Canon U.S.A. Commences Sale of New FPA-3030i5+ Stepper for High-Volume Production of LED, MEMS and Other Environmentally

  Canon U.S.A. Commences Sale of New FPA-3030i5+ Stepper for High-Volume
  Production of LED, MEMS and Other Environmentally Conscious Devices

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LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. -- December 18, 2012

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, recently launched
sales of the new FPA-3030i5+ i-line stepper. The FPA-3030i5+ is designed to
provide a long-term manufacturing solution for manufacturers of
energy-efficient, environmentally conscious devices^*1 including
Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs),MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)^*2 and
power semiconductors^*3.

As awareness of clean energy and energy conservation continues to increase,
demand has simultaneously increased for new environmentally conscious
technologies including wind and solar power, high-efficiency vehicles and
low-power facilities. As a result, manufacturers of these devices have unique
process requirements that have been incorporated into the FPA-3030i5+
semiconductor stepper design that, along with optional equipment available to
be purchased separately, will help facilitate these process requirements.

The FPA-3030i5+ represents a new product platform, designed specifically to
provide a flexible solution for a variety of users, including power
semiconductor, LED and MEMS manufacturers.

Canon FPA-3030 platform provides performance and productivity improvements

The FPA-3030 platform represents an upgrade to earlier Canon “FPA-3000
platform” steppers. The FPA-3030i5+ features an overhauled software structure
and electrical control system that allow application of optional advanced
hardware (e.g., projection lens, wafer stage, and alignment system) that is
not compatible with traditional FPA-3000 platform steppers.

The FPA-3030i5+ is capable of providing imaging resolution below 0.35μm^*4,
while maintaining overlay accuracy of less than or equal to 40nm^*5 and
throughput equal to or in excess of 104 wafers per hour^*6. Canon developed
the FPA-3030i5+ system to meet and exceed the imaging, overlay and
productivity requirements of those environmentally conscious devices and MEMS

Canon FPA-3030 platform supports optional equipment designed for special
substrate materials required for energy reducing devices and MEMS manufactures

The FPA-3030 platform allows the use of optional equipment designed for the
processing of silicon (Si), sapphire (Al[2]O3), silicon carbide (SiC) and a
wide variety of wafer materials used in environmentally conscious device
manufacturing. Optional equipment for the FPA-3030i5+ includes warped-wafer
handling systems to allow processing of distorted substrates, and advanced
image processing systems for clear substrates.

With the purchase of the optional Multi-Size Wafer Kit, the FPA-3030i5+
stepper can also be configured to process multiple wafer sizes, and can be
equipped with other optional equipment to help improve productivity and

Canon FPA-3030i5+ stepper feature summary

1. FPA-3030i5+ imaging system provides 0.35μm resolution with a flexible
optical system and lens

  *FPA-3030i5+ lens and optical system specifications equal FPA-3000 platform
  *Variable Lens NA (0.45-0.63) and illumination Sigma (σ, 0.3-0.7 @ NA0.63)
    allows control of resolution and depth of focus.
  *The FPA-3030i5+ optical system supports Off-Axis Illumination and provides
    imaging resolution requested by manufacturers of energy efficient devices.

2. FPA-3030i5+ platform enhancements help provide alignment accuracy and

  *FPA-3030i5+ is equipped with field-proven stage drive and damper control
    systems to provide high stability and reliability.
  *Wafer stage position is controlled by Laser Interferometer System and
    wafer alignment scope.
  *FPA-3030i5+ is capable of overlay accuracy less than or equal to 40nm to
    support production of highly efficient devices.

3. FPA-3030i5+ platform supports optional equipment designed to process
special environmentally conscious device substrates

  *With the purchase of the optional special-substrate handling system, the
    FPA-3030i5+ supports special substrates widely used in manufacturing of
    environmentally conscious devices, including silicon (Si), sapphire
    (Al[2]O[3]) and gallium arsenide (GaAs).
  *With the purchase of the optional warped wafer handling system the
    FPA-3030i5+ supports processing of wafers warped and distorted by earlier
    process steps.
  *FPA-3030i5+ supports overlay correction for random wafer distortion
  *With the purchase of the optional Multi-Size Wafer Kits, the FPA-3030i5+
    can process multiple wafer sizes (75mm & 100mm; 100mm & 150mm; 150mm &
    200mm) without additional configuration change.

4. FPA-3030i5+ platform electrical control system and software are modernized
to help support future semiconductor manufacturing

  *FPA-3030i5+ adopts systems developed for the “FPA-5500 platform” steppers.
    FPA-5500 steppers are widely accepted as a leading exposure system for
    high-volume memory devices^*7, image sensors^*8 and advanced packaging
  *The new FPA-3030i5+ e-Console software structure allows compatibility and
    migration of process and exposure conditions from earlier FPA-3000
    platform systems

Market trends for semiconductor lithography equipment

Demand for low-power consumption systems and vehicles, social infrastructure
improvements such as wind, solar and smart grid products have increased as
society becomes more aware of the importance of conserving energy and reducing
environmental impacts. Semiconductor lithography equipment supporting
environmentally conscious devices must provide process flexibility to meet the
wide range of requirements from manufacturers of environmentally conscious

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^†Based on weekly patent counts issued by United States Patent and Trademark

All referenced product names, and other marks, are trademarks of their
respective owners.

Availability and specifications of all products are subject to change without

*1 General term for electronic components designed to reduce environmental

*2 Electric machinery microelements used in smartphones, etc. (ex.
accelerometer, gyroscope)

*3 Semiconductors to control motors, lighting, and power supply and

*4 1 μm (micrometer) = (1 meter) / ( 1 million)

*5 1 nm (nanometer) = (1 meter) / ( 1 billion)

*6 200mm wafers, 60 shots per wafer

*7 Memory devices used in digital information equipment such as smartphones
and personal computers

*8 Image Sensors used in digital cameras and mobile phone cameras


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