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RYE BROOK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 12/11/12 --  ImageWare Systems
(OTCQB: IWSY), Wave Systems (NASDAQ: WAVX) 
 Mrs. Ulrica
de-Fort Menares, Director of Product Management for Cisco Medianet,
told us, "An intelligent network must become more application-savvy.
It must have the ability to determine the importance of a session
based on its business value, and treat the session accordingly, end
to end. One of the key medianet characteristics is its ability to
become media-aware. Imagine this: The network can discover the type
of endpoint and automatically configure the switch port for that type
of device. This ability to plug and play any endpoint in the network
is an example of tight integration between an intelligent network and
an endpoint." 
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Videx, Inc., announced a new version of the CyberKey Vault 20, the
CyberKey Vault 20 FX. The redesign features a sleek new look with
weatherized input modules and an embedded Flex System Hub for
improved performance, all offered at a new, lower price.  
"The CyberKey Vault 20 FX is our most advanced key control cabinet
( yet," said James McGowan,
VP of Sales and Marketing at Videx. "We built on the award winning
original design and added extra durability and speed to meet the
needs of today's demanding end-users. We believe it will surpass
market expectations." 
The Vault 20 FX is an intelligent key cabinet designed to manage,
program, and dispense CyberKey smart keys. The keys are stored
unprogrammed and locked securely in the cabinet until an RFID card
and/or PIN code is presented to the cabinet. After reading the card
and/or accepting the PIN, the CyberKey Vault programs a CyberKey with
the individual's permissions. Keys are programmed with access
privileges for each user, detailing which electronic locks
( it can open and when.
An audit recor
d of all events is stored in both the locks and the
keys. Each time a key is used at a lock, a record of the lock ID,
date, and time is stored in the key, and a record of the key ID,
date, and time is stored in the lock. 
CyberKeys feature a unique electronic ID, preventing duplication.
Although two keys can be programmed alike, each one leaves its own
unique record within the system. When the key is returned to the
Vault, the Vault downloads the key's audit trail, removes its
permissions, and begins charging the key. 
Videx offers three robust smart key vaults: CyberKey Vault 1,
CyberKey Vault 20 FX, and CyberKey Vault WR. To learn more about the
CyberLock line of access control
( products, please visit
our website at  
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Marketing, Videx:  
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Dove Net Technologies  
Mr. Tony Nasca, Dove Net Technologies, said, "The Project System is
the Complete Business Computer System for Contractors and
Integrators. Companies that install: sound systems, nurse call
systems, fire alarm systems, computer cabling, burglar systems, cctv,
video systems, and systems contracting in general. Other companies
that are using Project include Video Wholesale Distributors, Audio
Visual Specialists, Video & Film Duplicators, Telephone System
Specialists, and more". The major benefit that The Project System
brings to the table is the that The Project System has been written
in such a way that the software understands the business needs of
these different industries and provide tools and feature sets to aid
the contractor in running his business better. The most important
aspect of The Project System is that The Project System provides a
process flow to organize the company so that there is a standard
process for quotes using Dove Net supplied Manufacturers Price Lists.
You can also import your own price lists into The Project System." 
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ImageWare Systems 
ImageWare Systems recently announced, "In addition to product
development, ImageWare has been preparing for a major international
deployment as the exclusive provider of biometric identity management
for a prime contractor installing cargo scanning security at the
Republic of Ecuador's major seaports. The initial deployment is
currently scheduled to begin in the early part of 2013 at the Port of
Guayaquil, the country's main seaport that handles a majority of its
imports and exports. ImageWare expects to receive a fee for every
port worker receiving credentials, as well as an annual management
and maintenance fee, based on a percentage of the initial
credentialing cost per worker. Depending upon the number of
enrollees, the company expects the contract value to exceed $3.0
million over its seven year term. 
"The high-end biometric secure credentialing solution we are
providing for Ecuador is the same technology being deployed for the
Los Angeles World Airports, which we announced earlier this year,"
noted Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO. "In fact, we can easily replicate
this platform for virtually any port system that needs transportation
worker identification cards in order to comply with the SAFE Port
Act. Not only are our solutions easily deployable, for ImageWare they
generally represent gross margins above 70% as well as a recurring
revenue stream. Our unique patented technology has the potential to
provide us strong, steady revenue growth, along with excellent
forward-looking visibility." 
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Chairman and CEO: 
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Keyscan Access Control Systems 
Keyscan Access Control Systems recently announced that its' next
generation communication module, the CIM (Communications Interlink
Module), is now available. 
The Keyscan CIM is a new communication control module designed to use
a CAN Bus communication network to provide optimized server to Access
Control Unit (ACU) communication as well as give users an all new ACU
to ACU network permitting inter-panel communication for global
functions including anti-passback, global input/output and global
time zones.  
"The Keyscan CIM is just another example of Keyscan Access Control
Systems' commitment to innovation and quality. It is the new
communication standard for Keyscan and opens up a host of new
features as well as enhancements especially for global
communication," says Steve Dentinger, Keyscan Director of Sales and
The Keyscan CIM utilizes a Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus
infrastructure to establish a communication network among multiple
ACUs as well ACUs and a host server. The capabilities of CAN already
surpass those of other serial communication technologies. But,
Keyscan didn't stop there. 
Keyscan CIM combines the robust CAN Bus protocol with a hardware
interface that is superior to the standard commercial-grade CAN Bus.
It is a fully isolated CAN Bus using high speed digital isolation
devices that separates ground reference of the CIM and ACU from the
ground reference of the CAN Bus transceiver. This reduces problems
found when there is a difference in ground potential between units.
This is often observed in multi-building installations or in poor
grounding conditions. 
This isolation further protects the CIM, and connected ACU, from
lightning strikes or electrical surges reducing the occurrence of
module failure. It also ensures a single unpowered CIM cannot
adversely affect the data of the CAN Bus. 
A common-mode filtering at the CAN Bus transceiver reduces ground
referenced noise from the CAN Bus which improves signal quality
reducing bit errors and bus faults. DC biased termination resistors
provide the necessary termination of the CAN Bus cabling but also
ensure the full potential of the CAN Bus signal is utilized. In
addition to providing server to ACU and global inter-panel
communication, the Keyscan CIM also includes impressive new features
including ground loop protection, enhanced device-based diagnostic
capabilities, improved speed and unprecedented reliability.  
"The Keyscan CIM offers new features, enhancements and possibilities,
especially when it comes to global communications," Dentinger
"It changes the dynamics of Keyscan ACU to ACU and ACU to server
communication and forms a new foundation for global communication.
And, once again, demonstrates how Keyscan offers access control
systems without limits; and innovation without boundaries."  
We invite you to learn more about the new Communication Interlink
Module and our family of access control units. Click here to visit
our website 
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of Sales and Marketing: 
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Keep Your IP recently announced their cooperation with global
standards provider, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) in an attempt to
expand the scope of several of their standards and categories wherein
the Keep Your IP line of IP forwarding services can become certified. 
At present, UL's Certification of Alarm Services is specific to
protected properties and has some limits. These limits include the
aspects of the telecommunications infrastructure within the service.
UL Alarm Service Certificates currently specify that their
Certificates do not apply to the communications channel between the
protected property and any facility that monitors signals from the
protected property. 
Keep Your IP's service, and its supporting hardware, lie in the
communications channel between protected property and the monitoring
facility which presently puts it outside the scope of UL's
Davin Roos, President of KYI, Inc., says, "We are very excited to
assist UL in establishing a category that will address new
technological advancements on communications within the alarm
"Today's technology makes it possible for innovators to deliver an
amazing array of new and beneficial services. Helping organizations
bring those services into the market in a way that preserves the
integrity of the public's security is a big part of UL's mission."
stated Steve Schmit, Engineering Manager at UL LLC out of Northbrook,
IL. "We look forward to working with Keep Your IP and the entire
industry on Certification solutions that bring trust and confidence
to all stakeholders." 
UL has confirmed that an alarm company's use of the Keep Your IP
service would not impact their Listing or Certification status in any
To that end, UL has communicated their desire to better accommodate
the rapidly changing communications infrastructure and hope to have
an offering that fits the Keep Your IP product in the not too distant
future, possibly as early as the first quarter of 2013.  
Keep Your IP also recently announced a major reseller agreement with
COPS Monitoring, one of the country's largest wholesale monitoring
KYI, Inc. and COPS Monitoring have signed an agreement wherein COPS
will offer the complete lineup of Keep Your IP services to their
approximately 3,500 dealers.  
Keep Your IP is considered the industry's first and only internet
IPv4 forwarding service designed exclusively for the alarm industry.
Keep Your IP services will be both a tool to increase value for the
alarm dealer by giving them better control over of their accounts as
well as critical IP disaster recovery support service for the Central
Davin Roos, president of KYI, Inc., says, "By providing alarm
professionals with their own secure IPv4 numbered address, they get
the peace of mind of knowing that as their business grows and merges
into the new internet IP based world, they will be able to direct
that growth as they desire." 
"COPS Monitoring continually searches for ways to offer leading-edge
services to help our dealers prosper," added Jim McMullen, President
and COO of COPS Monitoring. "We are proud to offer Keep Your IP's
services and we're confident that our dealers will see the advantages
of having the flexibility and assurances they can offer." 
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Mr. Thomas Carnevale, President and CEO, Sentry360, told us, "2012
brought several exciting flagship projects and record deployments for
Oil and Gas, transportation & retail markets. All of Sentry360's
cameras are securing JFK Airport Terminal 1. After an extensive
product evaluation cycle by the end-user sentry360 were selected over
the competition.  
"In the retail space Sentry360 was selected as the megapixel camera
of choice for Microsoft's Retail division. Sentry360 products were
also chosen to secure several hundred natural gas fueling centers
reducing their camera counts and improving while delivering forensic
detail of license plates upon entrance and exits with our InSight(TM)
5 megapixel cameras and 360-degree coverage with our FullSight(TM)
Omni-directional cameras." 
For the complete interview with Mr. Thomas Carnevale, President and
CEO, Sentry360:
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 Sentry360 Blog:  
Sentry360 Partner Portal: Calculate Field-of-View, Image Quality &
Storage/Bandwith along with tutorial and training videos we believe
our portal is one of the most uniqe feature rich design tools for IP
Video on the market and it's Free.  
Sentry360 2012 Product Catalog:  
Demonstration Videos:  
eSignSystems, a division of Wave Systems Corp., recently announced
that CoreLogic(R) has launched AuthoSign(TM), a comprehensive
electronic document management and signing capability built upon
eSignSystems technology. AuthoSign is a custom deployment of
eSignSystems' SmartSAFE electronic signing and management software
that has been integrated directly into IntelliMods(TM), a complete
loan modification decisioning solution from CoreLogic. CoreLogic is a
leader in providing comprehensive data, analytics and services to
financial services and real estate professionals.  
CoreLogic provides tremendous time and cost savings through its
automated and customizable loan modification decisioning and delivery
solution. IntelliMods from CoreLogic can upload a single loan or an
entire loan portfolio within minutes to qualify loan modifications,
output documents, and send them to the borrower. This presents
significant cost savings for the mortgage banking industry, which has
completed more than 5.82 million permanent loan modifications since
2007 as reported by HOPE NOW. 
The AuthoSign integration with IntelliMods shortens the loan
modification process by several days, and even weeks, for significant
time and cost savings over traditional paper-based loan modification
decisioning systems. Additionally, AuthoSign tracks and creates
action alerts for each individual participating in the mortgage
process and hosts the entire signing ceremony online. Every
transaction is logged for retrieval by IntelliMods, ensuring
comprehensive tracking of every user and signer's activity within
AuthoSign. Additionally, management of the entire process is even
easier with the detailed tracking, compliance and alerts. This
simplifies and speeds up the loan modification process, and keeps all
stakeholders informed on the status of the loan modification
decisioning and signings. 
"CoreLogic is committed to increasing quality and reducing cost and
turnaround time for our clients," said Sapan Bafna, Senior Director
at CoreLogic. "By including the eSignSystems' technology as part of
CoreLogic IntelliMods, we can offer our customers an easy to use and
secure electronic SigningRoom. Plus, AuthoSign tracks electronic
documents throughout their lifecycle, and creates an enforceable,
legally-binding electronic record." 
Maintaining an electronically signed record is essential to the
integrity of a legally binding transaction. With AuthoSign, all
records are verified and authenticated from eDelivery through
eSignature and eRetention. This ensures that the access or signing
credential (i.e., digital certificate, username or password) is
verified and that the records remain free from tampering.
Additionally, AuthoSign continuously updates the status of the loan
modification's execution for real-time reporting.  
AuthoSign also supports signer access to electronically signed
documents as required by the ESIGN act. To meet the ESIGN act's legal
and compliance requirements, users may access and print certified
copies, while the actual archived, eSigned document is left
untouched. Authorized individuals can manage, search, transfer and
share electronic files, signed or unsigned, via the Web. All records
are available to all interested parties in a secure and compliant
"With the Treasury Department requiring a Single Point of Contact for
all loan modifications, AuthoSign provides IntelliMods with a secure
and compliant tool to manage, track and execute every aspect of the
loan modification process, with audit trails from the beginning to
the end of the transaction," said Kelly Purcell, EVP of eSignSystems.
"CoreLogic even broke new ground as the first integrator to utilize a
powerful new PDF text tagging feature of the SigningRoom, which
expands their customers' ability to effectively identify and sign
within PDF documents." 
By integrating eSignSystems SmartSAFE technology into the IntelliMods
loan modification decisioning solution, CoreLogic is providing better
security and privacy for all parties involved in the transaction. In
addition, traditional document transportation and storage costs are
reduced dramatically, and the cycle time of loan modification is
reduced by days or even weeks. 
Wave Systems also recently announced that Scrambls for Enterprise
( was launched, giving organizations a means for
their employees to safely collaborate over social media sites like
Twitter(R) ( and Facebook (, and
share files with cloud services like Dropbox(TM) (
and ( Scrambls protects data
that is often overlooked in corporate security initiatives --
information shared online via social media, files stored in the cloud
and data in motion. 
Employees are free to leverage existing social media infrastructures
to enter status updates, Tweets, blog posts, files and more, without
jeopardizing security or privacy. Scrambls for Enterprise encrypts
data before it ever leaves a user's computer or smartphone. Posts and
files can only be viewed by those the enterprise grants permission to
-- everyone else sees scrambled text. 
"Social media and cloud services are expanding the way business is
done, but enterprises need greater control of the information they
share across the public web," commented Steven Sprague, scrambls
co-creator and CEO of Wave Systems. "These services are often
self-discovered by employees who use them to share critical
information. Enterprises need to take responsibility for this new
flow of data, and scrambls provides the privacy, security and audit
controls similar to what you'd see with corporate email accounts." 
The power of scrambls lies in the permissions granted to group
members. To read a post or descramble a file, the service
automatically applies the permission to make it readable again for
only those individuals granted access. Business administrators set
the policy and manage the groups. Add or remove people from the
groups at any time to change who can read messages and files, even
after they've been published on the web. 
"Scrambls can open up new business opportunities with use cases for
every type of vertical market," continued Sprague. "In healthcare, a
private and protected channel for communication leads to better care
and ser
vice. It's easy for doctors, social workers and caregivers to
have sensitive discussions about the care of a family member in real
time using popular tools like Twitter or Facebook. Those
conversations remain private with scrambls." 
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For our exclusive interview with Mr. Steven Sprague, CEO and
President of Wave Systems: 
See Wave's "White Paper" Network Security: How to Defend an
Infinitely Expanding Frontier:  
For more information: (NASDAQ: WAVX) 
PSA Security Network 
Mr. Bill Bozeman, CPP, CHS, President/CEO, PSA Security Network,
said, "PSA Security Network's Business Solutions
( is a suite of value-added products,
services and programs that help security professionals be more
competitive in the marketplace. Each month, PSA President and CEO
Bill Bozeman ( discusses a Business
Solution in detail. This month we'll be focusing on Security Dealer
Marketing ( What is Security Dealer Marketing's main
 Bill Bozeman: Security Dealer Marketing (SDM) focuses on
creating brand awareness for and educating dealers and manufacturers
on how marketing tools work, from collateral production to strategy
deployment, to generate more recurring monthly revenue. They focus on
generating results and creating services that work specifically for
the security community. What types of managed services are included
with Security Dealer Marketing?
 Bill Bozeman: They can help with any
marketing questions or needs, from traditional design/print services
to targeted online campaigns to comprehensive marketing strategy
overhaul or development. Security Dealer Marketing works with many
types of semi-custom website development packages, including Search
Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Google Analytics
services. They also offer marketing support for point of sale
materials, logo design or redesign, email marketing, social media
campaigns and press releases. How can Security Dealer Marketing help
companies better their business? 
 Bill Bozeman: Security Dealer
Marketing can handle the logistics and details of your marketing
programs, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. With
years of expertise in security marketing, they eliminate the guess
work. SDM has spent the last 15 years working with numerous large
domestic brands, and they will that experience and use it to guide
your company to get greater return on investment. They work with a
number of PSA integrators and partners and we've been pleased with
the partnership, service and results. Where do I go to find more information or to
start using Business Solutions?
 Bill Bozeman: To learn more about
Security Dealer Marketing
( or any of the PSA
Business Solutions programs, schedule a webinar demonstration, or get
signed up, simply visit, call 303-450-3461,
or email Additionally, all of PSA's
trusted providers of Business Solutions will be at PSA-TEC 2013
(, exhibiting on Wednesday,
May 8, 2013. For the most up-to-date information on this event, visit 
Security Industry Association  
The Security Industry Association (SIA) Government Summit is an
annual event that brings together government and industry leaders in
the area of physical and electronic security. Attendees will enjoy an
insightful, intimate environment where they can meet, speak with and
network among our nation's leading policy makers, end-users and other
relevant decision makers. Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and
best-selling author Bob Woodward will be the keynote speaker at this
year's Government Summit, which will be held June 4-5, 2013. Those
who register by Dec. 31, 2012 can save 50% off their registration
fee; visit the SIA website to register today!
Imperial Capital Security Investor Conference
 The Waldorf Astoria 
301 Park Avenue New York, NY 10022
 December 12-13, 2012 
The Imperial Capital Security Investor Conference has grown to become
the sector's premier annual event. Whether your firm specializes in
cutting edge technology or traditional security systems, you will get
a first-hand look at state-of-the-art solutions in the Enterprise,
Residential and Homeland Security markets. Our 2012 Keynote Speaker
Richard A. Clarke served in the Reagan, Clinton and both Bush
administrations, was Special Advisor to the President on Cyber
Security, a US counter-terrorism czar, and is the author of Cyber
You will hear from more than 60 leading Security companies -- the
companies setting industry trends by leading innovation and
delivering exceptional products & services and economic resilience.
Gain a crucial edge in your market by learning how the Security
industry is evolving into a critically integrated component of the
business process.  

--  Access management teams driving the latest offerings tailored to the
    market's changing needs.
--  Learn first-hand which companies will impact your business now and in
    the future.
--  Hear how leading providers are responding to the current political and
    financial environment.
--  Keep pace with strategic dynamics in the related M&A and Finance

Scheduled speakers include:
 Jane Holl Lute, United States Deputy
Secretary of Homeland Security 
Richard Alan Clarke, Former National Coordinator for Security,
Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism for the United
Robert J. Carey, Principal deputy Chief Information Officer, United
States Department of Defense 
Mark Weatherford (Invited), Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity,
National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) 
Bradley N. Rotter, Executive Chairman, AirPatrol Corporation 
Adrian Turner, Founder & CEO, Mocana 
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