Soluxe Energy Savings Finds a New Home

                    Soluxe Energy Savings Finds a New Home

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DARIEN, Conn., Dec. 21, 2012

DARIEN, Conn., Dec. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Soluxe Energy Solutions, the
Connecticut based marketer of energy savings solutions, announced the launch
of a new website today for both consumers and contractors.

"Homeowners can now see over 20 realistic and affordable solutions that can
drop their utility bills 20% or more," said Kelly Kaminski, Soluxe vice
president of sales and marketing. "At the same time, our new website helps
contractors who meet our tough quality standards check out the products our
consumers want and submit an application if they want to work with us."

Soluxe Energy Solutions puts energy consumers together with energy efficiency
contractors to reduce heating and cooling bills.

"Energy is the second or third highest cost component in running a home,"
Kaminski said, "so a savings of 20% can mean $1000 or more in your pocket and
a big boost in your home value."

Soluxe's new website,, provides customers with a primer
on the most popular energy savings approaches, including rooftop solar,
furnace upgrades and conversions from heating oil to gas, insulation,
geothermal heat pumps, and micro-cogen.

The company was founded in Darien in 2011 by principles of MXenergy, a large
retail distributor of natural gas and electricity that was sold to
Constellation/Exelon in July 2011. Soluxe currently markets to customers in
Connecticut, New York and New Jersey but plans to make its products available
nationwide over the coming months.

Kaminski explained that Soluxe screens contractors for experience and
professionalism and monitors them for responsiveness and quality control.
"Homeowners often get stuck with unlicensed or uninsured contractors," he
explained. "Soluxe makes sure that you get what you pay for and what you
need, not what an aggressive salesman tries to push."

The company performs a survey of the consumer's energy and safety needs and
evaluates practical solutions for reducing electric bills and bills for
heating oil and natural gas, including sealing the building envelope through
wall and attic insulation, air duct sealing, and window replacements. The
company also evaluates ways of reducing energy consumption through improved
efficiency of furnaces and air conditioning units.

"For some customers, one of the quickest bangs for the buck is replacing
expensive heating oil furnaces with natural gas furnaces," Kaminski
said."Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut recently estimated that over
200,000 homes in Connecticut are within 250 feet of a natural gas distribution
line but are still paying for expensive heating oil. With natural gas costs
about a third of heating oil costs, homes can instantly see a return on their
investment," he added.

The company projects that over the next few years thousands of homes and
businesses will turn to cogeneration, also known as combined heating and
power. "Cogen units are like furnaces that produce free electricity at the
same time they are heating your home," Kaminski said. "Homes in Japan and
Germany have embraced cogens but the product is new in the United States and
we believe that it offers a cost-effective way to wipe out a home's electric
bill," he said.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Soluxe has also offered homeowners back-up
generation with both propane and natural gas options. "Believe it or not,
some contractors are still cleaning up from the ravages of Hurricane Irene in
2011," Kaminski reported, "so some of our consumers may not hear from our
generator contractors for a couple months, but we are determined to help
people avoid long term power outages in the future."

Soluxe Energy SAvings is committed to helping homeowners and small business
owners lower their utility bills. Headquartered in Darien, CT, the Soluxe
Energy Solutions leadership team combines decades of expertise in the energy
markets and solar technology. Soluxe Energy Savings prides itself on
delivering premium customer service, high quality products, and hassle-free
installation. Soluxe Solar aims to help customers save money and save the
planet at the same time.

CONTACT: Andrew Fried, +1-203-202-9788

SOURCE Soluxe Energy Solutions

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