Holiday Shopping Update: CIBC Poll shows almost two-thirds of Canadians have not finished their holiday shopping

Holiday Shopping Update: CIBC Poll shows almost two-thirds of Canadians have 
not finished their holiday shopping 
Having spent $692 on average so far, one in five Canadians say once all the 
bills are in they are likely to exceed their holiday budget 
TORONTO, Dec. 21, 2012 /CNW/ - A new CIBC (CM: TSX);(CM: NYSE) Poll conducted 
by Harris/Decima up to December 18(th) reveals nearly two-thirds of Canadians 
(64 per cent) don't have all of the items on their holiday shopping list 
purchased yet - including 14 per cent who say they haven't even started. With 
a majority of Canadians rushing to finish their shopping in the next few days, 
20 per cent say they will likely end up over their holiday budget once the 
last item on their list is paid for. 
Highlights of the holiday poll include: 

    --  64 per cent of Canadians say they have not finished their
        holiday shopping (14 per cent say they have not started, while
        another 50 per cent have started but still have items to buy
        this weekend)
    --  Among those that have started their shopping, Canadians have
        spent an average of $692 so far this year - while a November
        CIBC poll revealed that Canadians planned to spend an average
        of $890 in total on all of their holiday shopping
    --  However with so many Canadians still looking to complete their
        shopping in the next few days, 20 per cent say they will likely
        exceed their planned holiday budget once their shopping is

"These next few days will be busy for many Canadians, making it important to 
keep an eye on your spending as you cross those final items off your list," 
said Colette Delaney, Executive Vice-President, CIBC. "One of the best gifts 
you can give yourself this holiday season is the confidence of starting the 
new year in good financial shape, and that means sticking to your budget as 
you wrap up your shopping."

The poll also revealed some regional differences among those who have started 
their holiday shopping this year:
    --  Atlantic Canadians on average have spent $979 so far this year
        on holiday spending, among the highest in the country.
    --  Quebec residents have spent $476 on average so far this year,
        among the lowest in Canada.
    --  Residents of Alberta appear to be among the most prepared in
        the country with only 48 per cent having items left on their
        holiday shopping list, while 69 per cent of Quebec residents
        have left their shopping to the last minute.

Ms. Delaney also noted that tools are available to help Canadians keep track 
of their spending, including your smartphone. In a November CIBC poll, 23 
per cent of survey respondents said they planned to use their smartphone for 
everything from comparing prices to using online banking to stay on top of 

"Whether you use mobile banking on your smartphone to keep on top of 
transactions in your account, or use a pen and paper, knowing you are on 
budget can help you enjoy the holidays and keep other important financial 
goals such as building your savings on track," commented Ms. Delaney.

To help manage your last minute holiday expenses, CIBC offers the following 

Stay on Top of Cash or Debit purchases: Canadians planning to use cash or 
debit can track their spending by using the free CIBC Mobile Banking App on 
their smartphone. Having the CIBC Mobile Banking App on your smartphone allows 
clients to check their balance and see what they've spent so far that day, in 
just a few seconds.

Have a Plan for Credit Card purchases: Canadians planning to use a credit 
card to pay for their holiday expenses should make sure they have a plan to 
pay off their balance to avoid incurring interest charges. With a plan in 
place, you can earn rewards for your purchases that may save you money on 
other items, such as discounts on gas purchases or cash back. For example, 
this year CIBC estimates it will reward clients with $89 million in Dividend 
Dollars on their December statements, up from $85 million in 2011, putting 
cash in their hands at a time when they can best use it to help offset the 
cost of holiday spending.

Consider Using Loyalty Rewards: In past CIBC research 11 per cent of Canadians 
polled said they planned to use reward points to buy gifts this holiday 
season. If you have loyalty rewards available, consider using them to save 
money on last minute purchases.

Keep Monthly Savings Plans Going: Many Canadians find it more difficult to 
keep up with regular savings plans in December, but that doesn't mean you 
should skip this month's instalment in your savings plan. Make sure you put 
your regular contribution away if you haven't already to keep your longer term 
goals on track.


Percentage of Canadians who say they have either not completed or not started 
their holiday shopping, by region:

National Average         64%

Atlantic Canada          67%

Quebec                   69%

Ontario                  66%

Manitoba/Saskatchewan    55%

Alberta                  48%

British Columbia         66%

Percentage of Canadians who say they have not started their holiday shopping 
yet, by gender:

Male     16%

Female   12%

Among Canadians who have started the holiday shopping, average dollar amount 
spent so far on gifts this holiday season, compared to what they planned to 
spend on gifts as part of a November CIBC poll, by region:

|                     |Plan to Spend (Nov.|Spent so far (to Dec. 18,|
|                     |2012)              |2012)                    |
|National             |$890               |$693                     |
|Atlantic Canada      |$777               |$979                     |
|Quebec               |$695               |$476                     |
|Ontario              |$969               |$732                     |
|Manitoba/Saskatchewan|$963               |$903                     |
|Alberta              |$1,016             |$718                     |
|British Columbia     |$981               |$683                     |

Percentage of Canadians who say they will exceed their holiday spending budget 
this season, by region:

National Average          20%

Atlantic Canada           20%

Quebec                    16%

Ontario                   23%

Manitoba/Saskatchewan     18%

Alberta                   19%

British Columbia          21%

*Each week, Harris/Decima interviews just over 1000 Canadians through teleVox, 
the company's national telephone omnibus survey. These data were gathered in a 
sample of 932 between December 13(th) and 17(th) 2012. A sample ofthis size 
has a margin of error of +/-3.2%, 19 times out of 20.

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