well as that of many other shareholders, that
Premier and its subsidiary had significant opportunities and assets
to perform on its business plan and generate significant revenues.
For numerous reasons, this was not happening. I believe the previous
management seemed to focus on large opportunities with longer sales
cycles that have not yet turned into revenue. This strategy did not
fare well for our stock price. 
While acting as an advisor to Premier, I negotiated the acquisition
of Active ES assets, and on July 25, 2012, Premier Holding Corp.
entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement (the "Agreement") with
Active ES Lighting Controls, Inc. ("AES"), whereby the Company
acquired AES's intellectual property, including patents, trademarks
and website. With this acquisition, the Company and its subsidiary
now have the ability to fully leverage these assets through
licensing, marketing, sales and global distribution strategies. The
acquired AES patents include technologies that are some of the most
energy-efficient lighting control products within the energy
efficiency industry, providing reliable, cost-effective solutions
with a typical 25 percent energy lighting savings. Such technologies
include the Active ES E-Series(TM) (energy management modules for
commercial and industrial buildings and lighted outdoor media
signage), Active ES LiteHawk(TM) (energy saving lighting controls for
strings of street lights and parking lot lights) and Active ES
LiteOwl(TM) (energy saving lighting controls for an individual street
light with a standard photocell). In connection with the Agreement,
WEPOWER engaged Larry Young, AES's president, under an 18-month
consulting agreement, to advise WEPOWER on the sales, marketing,
manufacturing, continued technical development and international
licensing of the technology acquired by the Company from AES, in
addition to the sales, marketing and promotion of the entire
portfolio of WEPOWER's green products and services under the
consulting agreement.  
Again as an advisor, I arranged a fee-sharing agreement with
Illinois-based power seller, The Power Company. The Power Company
provides customers with a choice of lowest cost or most strategic
power provider for their business. With over 20 of the nation's
largest power providers represented, The Power Company has generated
significant energy and costs savings for many clients, all of which
are potential referrals to PHRL and WEPOWER Ecolutions. In a few
short weeks, we have been referred to millions of dollars of
projects. Of course, all of these projects must be performed upon and
be profitable, but this relationship has virtually eliminated
Despite the Active ES technology and the leads from The Power
Company, the shareholders were seeing little to no revenue. At the
behest of our shareholders, we were asked to help reorganize the
company, and after several months of discussions with the previous
management, we felt we could best serve our shareholders by getting
into revenue and booking assets as quickly as possible. I helped lead
a shareholder group representing over 51 percent of PRHL shares that
resulted in shareholder consent to action on Oct. 15, 2012. I became
the CEO, the board of directors was reorganized, and we agreed to
spin off WEPOWER. 
This spin-off is designed to allow certain business opportunities to
be transferred to NewCo WEPOWER in exchange for a note from NewCo.
NewCo will be headed up by Kevin Donovan and Frank Schulte, and PRHL
will have no affiliation with NewCo or its principals, although PRHL
reserves the right to allow NewCo to distribute Active ES pursuant to
a distribution agreement. These opportunities are expected to be
exchanged for a note in the amount of $5,000,000, which will become
an asset of Premier. 
As the new CEO, we will change WEPOWER to Energy Efficiency Experts
(E3). E3 will focus on lighting solutions, leading with Active Es and
full lighting arrays that can be financed 100 percent through our
channel partner. We will also focus on HVAC solutions and energy
efficient motors -- lighting and HVAC typically account for over 70
percent of the power usage of our target prospects. We will still be
able to sell a wide variety of green products and solutions, along
with hundreds of building products.  
In addition to our own sales, we will focus on strategic distribution
of our Active ES technology. My first announcement as CEO, "Premier
Holding Licenses to Muni-Fed Energy," is the start of a licensing and
distribution program designed to bring in revenue as quickly as
As you can see, we are already on our way to reorganizing and
refocusing the company. In an effort to fast-track this turnaround,
we announced on Nov. 29, 2012, that Premier Holding Corp. signed a
letter of intent with The Power Company. We expect to close this
transaction as quickly as possible but we have already begun the
process of integrating sales between the two companies. By acquiring
The Power Company, we picked up a number of benefits, including
tremendous marketing resources, an integrated platform, key personal,
and revenue and assets. We believe that The Power Company is
currently on a run rate to exceed $3,000,000 in revenue for 2013 and
those clients are also expected to generate revenue for our ESCO
operations under the E3 banner. But more importantly, we will pick up
significant assets. The Power Company currently has receivables of
over $1,000,000 and currently holds power contracts with 8,600
customers that we believe represent in excess of $8,000,000 of assets
that will become part of Premier Holding. 
Once the acquisition is complete, we have a very simple plan moving
forward: continue to market and sell deregulation (power) with The
Power Company and fortify and grow this business by raising
additional capital to expand internally and further by acquisition. 
I believe we can roll up other resellers under the power company
platform (and we are in active discussions currently). This growth
will add to our marketing capability and therefore grow our ESCO (E3)
business, as well. 
Our story in the market becomes simple. This business will focus on
marketing deregulated power -- a growing sector whereby all 50 states
are expected to deregulate in the next seven years. Estimates
indicate this deregulation will be 11 to 12 times bigger than telecom
deregulation. This alone can be a very lucrative business, but we
expect to take those same customers and/or prospects developed by The
Power Company and, now that we have reduced their cost of power,
introduce them to E3 whereby we can use our green products and
solutions to decrease their power consumption, creating a powerful
combination of lower power costs and reduced consumption. We believe
this begins to outline a corporate structure that analysts will
appreciate E3 ends up having little to no costs on the customer
procurement side. 
We have already received analyst coverage in the form of a Squeeze
Trigger report through on Dec. 10, 2012. The bottom line
of this report is that if Premier can trade at $0.48 then as many as
2,200,000 shares may have to be covered and brought into the market. 
I believe that by growing our business, completing The Power Company
acquisition, and adding that asset base to our company, we may get
the attention of investors that may help PRHL trade at higher levels
with greater volume and may even reach the squeeze trigger price and
force a significant buy-in that could catapult our stock and increase
our market cap. 
I am currently working hard on all fronts and doing everything that I
can to make your investment in PRHL a successful one. 
Very Truly Yours, 
Randall Letcavage, CEO (PRHL.OB) 
About WEPOWER Ecolutions, Inc.  
WEPOWER is a U.S. energy service company (ESCO) based in the Los
Angeles area that offers renewable energy production, energy
efficiency products and services to commercial middle-market
companies, Fortune 500 brands, developers and management companies of
large-scale residential developments. WEPOWER's business is focused
as an integrator of clean-technology solutions in the U.S., with
strategic expansion plans in Latin America, Asia and Europe.
WEPOWER's core business delivers green solutions, branded
specifically as WEPOWER "ecolutions," which include best-of-class
alternative energy technology portfolio in wind turbines, solar PV
power systems, green roofs, smart lighting controls, LED lighting,
refrigeration systems and filters, battery storage systems,
eco-friendly HVAC motors, energy and power control management
systems, fuel reduction solutions for transportation and other clean
technologies specific to its markets. Additional integrated business
offerings include direct energy services as power purchase agreements
(PPAs), energy financing and leasing of solar- and wind-powered
generation programs in urban and rural real estate environments,
lighting efficiency systems and refrigeration systems. For more
information visit us at: 
About Premier Holding Corp.  
The Company provides financial and management expertise, which
includes access to capital, financing, legal, insurance, mergers,
acquisitions, joint ventures and management strategies, to its
current subsidiary, WEPOWER. The Company also intends to acquire
clean technology companies and/or green products and services that
are accretive and that can be seamlessly integrated into WEPOWER, and
utilize the overall economics of such products and services for the
benefit of WEPOWER. For more information visit PRHL Investors
About The Power Company
 The Power Company USA (TPC) is a nationwide,
professional energy services firm offering brokerage and consulting
services with a progressive and unique prospective on energy
management. Our mission is simple: to assist companies in reducing
and managing their electricity expenses. Our diverse portfolio of
providers, transparent pricing, and unparalleled industry experience
offers our customers freedom of exploring all of their options when
it comes to choosing the best plan and provider. We operate in all
deregulated states, including Texas, New York and Illinois, and TPC
and its suppliers have provided an invaluable service to more than 5
million clients. Our team has consulted and/or serviced prominent
companies, organizations and governmental entities such as: The City
of Dallas, Choice Hotels, Apex Hospital Systems, Mercedes
Dealerships, Leona's Restaurant Group, Ralcorp, McDonald's, and many
others. Because of the large amount of business we transact and our
long-standing relationships with our Regional Energy Suppliers, we
are assured of the most competitive prices in the industry. For more
information visit us at: 
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