ELEQ: International Endesa: Enersis Significant Event December 21, 2012

  ELEQ: International Endesa: Enersis Significant Event December 21, 2012

UK Regulatory Announcement


                              SIGNIFICANT EVENT

Attached is the Significant Event filed with the Superintendence of Securities
and Insurance of Santiago de Chile, by ENERSIS, an Endesa investee:

“Pursuant to articles 9 and 10, paragraph 2 of the Securities Market Law
(18,045), the provisions of General Norm 30 of the Superintendence, and in the
exercise of the powers bestowed upon me, I hereby inform you as significant
event that on December 20, was held the Extraordinary Shareholders´ Meeting
(ESM) which resolved about the capital increase of Enersis S.A.. In the ESM, a
very large majority, almost 86% of all shareholders present with voting
rights, equivalent to 81.94% of the total shares with voting rights of the
Company, approved the capital increase of the following characteristics:

1) Maximum amount of the capital increase: Ch$ 2,844,397,889,381, divided into
16,441,606,297 ordinary nominative payment shares of the same series, with no
preferences and no par value.

2) Value of non in-kind contributions to be capitalized : The total issued
capital of Cono Sur, Company that will concentrate the activities that are
identified in the reports that have been made available to the shareholders
and that would be contributed by Endesa to Enersis S.A., will amount to Ch$
1,724,400,000,034 corresponding to 9,967,630,058 shares of Enersis S.A. at a
price of Ch$ 173 per share. This is a reference value of US$ 3,634,754,015.5
at an observed exchange rate of Ch$ 474.42 per dollar of the United States of
America as of December 20, 2012.

3) Placement share price: A fixed price of Ch$173 for every payment share to
be issued as a result of the capital increase.

Shareholders approved the terms of the capital increase described above, as
related party transaction within market conditions and in the best interest of
the Company, thus complying with the requirements of Article 147 of Law

Additionally, there were voted, ratified and approved the commitments of the
controlling shareholder, which had been previously reported by significant
event dated November 8.”

                                                      Madrid, 21 December 2012


International Endesa
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