Rise of the Connected Shopper: 61 Percent of Retail Managers Report Consumers Better Informed Than Associates

  Rise of the Connected Shopper: 61 Percent of Retail Managers Report
  Consumers Better Informed Than Associates

Annual Motorola Solutions’ study reports increase from 2010 and nearly
one-half of Gen Y shoppers believe they have better access to product

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SCHAUMBURG, Ill. -- December 19, 2012

The 6^th annual installment of the Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI)
Holiday Shopping Study found that technology continues to radically transform
the traditional holiday shopping experience as 61 percent of surveyed retail
managers believe that shoppers are better connected to information than
in-store associates, increasing from nearly 59 percent in 2011 and 51 percent
in 2010.

Surveyed shoppers echoed a similar sentiment – as nearly one-half (46 percent)
of Gen Y shoppers, four in ten (38 percent) Gen X shoppers and one-third (32
percent) Boomer shoppers felt better connected to product information than

According to the study, the increasing utilization of shopping-related
technologies is having an impact on the shopper experience across varied age

  *64 percent of Gen Y and 52 percent of Gen X shoppers used their personal
    mobile device for shopping-related activities compared to only 37 percent
    of Boomer and less than 15 percent of pre-Boomer shoppers.
  *46 percent of Gen Y and 36 percent of Gen X shoppers agreed that they can
    more readily locate information on their personal mobile device rather
    than asking a store associate for assistance. Only 19 percent of Boomer
    and less than 12 percent of pre-Boomer shoppers agreed.
  *54 percent of Gen Y and 43 percent of Gen X shoppers were likely to access
    guest Wi-Fi for shopping-related activities. This compares to 34 percent
    of Boomer shoppers and 20 percent of pre-Boomer shoppers.
  *Boomers are four times more likely to increase their spending as the
    result of a helpful associate than by using self-service technology.


Connecting with Shoppers

  *Almost half of surveyed shoppers (47 percent) agreed that they have a
    better experience when sales associates use the latest technologies to
    assist them.
  *48 percent of shoppers reported that helpful store associates motivated
    them to spend more in-store.
  *More than half of surveyed shoppers (55 percent) believed that information
    kiosks help store associates improve the shopping experience.
  *While overall customer satisfaction has risen since 2007, surveyed
    shoppers reported rising dissatisfaction with the return/exchange process
    -- 29 percent were not satisfied in-store and 45 percent were not
    satisfied with online experiences.
  *Two-thirds (66 percent) of surveyed retail associates recognize the
    positive effect of mobile loyalty account access on the shopper

Enabling Associates

  *82 percent of retail associates agreed that improving in-store
    communication between staff and managers would have a positive effect on
    shopper satisfaction.
  *58 percent of retail associates recognized the positive effect of mobile
    point of sale (mPOS) on the shopping experience.
  *36 percent of shoppers believed that store associates using tablets
    enhanced their shopping experience, and 59 percent of store associates
    agreed that they could better serve customers if they were equipped with

Empowering IT

  *Nearly eight in ten (79 percent) retail associates agreed that store
    management can better manage employees and operational processes when
    empowered with technology and better information.
  *72 percent of shopping-related walkouts resulted in lost sales – an
    average loss per abandonment of $156.
  *Retailers can recover 69 percent of out-of-stock incidents if associates
    are prepared to offer shoppers the option to order the items before
    leaving the store and have them sent to their homes.
  *63 percent of store managers agree that they need more real-time
    information to better ensure customer satisfaction.


Eduardo Conrado, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Motorola

”When shoppers have so many options, it is clear that retailers who embrace
technology to enable their store associates to directly engage shoppers are
creating differentiation through customer service. With nearly one-half of
surveyed shoppers stating that they have a better experience when retail
associates use the latest technology, retailers’ adoption of the right
technology that targets shoppers of various age groups will help drive greater
customer satisfaction and increased sales opportunities.”


  *Two complimentary surveys were fielded in North America throughout
    November and December 2012, one targeted to shoppers and one targeted to
    in-store associates, staff and in-store managers.
  *The surveys were designed to reveal the experiences and attitudes that
    each group has toward the use of certain shopping technologies and the
    impact on customer satisfaction.
  *Respondents to the Shopper survey were selected from the Research Now
    Consumer panel to represent a general distribution of the consumer
    population over 18 years of age. 1,200 respondents completed the shopper
    survey without knowledge of Motorola Solutions sponsorship.
  *Gen Y shoppers represent people between the ages of 18-34.
  *Gen X shoppers represent people between the ages of 35-49.
  *Boomer shoppers represent people between the ages of 50-64.
  *Pre-Boomer shoppers represent people older than 65 years old.
  *400 respondents completed the Associates survey without knowledge of
    Motorola Solutions sponsorship. The Research Now Business panel represents
    a wide range of experienced in-store associates who work in full-time or
    permanent part-time positions.
  *The e-Rewards® Opinion Panel, operated by Research Now, is the largest
    "by-invitation-only" online research panel serving more than 900 research
    firms with over 3 million respondent members.


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