(The following is a reformatted version of a press release
issued by the Illinois Commerce Commission and received via
electronic mail. The release was confirmed by the sender.) 
News from the
Illinois Commerce Commission
527 East Capitol Avenue, Springfield, IL 62701 
December 19, 2012 
ICC Approves 2013 IPA Procurement Plan;
Includes FutureGen 2.0 Sourcing Agreement 
As part of an annual process under the Illinois Power Agency
Act, the Illinois Commerce Commission entered an Order today
approving the Illinois Power Agency’s 2013 procurement plan.
Among the key revisions of the plan were new provisions
approving a sourcing agreement with FutureGen 2.0, a retrofit
clean-coal project scheduled for development near Meredosia in
Morgan County. The sourcing agreement requires the state’s
electric utilities to purchase electricity from FutureGen 2.0
for 20 years, with the utilities then permitted to collect costs
for the project on a pro rata basis from alternative retail
electric suppliers. 
While the FutureGen 2.0 facility is not expected to be ready to
generate electricity until 2017, the sourcing agreement approved
today moves the state forward in complying with Illinois Clean
Coal Portfolio Standard, which states as a goal that 25 percent
of the state’s electricity should come from clean coal by 2025.
Due to the rapid increase in the number of customers buying
their electricity supply from alternative suppliers rather than
through the utilities, the IPA plan did not call for any
additional power to be purchased for 2013-2014 to serve ComEd
and Ameren customers. More than 1.5 million residential
customers now have chosen to purchase their electricity supply
from alternative suppliers on their own or through municipal
aggregation measures. 
The Commission’s Order also approved an Illinois Power Agency
proposal for using renewable energy standard compliance payments
collected from hourly rate customers for payment on 20-year
renewable energy contracts entered into in 2010. This proposal
was unopposed in the IPA Procurement Plan proceeding. The
Illinois Power Agency’s 2013 plans included using alternative
compliance payments, collected from alternative retail electric
suppliers, to pay down existing long-term renewable energy
Contact: Beth Bosch
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