Desktop App Analytics Platform, MarkedUp, Launches Giving Premium Developers Actionable User Insights

 Desktop App Analytics Platform, MarkedUp, Launches Giving Premium Developers
                           Actionable User Insights

MuckerLab Company; Developer-Focused Analytics-as-a-Service Platform Debuts
for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to Help Developers Maximize In-App Purchases
and Boost Conversions, Profit.

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SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 19, 2012

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --MarkedUp, the
firstanalytics platform for both desktop and premium mobile applications,
launched out of MuckerLab today giving Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app
developers access to actionable user insights and behavioral data to help
improve user experiences and maximize free-to-paid conversion and

The desktop application ecosystem is 10x larger than any other native
development platform, yet there are no analytic solutions available. On
mobile devices, all the available native analytics services target"free" app
developers by providing them with data optimize in-app advertising, and
ultimately hoping to persuade developers to adopt their in-house advertising
solution. MarkedUp gives premium native app developers across desktop and
mobile the data they need to drive in-app purchases, trial conversions,
subscriptions and more fulfilling a huge vacuum in the marketplace for premium
apps that monetize directly through sales.

"When I worked at Microsoft, I had a chance to work closely with dozens of app
developers who were porting popular iOS and Android titles to Windows Phone
and Windows Desktop – absolutely none of them had found a viable analytics
solution much less a solution that provided them the analytics and information
they need to sustainably monetize their apps on ANY platform," said MarkedUp
CEO Aaron Stannard, a former Microsoft Developer Evangelist. "Most analytics
services for native apps today are really geared towards free or
advertising-supported apps; MarkedUp is built to help premium developers who
are selling goods directly to their end-users maximize profit and value."

MarkedUp's analytics platform launches with full support for Windows 8 and
Windows Phone 8, making it the first analytics provider to make its Windows 8
offerings publicly available to developers; MarkedUp has plans to support OS X
and other desktop platforms in the future.

By supporting Windows 8 first MarkedUp seeks to provide the $100b+ desktop
software market with an analytics platform that helps them convert more trial
users into paying customers.

"Windows 8 will change the way we design and build apps," said Matt Thompson,
Microsoft General Manager of Developer Platform Evangelism, "we're moving to a
world where app developers can target every device with a single development
platform - from desktop to tablet to phone and they expect the same real-time
user experience feedback and monetization analytics found on web platforms.
This presents radical opportunities for companies that help developers to
monetize and build sustainable businesses from their applications."

"Tim Cook announced in October that Apple had paid out over $6.5b to
developers[i] over all four years of the App Store. Symantec, the makers of
Norton Antivirus, did just over $6b in FY11[ii] alone last year. The top
Windows downloads on have close to half a billion total installs
– there are very few mobile apps with that kind of reach. The desktop
ecosystem is not just several orders of magnitude larger than mobile, but also
has real money flowing through it;" continued Stannard. "We see Windows 8 as
the future of the desktop: a convergence between mobile, tablet, and
traditional desktop computing; by starting there and MarkedUp can give
developers the tools they need to be successful in the Windows Store."

MarkedUp's Analytics SDK installs easily into any Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8
application, whether it's built using C# and .NET, C/C++ or HTML5 and
JavaScript – MarkedUp is the only analytics services that supports all three
Windows 8 development platforms. Once installed, the SDK captures and
transmits user data unobtrusively, with zero impact on app performance, and
can even cache activity data when the device has poor service quality or is
disconnected from the Internet for future transmission when connectivity

In addition to reporting on user's in-app activity, MarkedUp can be customized
to track developer-specified events to help show developers which features and
screens of their apps actually get used, and by whom. MarkedUp makes the
collected data easy to understand and digest with interactive charts, tables
and reports in time-series format. The system captures and displays granular
detail, down to the user's click-thru path that sparked a purchase, or the
user behavior leading up to an error or exception to aid in troubleshooting.

"When it comes to premium apps, both desktop and mobile, developers need to be
able to see how all of the different touchpoints affect whether or not a user
eventually converts into a paying customer; because if you can't measure it,
then you can't control it," said Stannard. "This is why we provide a holistic
view to our customers when it comes to analytics – logging errors, screen
views, the user's country or currency, and conversion events are all equals
when it comes to understand what drove a completed sale or an abandoned one.
If you aren't invested in a system that helps you measure these things, then
you're leaving a lot of money on the table."

MarkedUp is currently in beta and is free for all users; when the beta period
ends the first 1,000,000 data points each app accrues per month will be free
and then $99 a month for each additional data point.

The first 500 developers to sign up for MarkedUp will receive a free 2-year
license to use MarkedUp regardless of data volume if they go to and register an account today.

Created by veteran Microsoft desktop and mobile ecosystem developer Stannard
and multiple Windows Phone, AT&T and Nokia hackathon champion Erik Medina,
MarkedUp is a MuckerLab startup.

About MarkedUp
MarkedUp delivers actionable analytics and user insights to desktop and mobile
application developers to help them make better, data-driven decisions for
managing their applications. MarkedUp is the only analytics platform available
for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 developers and is fully compatible with both
WinRT and WinJS. MarkedUp was founded in 2012 by a former Microsoft Developer
Evangelist and a team of Windows ecosystem experts in Santa Monica, Calif. To
learn more, visit

About MuckerLab:
MuckerLab is aprivately fundedstartup accelerator focused on
incubation-stage Internet software, services and media ventures in the Los
Angeles market. Based on a mentorship-driven model, MuckerLab provides
entrepreneurs with funding, puts them through a structured, three-month-long
program and gives them access to a deep network of top-tier mentors and
advisors. MuckerLab works side-by-side with Southern California's best
technology entrepreneurs to enable them to build, launch, and finance their
exceptional businesses, while helping to cultivate a more vibrant technology
ecosystem in Los Angeles. For more information, go


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[ii] "Symantec Reports Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2011 Results;"; May
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