LifeGoesStrong.Com Unveils First List of Best Boomer Tech Products for 2012

  LifeGoesStrong.Com Unveils First List of Best Boomer Tech Products for 2012

    List Features 15 Picks Ranging From Well-Known Gadgets Like the Kindle
Paperwhite and iPad Mini to Under-the-Radar Technology Such as the Dish Hopper
                         DVR and Life 360 Mobile App

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NEW YORK -- December 14, 2012 (, the popular boomer lifestyle
site, today unveiled the site’s first list of best tech products for boomers.
From laptops and tablets to TV antennas, cameras and more, the “2012 Best Boomer Tech Products” list features the gadgets,
gizmos and apps for every mid-lifer.

The complete list of’s 15 technology must-haves for baby
boomers (in alphabetical order) includes:

  *Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Book Reader, an advanced e-reader featuring a
    higher resolution, higher contrast touchscreen with built-in light and an
    8-week battery life
  *Apple iPad mini Tablet PC, the lightest and thinnest tablet in its size
    class, sporting a rear HD camera/video recorder and GPS capabilities for
    mapping, both missing in many other 7-inch models
  *BodyMedia Fit Link, an armband that monitors energy expenditure (calories
    burned) with 95 percent accuracy then sends the information to a
    smartphone app and website
  *Clarity Fortissimo Desktop Phone, a large dial pad landline for boomers
    and seniors with enhanced audio capabilities via built-in amplifier
  *D-Link MovieNite (DSM 310), bringing Netflix to the
    technologically-challenged, consumers simply need to press the Netflix,
    Vudu, Pandora, or YouTube button on the small remote for movies, TV shows,
    music, or videos
  *Dish Hopper, the satellite dish DVR that allows consumers to record up to
    six channels at once and automatically skip commercials in primetime TV on
    ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC
  *Lenovo Twist, a laptop with a full keyboard and mouse that twists to
    transform from a laptop to a tablet and also stands for presentations
  *Life 360, a leading mobile app for family safety that enables families to
    see where their loved ones are located, sends alerts when they need help
    and warns of potential threats around them
  *Mohu Leaf Ultimate, a TV antenna that features a high gain, low noise
    state-of-the-art pHEMT amplifier to increase signal range and improve the
    quality and reliability of over-the-air HDTV signals
  *Panasonic VT50 3D Smart Plasma HDTV, a state-of-the-art television with an
    Infinite Black Ultra panel, the VT50 is also a "smart" TV with powerful
    processing that smoothes out videos streamed from the Internet
  *Samsung Galaxy Camera, a breakthrough camera model, offering both Wi-Fi
    and cellular connectivity for smartphone-like photo uploading
  *Samsung Galaxy S III Android Smartphone, the first Android phone to offer
    the same model through all carriers
  *Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aids, the first mainstream hearing aid that is
    waterproof, dust proof and shock proof, and also includes Bluetooth to
    answer and conduct wireless conversations on your cellphone. It includes
    an FM receiver to receive your TV’s sound directly through the device when
    an optional transmitter is connected
  *Swivl iPhone Remote Camera Mount, a remote control that allows consumers
    to capture video with an iPhone from up to 30-feet away
  *Xbox 360 Video Console, the upgraded gaming system that adds streaming
    video and advanced workouts to its voice and gestured controlgame system

To create the “2012 Best Boomer Tech Products” list,’s
staff of seasoned technology experts and writers – who are boomers themselves
– tested thousands of new products and attended countless consumer electronic
shows over the course of the past year, both domestically and abroad.They
tested and compared numerous products in lifestyle situations as everyday
consumers would use them, evaluating which tech devices would enhancetheir
day-to-day activities and entertainment.

“Baby boomers have a unique relationship to technology — different from any
generation,” said Barb Gonzalez, Tech Expert, “They are
savvy consumers who expect technology to be safe, easy-to-use and flexible
enough to adapt to their individual needs.”

"Boomers are considerate and cautious adopters of new technology," said
Stewart Wolpin, Tech Expert, "They firstdecide if a
product or technology solves a particular problem or provides a necessary
benefit before leaping, thenrelyon hearing from experts on the best value
products available in the marketplace."

To access the complete “2012 Best Boomer Tech Products”
list feature with photos and more in-depth information about each of the
picks, please visit

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