OpenFeint Co-Founder Peter Relan Rallies for Mobile Developers:

OpenFeint Co-Founder Peter Relan Rallies for Mobile Developers:
Announces OpenKit, an Open Source Backend Services Platform, With
Data Portability Guarantee; GitHub Like Freemium Pricing 
OpenKit(TM) Will Be the First, Completely Open, Developer Friendly
Platform for Mobile App/Game Developers With Cloud-Based Services
Including Leaderboards, Achievements and More 
BURLINGAME, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 12/12/12 --  Peter Relan, founder
of social gaming incubator YouWeb, and pioneering seed investor
behind OpenFeint(TM), the first and de-facto social gaming network
for smartphones and tablets, announced today OpenKit(TM) the
industry's first completely open platform for backend services for
mobile developers, with a guarantee of "no lock-in of developer
With OpenKit(TM), developers will use an open source toolkit on iOS
and Android to plug into backend services critical to apps in the
post-PC era: common services for all types of apps, including a
universal account authorization service and a cloud storage service,
plus app-specific services such as leaderboards/achievements for game
Unlike OpenFeint(TM), OpenKit(TM) is not intended to be a user
network: developers can take their user data and OpenKit(TM) source
code and host their own backend service. OpenKit(TM) will provide a
universal authorization service for any user network including
Facebook, Game Center, Twitter, Google+, GREE, etc. 
Open Forever: No Walled Gardens
 "With mobile developers facing
extreme uncertainty over what happens to their data and their users
when a developer platform like OpenFeint(TM) gets acquired, or TOS
change ala Twitter(TM), there is only one path forward: open it all
up and run it in the cloud," said Relan. "Data is as important to
developers as their code: how would developers feel if they could
never get their code off GitHub?" 
"We need an open source, open data cloud service for developers where
the terms are clearly articulated as: If you ever want to move off
the OpenKit(TM) cloud service, you can take OpenKit(TM) source code
and you can take your user data with you whenever YOU choose. If
developers choose to host the service as a convenience to them, there
will be a freemium pricing model available." 
Crack Team Ready to Del
iver by January 2013
 OpenKit(TM) will be
available as early as January 2013 assuming a large number of
developers sign up to support the launch of the platform, with
signups open at starting today.  
Relan says he was approached by a start-up team of "crack indie
developers" a month ago with the idea, and the team is already
working to develop OpenKit(TM) V1.0, and if a sufficient number of
developers sign up in the first week after this announcement, the
team will work 20 hours a day to double down and provide the toolkit:
an open source license and a cloud-based service, as early as end
January 2013. 
Launch Day Product Features: 

--  OpenKit(TM) Source Code including Client Libraries and a Server API
--  OpenKit(TM) Cloud Service dashboard for developers
--  Authorization service for Game Center, GREE, Facebook, Twitter,
    Google+ user credentials, and others as requested
--  Gaming Services including Leaderboards and Achievements for iOS and
    Android, and Game Center integration on iOS
--  Data Export Utility for developer to download their user data
--  Instructions for how to host your own backend services on any cloud

Benefits Even for iOS Developers Using Game Center
 Android developers
have no de-facto choice today, so the benefits of OpenKit(TM) will be
evident. Even though developers on iOS have the choice of using Game
Center, it will be beneficial to use OpenKit(TM) on iOS because of
the extensibility and data portability of OpenKit(TM). Developers
will be able to add many more features by leveraging the Game Center
compatibility architecture of OpenKit(TM).  
For All Apps not Just Games: Differences from OpenFeint(TM)
 "This is
not a statement on GREE's decision to transition OpenFeint(TM)
developers to the GREE platform. They have announced a focus on a
publishing model, so a platform API becomes less critical in such a
model. This initiative is about the overall sentiment in 2012
regarding developer API's like Twitter, Facebook, OpenFeint(TM), and
the desire developers have to control their own destiny," said Relan.
"I love the work I did with Jason Citron and Danielle Cassley to
create OpenFeint(TM), and now we have another incredible team ready
to build this open platform. First of all, OpenKit(TM) is for all
mobile apps, not just games. Secondly, we recognize that we will have
to make our TOS different. Times have changed," said Relan. 
"An open source, open data option like OpenKit(TM) could be a welcome
solution in an era where developers, including myself, are wary of
using third party services for fear support could be discontinued,"
said Danielle Cassley, who co-founded OpenFeint(TM) with Jason Citron
and Relan, and recently launched her own game Avengees. "Such a
solution would ease concerns while sparing developers the time and
effort required to build their own proprietary solution." 
Like GitHub, pricing will be based on a freemium model, with basic
services offered for free, and tiers of services for a monthly
subscription fee. Even developers who use the OpenKit(TM) service for
no charge will be able to extract their data and move off the
OpenKit(TM) platform and host their own backend. 
Developers interested in the new service can register their interest
at and also indicate a priority for which developer
services should be built and open sourced first.  
About OpenKit(TM)
 OpenKit(TM) is backed by Peter Relan, founder of
YouWeb Incubator (, co-founder and seed investor of
OpenFeint(TM), the pioneering social gaming network for the
smartphone. OpenKit's(TM) open architecture give developers the
backend services they need to prosper in the Post-PC era without
developer lock-in. To sign up for OpenKit(TM) and learn more about
how OpenKit(TM) empowers app developers please contact us at 
Trademark Acknowledgements
 OpenFeint is a registered trademark of
GREE, Inc. Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter, Inc. GitHub
is a registered trademark of GitHub.  
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