Lattice Semiconductor Will Feature Real-Time 3D Video Converter

Lattice Semiconductor Will Feature Real-Time 3D Video Converter at
CES 2013 
"Mobile Innovation" Video Converter Board Enables Glasses-Free 3D
HILLSBORO, OR -- (Marketwire) -- 12/17/12 --   Lattice Semiconductor
Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) today announced it will demonstrate 3D
Impact Media's RealityBox, a low density LatticeECP3(TM) FPGA-based
real-time 3D video converter, in its private "Mobile Innovation"
meeting suite at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 8-11 in
Las Vegas. Lattice suite 2980 will be located in the East Tower, Las
Vegas Hotel.  
To register for a specific time to visit with Lattice and discuss how
mobile innovation can help with your specific design challenges,
please visit Lattice Mobile Innovation. 
Using the RealityBox, any 2D as well as stereoscopic 3D video stream
can be converted and shown on glasses-free 3D displays in real-time,
enabling new applications such as broadcasting of live events in
public venues or digital signage, where 3D content is seldom
available and expensive.  
The RealityBox hardware is designed to support full 1080p resolution
up to 60 fps, or 720P up to 120fps, using an HDMI interface. The
video pipeline supports 2D/S-3D to S-3D/AS-3D conversion, real time
playback of 2D+Z videos and allows disparity analysis of S-3D input
signals. The main building blocks are an input/output scaler,
disparity/motion estimator, temporal stability filter, image peaking,
contrast, brightness adjustment and a programmable multi-view
generator. The hardware can be used for barrier and lenticular
technology-based glasses-free 3D displays. All parameters are freely
programmable to support different types of 3D displays, including
fractional views. The maximum amount of views that can be generated
is 1024. 
The cost attractive, high quality 3DIM conversion pipeline has an
onboard OSD (on-screen display) that can be customized and includes
ticker and image overlay options that can be added to the video
stream. Due to its flexible design and low latency, as well as the
LatticeECP3 device's low power, the RealityBox can be used in many
different 3D applications, including next generation gaming machines
and in-flight entertainment. In medical applications, the RealityBox
can help improve depth perception, allowing for more precise surgical
procedures, and in automotive applications it can be used for object
recognition and assistance to make driving safer. 
"The combination of Lattice's innovative, low density FPGA technology
and 3D Impact Media's conversion IP creates an ideal product for
customers who want a cost effective, high quality conversion
pipeline," said Laurent Mueller, Chief Executive Officer at 3D Impact
"It is exciting that 3D Impact Media has selected the LatticeECP3
FPGA as the processing engine in their RealityBox, enabling the best
3D viewing experience without the need for special glasses," said
Kambiz Khalilian, Lattice Marketing Manager for Industrial Markets.
"This is another example of how Lattice's portfolio of low density
and ultra-low density FPGAs is finding broad use in a wide variety of
new applications and markets."  
Pricing and Availability
 The RealityBox is available to buy from 3D
Impact Media. Please contact 3D Impact Media at for detailed pricing and availability. 
A New Breed of FPGAs for Mobile Innovation
 The relentless demand to
design consumer and mobile products with new and differentiating
features produces very short product development cycles, and the
pressure to meet these schedules leads to more reliance on standard
chips -- i.e. fully loaded application processors. But this creates a
dilemma: application processor chipsets take two to three years to
develop, which means that any device available today was defined two
or three years ago -- and that, given the breakneck pace of consumer
demand, is an eternity.  
So, what is the designer of consumer and mobile products to do? In
order to meet unforgiving schedules, readily available chipsets must
be used. But yesterday's application processors often fail to meet
today's market demands.  
One approach would be to use an FPGA as a "companion" to the
application processor, enabling designers to respond to contemporary
consumer demand without waiting years for new chipsets. But, until
recently, this was not an option. FPGAs were simply too big, too
expensive and too power-hungry for use in consumer devices. 
Now, however, FPGAs like the LatticeECP3, MachXO2(TM) and ice40(TM)
devices are specifically targeted at the needs of small, inexpensive,
power-sensitive consumer devices. This new breed of FPGA can be used
to supplement an application processor and enable designers to pursue
continuous "mobile innovation." 
Hands-on Examples of Mobile Innovation
 In the Lattice suite at CES,
visitors will have the opportunity to speak directly with Lattice
senior executives and technical specialists about their own design
requirements, and view demonstrations of design solutions that
leverage Lattice's broad portfolio of low density and ultra-low
density FPGA devices. In addition to the 3D Video Converter,
demonstrations include: 

--  Smart sensor hub design that manages sensor traffic, minimizing the
    application processor workload
--  MIPI CSI-2 image sensor bridge solution that enables low cost, high
    quality image sensors to be used in applications such as home security
--  Image sensor extender for remotely locating a camera up to 10 meters
    from an ISP -- ideal for adding a camera on top of a large screen TV

To register for a specific time to visit with Lattice and discuss how
mobile innovation can help with your specific design challenges,
please visit Lattice Mobile Innovation. 
About 3D Impact Media
 3D Impact Media is a provider of embedded
solutions and software for glasses-free 3D applications. 3D Impact
Media offers a complete range of standard and customized products for
the creation, conversion and playback of 3D content for a variety of
3D applications where performance, cost and quality are of high
importance. For more information, please visit 
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