Oracle Unveils Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0

Oracle Unveils Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 
Brings Increased Performance, Flexible Application Development and
Tighter Integration With Oracle Database and Hadoop 
REDWOOD SHORES, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 12/17/12 --  Oracle (NASDAQ:
News Facts  

--  Continuing to drive innovation within its data management technology
    portfolio, Oracle today announced the release of Oracle NoSQL Database
    2.0, a highly scalable, low latency, key-value database for real-time
    big data workloads.
--  Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 adds efficient support for storage and
    retrieval of large objects such as documents and images, as well as
    dynamic elasticity and automatic rebalancing for allocating storage
    and compute resources in response to changing production data
    processing requirements.
--  With tighter integration with both Oracle Database and Hadoop
    environments, Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 is designed to fit seamlessly
    into an enterprise IT stack.
--  Oracle offers enterprise-class support for Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0,
    giving organizations the confidence and limited risk they need to
    deploy Oracle NoSQL Database into their business-critical production
--  Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 is available for download off Oracle
    Technology Network today.

Powerful and Flexible Transaction Model For Demanding High Velocity
Transactional Applications  

--  A key component of Oracle's Big Data Platform, Oracle NoSQL Database
    2.0 is an enterprise grade, key-value database with flexible
    transaction models. It enables customers to easily manage high
    velocity transactional data generated by web-based applications,
    social media, sensors, smart meters and communications services.
--  It is built using the proven Oracle Berkeley DB as the underlying
    storage engine. Oracle customers have built many mission-critical
    applications on Berkeley DB, serving millions of users.
--  New and enhanced features in Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 include:
    --  Better Performance: enterprise-class elasticity with near linear
        scalability and under five millisecond latency enables users to
        dynamically grow a cluster as their data grows with no
        interruption in service. In recent performance tests, Oracle NoSQL
        Database 2.0 delivered more than a million YCSB operations per
        second on a 2.4 terabyte database on an 18-node commodity cluster
        setup. (1)
    --  Automatic Rebalancing: dynamic management of compute and storage
        resources to maintain SLAs in response to increased demand and
        changing processing requirements;
    --  Enhanced Manageability: a simple, easy to use web console to
        manage all aspects of deployment and monitoring, as well as
        document management and structured data management in one product;
    --  New APIs: a new C API helps improve developer productivity, a new
        Large Object API supports efficient Large Object management, and
        new automatic serialization APIs simplify application development;
    --  Tighter Integration with Oracle Database: Oracle Database users
        can view and query Oracle NoSQL Database records directly from SQL
        via External Tables, making NoSQL data immediately accessible and
        available for integrated analysis;
    --  Improved Management & Monitoring Support: SNMP/JMX support
        enables integration with Oracle and third party management tools;
    --  Improved Hadoop Integration: tighter integration with Hadoop
        through JSON object and schema evolution support for data storage
        and serialization using Avro.

Supporting Quotes 

--  "Oracle continues to drive innovation with its unmatched technology
    portfolio, encompassing all aspects of data management. Oracle NoSQL
    Database 2.0 provides developers with that 'last mile' infrastructure
    to enable crucial real time interaction between an organization's
    applications and its customers," said Vaishnavi Sashikanth, vice
    president of development, Oracle. "It provides a key mechanism for
    enterprises to maximize the value of big data."
--  "One of our customers needed an innovative new online gaming platform
    so we turned to Oracle NoSQL Database to deliver it for us," said
    James Anthony, Technology Director, e-DBA. "The high availability,
    rapid scaling and enterprise support were critical for e-DBA and we
    reduced planned implementation times by 75 percent, deploying sooner
    than expected. As a Specialized Oracle Platinum Partner, we are
    looking to further grow our expertise with Oracle NoSQL Database and
    help other customers take advantage of business opportunities with big
--  "At Cox Communications we know first-hand the importance of running
    your business-critical big data applications on rock solid NoSQL
    technology to meet stringent response times and availability
    constraints," said Scott Seigler, vice president of engineering at Cox
    Digital Solutions. "We are excited about release 2.0 of Oracle's NoSQL
    solution with important features such as automatic resource balancing,
    elasticity and large object management functionality."

Supporting Resources 

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--  Connect with Oracle Database via Blog, Facebook and Twitter
--  Download a free evaluation version of Oracle NoSQL Database. Terms,
    conditions and restrictions apply.

(1) Performance result tested on the following system configuration:
Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 running on Oracle Enterprise Linux and 18
Dual socket Intel Xeon E5-2630L Servers, 2.0 GHz, 6 cores,
hyper-threaded for 24 total threads, each processor using two 355GB
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