ViroPharma Launches Novel Campaign to Illustrate the Emotional Burden of Hereditary Angioedema

   ViroPharma Launches Novel Campaign to Illustrate the Emotional Burden of
                            Hereditary Angioedema

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EXTON, Pa., Dec. 12, 2012

EXTON, Pa., Dec. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --ViroPharma Incorporated (NASDAQ:
VPHM) today announced the launch of a new unbranded campaign focusing on
moments lost to hereditary angioedema (HAE) attacks to raise awareness among
physicians of the emotional and psychological burden of HAE on patients'
lives. HAE is a rare, severely debilitating, life-threatening genetic disorder
caused by a deficiency of a human plasma protein called C1 inhibitor. People
living with HAE experience physical manifestations of attacks including,
swelling and pain, but much of the true burden lies in the emotional and
psychological implications for patients that greatly impact the quality of
their life. Visit to find out more about the
emotional burden of HAE.

HAE can have a tremendous impact on a patients' mental health, daily life, and
future plans. HAE attacks are highly variable and unpredictable, and many
people living with HAE experience multiple attacks per month. Many patients
struggle with fear of the next attack, causing a devastating psychological
impact including anxiety, depression, and isolation. Approximately 50 percent
of patients experience a laryngeal attack, and nearly all live in fear of
having such an attack.

"Through this campaign we hope to illustrate that HAE is not just an acute
clinical condition, but can also be an emotional and psychological burden to
patients," said Frank Nazzario, ViroPharma's associate director, marketing.
"HAE is a life altering disease that interferes with work, school, travel and
social life. ViroPharma created this campaign to give a voice to patients who
bear the emotional burden of HAE and to raise awareness of the moments that
are missed as a result of this disease." 

About Hereditary Angioedema (HAE)
HAE is a rare, severely debilitating, life-threatening genetic disorder caused
by a deficiency of C1 inhibitor, a human plasma protein. This condition is the
result of a defect in the gene controlling the synthesis of C1 inhibitor. C1
inhibitor maintains the natural regulation of the contact, complement, and
fibrinolytic systems, that when left unregulated, can initiate or perpetuate
an attack by consuming the already low levels of endogenous C1 inhibitor in
HAE patients. Patients with C1 inhibitor deficiency experience recurrent,
unpredictable, debilitating, and potentially life threatening attacks of
inflammation affecting the larynx, abdomen, face, extremities and urogenital
tract. Patients with HAE experience approximately 20 to 100 days of
incapacitation per year. There are estimated to be at least 6,500 people with
HAE inthe United Statesand at least 10,000 people in theEuropean Union.

For more information on HAE, visit the U.S. HAE Association's website
atwww.haea.organd the HAEi's (International Patient Organization for C1
Inhibitor Deficiencies) website

AboutViroPharma Incorporated
ViroPharma Incorporated is an international biopharmaceutical company
committed to developing and commercializing novel solutions for physician
specialists to address unmet medical needs of patients living with diseases
that have few if any clinical therapeutic options. ViroPharma is developing a
portfolio of therapeutics for rare and Orphan diseases including C1 esterase
inhibitor deficiency, Friedreich's Ataxia, and adrenal insufficiency,
cytomegalovirus (CMV); and recurrent C. difficile infection (CDI). Our goal
is to provide rewarding careers to employees, to create new standards of care
in the way serious diseases are treated, and to build international
partnerships with the patients, advocates, and health care professionals we
serve. ViroPharma's commercial products address diseases including hereditary
angioedema (HAE), seizures, adrenal insufficiency and C. difficile-associated
diarrhea (CDAD); for full U.S. prescribing information on our products, please
download the package inserts at; the
prescribing information for other countries can be found at

ViroPharma routinely posts information, including press releases, which may be
important to investors in the investor relations and media sections of our
company's web site, The company encourages investors to
consult these sections for more information on ViroPharma and our business.

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