Glass Earth Addresses BCSC Review

Glass Earth Addresses BCSC Review 
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND -- (Marketwire) -- 12/20/12 -- As a result of
a review by the British Columbia Securities Commission, Glass Earth
Gold Limited (TSX VENTURE:GEL)(NZAX:GEL) ("Glass Earth" or "the
Company") is issuing the following news release to clarify its
Glass Earth announces that to enable compliance with National
Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, all
non-compliant disclosures of historical resource estimates, current
resource estimates, and estimates of contained ounces in potential
exploration targets, have been amended or removed from the Company's
website, corporate presentation and fact sheet pending amendment for
As part of this process Glass Earth is revising its disclosure
documentation and related processes to ensure compliance now and in
the future with NI 43-101 guidelines.  
Glass Earth advises that these changes affect disclosures in relation
to the Muir's-Massey Reef, WKP and Placer projects. Going forward,
the Company intends to follow NI 43-101 rules requiring
classifications and fixed quantities and grades for current resource
estimates, cautionary language and other details for historical
resource estimates, quantity-grade ranges and cautionary language for
exploration targets, and to file NI 43-101 reports supporting its
resource disclosure within the prescribed periods. 
Specific clarification related to earlier non-compliant disclosure in
the Company's Muir's property news releases from January 27, 2012 to
June 28, 2012, the Company previous website, and investor materials
are as follows. 
Prior disclosure of the Muir's historical estimate was not compliant
with NI 43-101 because it omitted mandatory cautionary language and
other information required by NI 43-101 for all written disclosure of
historical resource estimates. 
GEL clarifies and restates its Muir's historical resource estimate in
accordance with NI 43-101 section 2.4 as follows: 
The Muir's Property has an historical estimate of 390,000 oz gold,
quoted at a grade of 1.5 g/t gold, using a cut-off of 0.5 g/t, no
classes are identified or known.  

--  Source and date: HPD (New Zealand Limited) in-house report, date
--  The historical estimate is considered order of mag
nitude, and is
    relevant as an indication of the approximate size of the gold deposit
    being targeted for further drill exploration. 
--  This estimate is based on 45 drill holes completed in the 1969 - 1995
    period. The drilling consisted of 8 diamond drill-holes, and rotary and
    reverse circulation drilling. Logging, sampling and assaying was carried
    out through both New Zealand and Australian based analytical
    laboratories. Estimates were carried out using polygonal methods based
    on drill fences at 100m intervals, and down-hole spacing of
    approximately 40m. 
--  No categories are defined in the historical estimate. The poor
    reliability of the estimate precludes any comparison to inferred or
    other resource classes in current use. 
--  The only more recent estimate is a somewhat smaller "in-house" estimate
    done by the company, as discussed in the following main item. 
--  Further resistivity (ground geophysics) and diamond drilling is
    necessary to upgrade the historical estimate to a current estimate. 
--  A qualified person has not done sufficient work to classify the
    historical estimate as current mineral resources and GEL is not treating
    the historical estimate as current mineral resources. 

GEL retracts the Muir's recent "in-house" estimate of 5.6 million
tonnes grading 1.25 g/t gold disclosed by a Corporate Presentation on
the Company Website of November 2012 (the Corporate Presentation)
pending preparation of a technical report, as the estimate is not
compliant with s2.2 and s3.4 of Ni 43-101. The Company will promptly
announce any material resource estimates that result from preparation
of its Muir's technical report.  
GEL retracts the prior disclosure of a 2008 "global" resource at WKP
(previously disclosed in the Corporate Presentation) as these
estimates omit classifications and information required by NI 43-101
about the estimation procedure. The Company will promptly announce
any material resource estimates that result from preparation of its
WKP technical report. 
Specific clarification related to earlier non-compliant disclosure
for the Company's Placer projects in the Corporate Presentation and
other investor materials: 

--  Prior disclosure of the Placer estimates was not compliant with NI 43-
    101 because ounce-only quantities of indicated and inferred gold
    resources om
itted required grade information, combined inferred and
    indicated class contrary to NI 43-101, and did not disclose the
    assumptions, parameters and methods used to make the estimates. 
--  Accordingly the Company withdraws those estimates pending release of a
    technical report. The Company will promptly announce any material
    resource estimates that result from preparation of its Placer Project
    technical report. 

Technical Reports are being prepared. The company intends to finalize
technical reports in relation to Muir's, WKP and Placer on or before
21 January 2013.  
GEL acknowledges the following disclosures of potential exploration
targets did not meet the requirements of NI 43-101 to use ranges of
quantity and grade, explain the basis for the disclosures and to
include mandatory cautionary language. The company therefore retracts
the disclosures in the Corporate Presentation and other investor
materials of large ounce-only quantity ranges or ounce quantities
with associated fixed grade, referred to as "potential," at WKP,
Ophir, and Muir's. 
NI 43-101 disclosure requirements for resources and reserves also
apply to adjoining or nearby properties. To clarify, historical
production and/or resource estimates and detailed references for
production and mineral estimates for the nearby Martha and Golden
Cross mines are presented below. 
Martha Mine 10 Moz Au and Ag Equivalent (Newmont Waihi) 

Production: 1878 to 1952: 4.9 Moz Au and 29.9 Moz Ag (1)                    
Production: 1988 to 2011: 2.7 Moz Au (2) and 13.1 Moz Ag (3)                
Production: 2011 Onwards:                                                   
  Probable reserves 0.36 Moz Au (3200Kt @ 0.112 oz/t Au)                    
  Indicated Non-reserve mineralisation 0.51 Moz Au (2100Kt @ 0.243 oz/t Au) 
  Inferred Non-reserve mineralisation 0.18 Moz Au (900Kt @ 0.195 oz/t Au)   
(1) Braithwaite, R L, Torckler, L K and Jones, P K, 2005. The Martha Hill   
Epithermal Au-Ag Deposit, Waihi - Geology and Mining History, in Geology and
Exploration of New Zealand Mineral Deposits, Monograph 25 (ed: T Christie), 
pp 171-178 (The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Victoria).   
(2) Hobbins, J M, Torckler, L K, Rhys, D A, Ross, K V and Mauk, J L, 2012.  
The Correnso epithermal gold-silver deposit, a new blind discovery in Waihi,
Hauraki Goldfield, New Zealand. Australian Institute of Mining and          
Metallurgy: New Zealand Conference Proceedings 2012.                        
(3) Mauk, J L, 2011. Variable ore mineralogy in the world-class epithermal  
Waihi vein system, New Zealand. Australian Institute of Mining and          
Metallurgy: New Zealand Conference Proceedings 2011.                        
(4) Newmont, 2011. 2011 Reserves and Non-Reserve Mineralization As of       
December 31, 2011 (                                
Golden Cross (Coeur d'Alene Mines)                                          
Production 662 000 oz Au from 1991 to 1998 (1)                              
(1) Mauk, J.L. and Purvis, A, 2006, The Golden Cross epithermal Au-Ag       
deposit, Hauraki Goldfield, New Zealand, in Christie, A.B. and Brathwaite,  
R.L., eds., AusIMM Monograph 25: Geology and Exploration of New Zealand     
Mineral Deposits, p. 151-156.                                               

GEL CEO Mr Simon Henderson, MSc Geology (CODES), an AusIMM Chartered
Professional under the Discipline of Geology; is a Qualified Person
as defined by National Instrument 43-101 and an employee of the
Company. He has reviewed and approved the information given in this
press release. 
About the Company 
Glass Earth Gold is one of New Zealand's most active gold exploration
companies with landholdings proximal to world-class gold deposits and
cash flow from its wholly owned placer projects. With an experienced
geological team the Company is exploring promising gold prospects
across both the North and South Islands. 
In the North Island, exploration efforts are focused on large
epithermal gold systems in the Hauraki Region, akin to the operating
Martha Hill mine, (Newmont Mining). 
In the Hauraki Region, Glass Earth Gold has identified and developed
significant ground positions around the active Martha Hill gold mine
operations at Waihi. The Newmont-Glass Earth Gold Waihi West JV
(Newmont earning in) and Hauraki JV (65/35), including drilling at
the WKP discovery, are being actively explored and managed by Newmont
in collaboration with Glass Earth Gold. The recent announcement that
Glass Earth Gold has acquired option rights to the Neavesville
gold/silver prospect (just north of WKP) will mean an increased
exploration focus in the Hauraki region. Glass Earth Gold has also
defined several significant epithermal gold targets to independently
explore in this region, including the Muir's Reef Gold project.  
In the South Island, exploration efforts are focused on the Otago
Region, home to OceanaGold's Macraes Goldfield, for identification of
mesothermal "Macraes-style" gold targets and revenue generation
through placer (alluvial) gold production.  
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