ProfNet Experts Available on Bad Tax Advice, Career Resolutions, Facebook and Disclosure, More

ProfNet Experts Available on Bad Tax Advice, Career Resolutions, Facebook and
                               Disclosure, More

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Dec. 17

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  oThe Downward Spiral of the Ski Industry in face of Climate Change
  oThe Push for Public-Private Partnerships (3Ps)
  oYelp Lawsuit Puts Reviewers in the Spotlight
  oWatch Out for Bad Tax Advice
  oSEC Scrutinizing Netflix Facebook Post
  oWorkplace: 2013 New Year's Career Resolutions: Tips to Make a Career
  oTechnology Combats Growth of Household Mold from Climate Change
  oNew Smartphone Technology Can Help Save Occupants in High-Rise Buildings
  oAdoption Credit Set to Expire Dec. 31


  oProduction Associate – Disney ABC (NYC)
  oLocal TV News Reporter (Spanish) – Telemundo (IL)
  oArts & Entertainment Reporter – Journal Gazette (IN)


  oBrands + Journalism: Unholy Alliance or New Marketplace Reality?
  oGrammar Hammer: Are Your Trees Lighted or Lit?
  oHow to Become an Expert Source for Top-Tier Media



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The Downward Spiral of the Ski Industry in face of Climate Change
Richard Nemet
Metar Weather
"Due to diminished snowfall patterns and the changes in outdoor behavior, a
study recently released reports that the winter tourism and ski industry has
taken a loss of $1 billion and shows shrinking numbers of winter sports
tourists also hurts the bottom line of restaurants, lodging, gas stations,
grocery stores, and bars. So dire is the climate change threat to winter
weather-dependent business that an entirely new industry has evolved to offer
much-needed weather risk protection plans. It's important for businesses to
turn to weather risk insurance products to hedge against loss of foot traffic,
related sales, and budgeting/expenditures."
Nemet can address how weather-dependent businesses are fighting climate change
throughweather risk insurance, and how snow-dependent businesses are turning
to the insurance industry to combat climate change.
Media Contact: Jerry Schranz,

The Push for Public-Private Partnerships (3Ps)
Michael Baker
Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo
"The reason for the push on 3Ps is to help finance and mitigate the public
cost (taxpayer contributions) to build traditional public infrastructure and
maintain the infrastructure (highways, bridges, water works, etc.). The
classic 3P is typically in transportation, and a prime example would be the SR
91 Toll Lane in the Los Angeles/Orange County area."
Baker, a practicing construction attorney with over 20 years of experience in
this area of law, is available to elaborate further on this idea, in addition
to discussing other trends in the construction industry. He is an author and
expert lecturer in construction law and has published articles locally,
nationally and internationally in various trade journals, legal journals and
general publications aimed towards the design and construction industry. He
has extensive experience in representing contractors in business and
contractual matters and has a strong sense of what trends to look out for in
the construction industry including the push for public-private partnerships
(3Ps). He is based in Irvine, Calif.
Media Contact: Crystal Rockwood,

Yelp Lawsuit Puts Reviewers in the Spotlight
Jimmy Ardoin
Ardoin Law PLLC in Houston
"A judge in Fairfax County Virginia recently ruled that written sections of a
customer's negative review should be removed from the popular online review
site, after a Virginia contractor filed a lawsuit claiming the
scathing review had harmed his business. This is such a new area of law, it is
hard to determine how the lawsuit will turn out. Much of the case will come
down to determining if the review is based on fact or merely opinion. If it is
the customer's opinion, there isn't much chance a business could win. Lawsuits
such as this are new and notable, and often draw more attention to the issues
raised in the review. In many instances, it may be best for a company to just
leave it alone."
Media Contact: Alan Bentrup,

Watch Out for Bad Tax Advice
Lawrence Brown
Tax Litigator
Brown PC in Fort Worth
"As consumers begin preparing for their end-of-year tax deductions and 2012
filings, the IRS is preparing a new round of audits and undercover visits to
potentially shady tax preparers. The government is actively looking for tax
advisors who cross the line by claiming false deductions or understating
income for their clients. There are more federal requirements and more
leverage than ever to identify and prosecute preparers, but consumers also can
face financial penalties and payments for authorizing a fraudulent return. One
step to help avoid problems is to make sure the person who prepares and signs
your return has an IRS identification number, which is now mandatory. And if
your tax advisor is suggesting a deduction that seems fishy to you, take your
business elsewhere."
Media Contact: Barry Pound,

SEC Scrutinizing Netflix Facebook Post
Randy Ray
Corporate Compliance Attorney
Munck Wilson Mandala in Dallas
"Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is in regulatory hot water over a Facebook post
that watchdogs believe amounts to selective disclosure of material information
in violation of SEC Regulation FD. The complaint stems from Hastings' decision
not to disclose the news through 'traditional' information sources, which the
SEC contends would make it available for all interested parties to see before
or at the same time as any other disclosure. Technology frequently evolves
much faster than regulation and law. Regulation FD already has evolved since
it was adopted in 2000. Businesses now may provide material information to
investors on their websites as a public disclosure. That was not permitted
originally under Regulation FD. This case raises the question of whether a
disclosure to social media followers should be viewed as a selective
disclosure to 'friends' or amounts to a public disclosure in which all
interested parties have an equal opportunity to receive."
Media Contact: Robert Tharp,

Workplace: 2013 New Year's Career Resolutions: Tips to Make a Career Change
Julie Redfield
Talent Management Expert
PA Consulting Group
If you've been considering a career change, the new calendar provides a fresh
start. Julie Redfield, talent management expert at PA Consulting Group, offers
tips to embrace in 2013 to help make a career change, which include: 1) Take
the time to actually write down a list of the pros and cons of your current
job and discuss them with a trusted confidante. This action will help you
realize why you want to make a change, and what your new career needs are. 2)
Make sure your desire to change jobs or careers is fact-based. Changing
careers is a major life decision and should not be taken lightly. Take the
time to gather facts about your new industry, companies and the jobs you are
researching. 3) Join an association in your new field to learn more and meet
industry contacts. 4) Find a recruiter who specializes in your field. Build a
strong relationship with a least one recruiter, so that they get to know you
-- the more you know your recruiter, the better equipped they will be to find
suitable prospects for you. 5) Don't be afraid to tell people your true
personal story and why you want a career change. Everyone can relate to the
human side of career changes, so be clear and direct about you want and why.
Media Contact: Carrie Gray,

Technology Combats Growth of Household Mold from Climate Change
Joseph Schulman
Founder and CEO
Rest Assured UV Sanitary Systems
"The increase in severe weather systems such as the recent Hurricane Sandy has
brought with it an increase of ugly mold which in turn has raised major health
concerns. Mold often grows on material like drywall, wood, paper and ceiling
tiles. Moisture from a major storm surge or other floodingnot only damages
homes but it can set in motion an increase in mold growths,which can be toxic
at its worst and at its least very difficult to remove.This is because mold
is constantly renewing itself by producing spores which, like seeds, germinate
new mold growth on moist surfaces. But how can one stop mold growth in the
presence of persistent moisture that may never be able to be completely dried
up? NASA unintentionallysolved this problemwhen it when it was trying
produce a sustainable food supplyfor manned space flight.The
hormoneEthylene, produced by growing vegetables and fruits, can build up and
become toxic in enclosed spaces, causing spoilage and waste of the food being
grown.The NASA solution was a uniquebio-conversiontechnology that
instantlybroke down or 'converted' any airborne organic at amolecularlevel,
solid or gas, regardless ofparticlesize, into a harmless vapor. It was later
proven to eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold. The NASA breakthrough
became available commercially and has so far demonstrated remarkable results
both in commercial and domestic use."
Schulman is based in Jackson, N.J. He is available for media interviews and
can discuss steps for eradicating mold.
Media Contact: Richard Berman,

New Smartphone Technology Can Help Save Occupants in High-Rise Buildings
Hector Gomez
President and CEO
Building Safety Solutions
"The Increase in severe weather incidents across the United States has
heightened interest in protecting the occupants of high-rise office buildings
from unanticipated events. Advances in mobile applications have allowed the
creation of emergency preparedness software that resides on the smartphones or
tablets of building tenants and their employees. The content in a mobile
application can be customized to the building it serves. Instant messaging can
also be integrated to advise occupants of dangers that may compromise their
safety. In addition, online systems now exist whereby employees can log on and
interact with information to see exactly what their floor and building looks
like. 3-D graphics can show evacuation and other emergency procedures
visually. Designated floor leaders can see immediately where their personnel
are located to direct help for their evacuation."
Gomez is based in Pasadena, Calif., and is available for media interviews.
Media Contact, Richard Berman,

Adoption Credit Set to Expire Dec. 31
Bill Blacquiere
Bethany Christian Services
"As Congress and President Obama continue the debate on the fiscal cliff, many
in the adoption community are concerned about the pending expiration of the
adoption tax credit on Dec. 31. Started in 1997 to provide financial aid to
couples looking to adopt, the adoption tax credit has helped make adoption
more affordable for low- and middle-income families, thus giving permanent
homes to thousands of orphaned children in the U.S. and abroad. Without the
tax credit, it is likely that there will be fewer adoptions in 2013 and
beyond. I remain optimistic that the tax credit will be extended but, with
less than three weeks before the deadline, I worry about the impact on future
adoptions. There are about 114,000 children in the U.S. that are in foster
care waiting to be adopted. There are many families who are willing to adopt
these children but do not have the financial resources to do so. The adoption
tax credit empowers them to adopt these children."
Blacquiere is president of Bethany Christian Services, the nation's largest
family preservation agency specializing in adoption. He is available for
interviews on the adoption tax credit.
Media Contact: Joe DiBenedetto,



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    recently published an article on the changing landscape of digital
    advertising and increasingly grim economics of journalism. The article
    suggests it's the duty of journalists in the newsroom to find solutions
    for their flagging traditional media outlets. Within the discussion, he
    devotes considerable attention to the increasing popularity of branded
    away. Are your gifts purchased? Are your stockings hung? Have you procured
    the roast beast? What about the tree? Is it lit up for the holiday -- or
    is it lighted?Lighted vs. lit is like the trick question of grammar
    rules. So, which is correct?
    Charles Passy, staff writer for the Wall Street Journal Digital Network,
    was looking for experts on farm stands and sent a query via ProfNet. Mark
    Tardif, director of college communications at Unity College in Maine, saw
    the query and immediately knew he had the perfect expert – Sara Trunzo,
    Unity's food and farms project coordinator. Tardif responded to Passy with
    Trunzo's information, and the pitch resulted in a national media hit for
    Unity College, a small environmental college with less than 600 full-time
    students. We thought it would be interesting to hear about the mechanics
    behind the article and pitch from three different perspectives – the
    reporter, the PR professional and the expert -- so we invited Passy,
    Tardif and Trunzo to be part of a free webinar we hosted last week. Here
    are some highlights of the webinar for those who were unable to attend:


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