Chevron: Ecuador Whistleblower Threatened by Lago Agrio Plaintiffs’ Lawyers

  Chevron: Ecuador Whistleblower Threatened by Lago Agrio Plaintiffs’ Lawyers

      Chevron Condemns Intimidation Effort, Urges Others to Come Forward

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SAN RAMON, Calif. -- December 18, 2012

Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX) today condemned actions taken by the Lago Agrio
plaintiffs’ lawyers to intimidate, threaten, and harass whistleblower Fernando
Reyes who has provided a sworn declaration offering an insider’s account of
the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ fraud during the trial in Ecuador. Subsequent to the
filing of the Reyes Declaration, the plaintiffs’ lawyers and publicist have
issued press statements attacking and disparaging Reyes and threatening him
with harassing litigation. In response, Chevron has issued the following

“Rather than address the substance of Reyes’ testimony on the merits, the
plaintiffs’ representatives hope to intimidate him. Chevron calls upon the
authorities to investigate these threats against Reyes. Chevron encourages
other whistleblowers who have information about the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ fraud
to come forward.”

Note to Editors:

Reyes is an Ecuadorian petroleum and environmental engineer who served as a
consultant to the plaintiffs’ lawyers. Last Wednesday, Chevron submitted a
sworn declaration from Reyes in support of its fraud and racketeering lawsuit
in New York against the plaintiffs’ lawyers and backers in which Reyes
provides an eyewitness account as to how the plaintiffs’ lawyers have sought
to manipulate the trial since its infancy, deceived the court, corrupted the
trial process, and engaged in the development of a fraudulent “independent”
report. Reyes’ testimony is corroborated not only by his own notes, but by
documents produced by Donziger in court-ordered discovery, deposition
testimony, and outtakes (here and here) from the movie “Crude.” The
plaintiffs’ lead American lawyer, Steven Donziger, once described Reyes as
“one of the most qualified engineers and academics in the field.”

The Reyes Declaration confirms the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ fraud on multiple
levels. Reyes had considerable involvement in the Lago Agrio case for the
plaintiffs, first serving as what was represented as an “independent” monitor
of court experts and then as a “shadow” advisor to Richard Cabrera, a
supposedly-independent court expert. In fact, Reyes introduced Cabrera to
Donziger and his co-counsel, and the plaintiffs’ lawyers pressured the court
in Ecuador to appoint Cabrera to conduct a “global assessment” of environment
conditions in the Oriente region of Ecuador’s Amazon. Reyes was also present
in a meeting between the plaintiffs’ lawyers and consultants and Cabrera
before Cabrera was appointed as an independent court expert (video from the
meeting here and here). Cabrera ultimately submitted a report to the court,
described by one of the plaintiffs’ consultants as “the single most important
technical document for the case,” assigning more than $27 billion in damages
against Chevron.

Cabrera’s report has since been shown to be a fraud, written by the
plaintiffs’ representatives and passed off as the work of a neutral and
independent court appointee. Reyes’ declaration describes the process by which
the plaintiffs’ lawyers sought out someone who, as Donziger put it, would
“totally play ball with us and let us take the lead while projecting the image
that he is working for the court.” The plaintiffs’ lawyers’ were aware of the
fraud they were committing: as their scheme to deceive the court was
unraveling, Donziger’s co-counsel wrote, “all of us, your attorneys, might go
to jail.”

While courts in Ecuador have ignored the evidence of the plaintiffs’ lawyers’
fraud, even going as far as to include many of “Cabrera’s” claims in the
judgment issued last year, other courts have not. In an opinion issued in
July, a court in the Southern District of New York found that “uncontradicted
evidence demonstrates that the report and subsequent responses filed in
Cabrera’s name were tainted by fraud.”

More information on the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ fraud can be found here.
Additional background on the Ecuador litigation can be accessed here and here.

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