Hybrids and Gas Heat Pumps: New Growth Engines for European Heat Pump Markets?

Hybrids and Gas Heat Pumps: New Growth Engines for European Heat Pump Markets?

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  EDINBURGH, December 13, 2012

EDINBURGH, December 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Heat pumps sales in Europe have flat-lined for the last few years. Two new
types of products - hybrid heat pumps (a fossil fuel boiler integrated with an
electric heat pump) and gas heat pumps - will open up the 'on-gas' market,
enabling heat pumps to compete with conventional gas boilers - a potentially
huge market with 8 million installations per year across Europe.

"Manufacturers are racing to bring out hybrid products - over 15 companies and
brands either have a product on the market or are working hard on product
development", said Lindsay Sugden, lead author of a new in-depth study into
this topic under the Delta-ee Heat Pump Innovation Monitor Service , "but
there are several different configurations and approaches to hybrids. Those
that get it right have an excellent chance of tapping into the huge gas boiler

Leading figures from the utility and heat pump industries agree. At Delta-ee's
recent invitation-only Heat Pump and Utilities Roundtable event held in
partnership with the European Heat Pump Association, more than half of
participants predicted that hybrid sales will exceed 100,000 units per year by
2020. Current sales, according to Delta-ee's study, number just over 10,000.

Expectations for future gas heat pump sales varied during discussion at the
Delta-ee Roundtable event. "It's a technology that's already selling to
households and commercial buildings in small numbers", according to Lukas
Bergmann, analyst at Delta-ee. "There are already a number of manufacturers,
and several other developers looking to join them." Most of the participants
expect to see sales between 10,000 to 100,000 and above in 2020. Forthcoming
Delta-ee research will explore the future potential for this technology in

Delta-ee also led discussions on 'smart' heat pumps and the energy supply
industries engagement with heat pumps at the Roundtable event.

For more information contact Dr Lindsay Sugden, Head of Heat Pump Research at
Delta-ee at lindsay.sugden@delta.ee.com .


1.Delta-ee ( http://www.delta-ee.com ) is a specialist decentralised energy
    research and consulting company. The Delta-ee Heat Pump Innovation Monitor
    provides insight and analysis to leading European utilities and heat pump
    manufacturers on the hot spots shaping market development across Europe,
    and what this means for key stakeholders.
2.The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) represents the majority of the
    European heat pump industry. Its members comprise of heat pump and
    component manufacturers, research institutes, universities, testing labs
    and energy agencies.
3.The 1 ^st Delta-ee Heat Pump and Utilities Roundtable, held in partnership
    with the European Heat Pump Association, was held on 28 ^th November in
    Dusseldorf. Participants included utilities EDF, GDF-Suez, E.ON, RWE,
    British Gas, Dansk Energi, EURELECTRIC; and heat pump manufacturers
    Vaillant, Danfoss, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Ariston Thermo, Nibe, Neura,
    Heliotherm and Fujitsu. The 2 ^nd Heat Pump and Utilities Roundtable will
    be held in 2013.
4.Hybrid heat pumps comprise a fossil fuel boiler together with an air
    source heat pump. Intelligent controls switch between boiler and heat pump
    operation to optimise performance and / or response to wider electricity
    system conditions. Price points and performance typically lie between a
    boiler and a pure heat pump. 
5.Gas heat pumps use thermal energy from gas combustion to drive a heat pump
    cycle, with air source gas heat pump using an outdoor unit to extract heat
    from the air in the same was as an electric heat pump.

Contact: Contact Information: Jan Hughes, Business Development Executive,
Delta-ee, Registered offices: Edinburgh, Scotland, Contact:
jan.hughes@delta-ee.com , +44-131-625-1011
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