Canadian TV Production Community and Fans Pay Tribute to FLASHPOINT as CTV Prepares for Final Send-Off, December 13

Canadian TV Production Community and Fans Pay Tribute to FLASHPOINT as CTV 
Prepares for Final Send-Off, December 13 
- Producers from SAVING HOPE, ROOKIE BLUE, BOMB GIRLS, and others comment on 
series' contribution to the Canadian television industry in advance of 
FLASHPOINT's series finale this Thursday - 
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TORONTO, Dec. 11, 2012 /CNW/ - As CTV says thanks to FLASHPOINT for an 
incredible thrill ride, the Canadian television production community pays 
tribute to the trailblazing series. In addition, fans across the country are 
preparing their final farewell before Team One signs off one last time during 
FLASHPOINT's series finale this Thursday, Dec. 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV 
(visit to confirm local broadcast times). 
From the Canadian TV production community: 
Tassie Cameron, Executive Producer, ROOKIE BLUE
"FLASHPOINT opened the door for a new era of Canadian television: smart, 
polished, emotional storytelling that not only attracted Canadian viewers, but 
crossed borders. It looked great, it sounded great - and it raised the bar for 
everyone working in Canadian television today. " 
Janis Lundman and Adrienne Mitchell, Back Alley Film Production Ltd., BOMB 
"FLASHPOINT has become the definition of high-adrenaline episodic television 
that proudly shows its Canadian roots and is proof positive that Canadian 
viewers will strongly embrace home grown hits." 
Tom Cox, Managing Partner, SEVEN24 Films, HEARTLAND
"FLASHPOINT was not just a critical and ratings success, it was a game changer 
for Canadian dramatic series, opening a crucial door to the U.S. for other 
Canadian series. That door remains open, more widely now than ever before. The 
Canadian television industry owes FLASHPOINT a huge debt of gratitude." 
David Wellington, Executive Producer, SAVING HOPE and ROOKIE BLUE 
"FLASHPOINT raised the bar for the entire country. The production community 
realized that, despite our more modest budgets, a Canadian show could thrive 
on both sides of the border. Every single domestic show that's had success 
internationally owes FLASHPOINT a debt. And they went out a winner. Way to go, 
Ilana Frank, Executive Producer, SAVING HOPE and ROOKIE BLUE 
"FLASHPOINT set a new standard for Canadian television. It proved that we can 
and do compete with network shows in any country. FLASHPOINT gave every 
production the challenge of achieving world class standards and as a result 
elevated the overall quality of Canadian television." 
Louise Clark, Executive Producer, MOTIVE
"Stephanie, Mark and ultimately FLASHPOINT emerged after much simmering in 
CTV's talent driven writers program. The wonderful success of the series 
continued to attract, expose, and break Canadian talent on every possible 
front and we will all reap those benefits for years to come." 
Tecca Crosby, SVP Creative Affairs, eOne
"FLASHPOINT is nothing short of a miracle. It's a powerful story conceived and 
executed by untried writers that attracted the best Canadian talent to 
transform those pages into a letter perfect piece of television. FLASHPOINT 
continued that way throughout its 75 episodes, muscling its way tomake a 
place for Canadian television makers on the world stage. Maybe it's not so 
much a miracle as a miraculous testament to the fierceness and tenacity of 
creative will." 
Michael MacLennan, Executive Producer, BOMB GIRLS
FLASHPOINT was a revelation to this country. It showed audiences that Canadian 
television could handily produce the best show in its timeslot, if not the 
whole schedule — and it showed Canadian televisionmakers that if weaim 
high and spend boldly, we can craft a series that captures the 
world'sattention. Thanks toFLASHPOINT, audiences have come to expect more 
from their country's television shows... and producers have found the audacity 
to think big." 
Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier, Co-Presidents, Temple Street Productions / 
Executive Producers, BEING ERICA
"FLASHPOINT has been transformative for the Canadian television industry.The 
series validated a new co-funding model between Canadian and U.S. networks 
that continues to gain traction and has helped make Canadian-made series more 
relevant in the U.S. (the most important English language market in the 
world). It has also reminded international markets that Canadian producers can 
make first-class dramas that can be sold around the world alongside the best 
series coming out of the United States and the U.K.But perhaps most 
importantly, FLASHPOINT's success has helped reinvigorate Canadian 
broadcasters and producers, starting a period of renewed growth and domestic 
and international relevance for Canadian-produced television.Congratulations 
to Bill Mustos, Anne Marie La Traverse, Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern, all 
the cast and crew, and everyone at CTV from all of us here at Temple Street 
Productions on five incredible seasons." 
Michael Souther, Executive Producer, Amaze, CALL ME FITZ
"The success of FLASHPOINT in the U.S. and international markets helped 
re-ignite a confidence in Canadian programming that has benefitted the whole 
Julia Keatley, President, Keatley Entertainment, COLD SQUAD
"The astonishing success of all the talented people behind FLASHPOINT in the 
nurturing of creative talent, winning countless awards, and killer ratings is 
a milestone that the entire Canadian production community celebrates. Bravo!" 
Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, Canada Media Fund
"After five years of compelling stories filled with emotion and action, an 
immense success with millions of Canadian and international audiences alike, 
more than 51 Gemini nominations and 11 Gemini awards, it is clear that 
FLASHPOINT, and the talent behind the show, has contributed immensely to 
positioning Canada as a creative television force. Entertaining audiences for 
five years is no easy task. You have done the country proud and the Canada 
Media Fund was delighted to play a role in your success." 
Last month, invited viewers to share their reflections on what the 
series has meant to them. Since then, hundreds of messages have poured in from 
across Canada, the United States, and around the world, including the 
Teresa Kim Nguyen, Ottawa, Ontario
"This show makes me so proud to be Canadian and I'm going to miss it dearly." 
Sarah Moore, Ajax, Ontario
"You'll be truly missed and it hurts to see such an amazing journey come to an 
end, but please know that the feeling of loss only symbolizes how you've 
touched our minds and hearts each week. Thank you." 
Allison Mo, Thornhill, Ontario
"Thank you for leaving me and the fans with a better understanding of the men 
and women who serve us and put so much of themselves on the line for us, 
physically and emotionally." 
Danielle Palmer, Colorado Springs, Colorado
"FLASHPOINT really demonstrates many different aspects of life scenarios when 
we are faced with difficult situations. The bottom line is that life happens 
and when situations arise we need to face those no matter what. FLASHPOINT has 
demonstrated how we can deal with these situations and learn to balance life." 
Anita McAllister, Queensland, Australia
"As a military member, we live in a life similar to Team One.We have to be 
ready in a moment's notice and make a sacrifice to leave our families behind 
because duty calls… Thank you for making a show that not only shows how hard 
and emotional it is to be on the force but that they are also humans with 
families and loved ones. The show is brilliant andI will miss watching it 
every week. Enormous pats on the back to everyone involved and good luck with 
all your future works." 
CTV says farewell to FLASHPOINT: 
On Thursday, the entire cast of FLASHPOINT will be in Toronto to say goodbye 
to adoring fans that have welcomed them into their homes for the past five 
seasons. Here is what CTV has in store for this Thursday, Dec. 13: 
CANADA AM - 8:30 a.m. ET Hugh Dillon, Enrico Colantoni, Amy Jo Johnson, David 
Paetkau, and Sergio Di Zio visit CANADA AM to look back at five spectacular 
seasons of the ground-breaking series and preview the final episode in a 
special 30-minute segment in front of a live studio audience. 
THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW - 10 a.m. ET Hugh Dillon, Enrico Colantoni and Sergio 
Di Zio join Marilyn to chat about the gripping and emotional series finale. 
ETALK's Ben Mulroney sits down with the series' stars Hugh Dillon, Enrico 
Colantoni, Amy Jo Johnson, David Paetkau, and Sergio Di Zio on their last day 
on set together as a group. Shot on set at "SRU Headquarters", the cast 
reflect on the past five seasons, their most memorable moments, what 
FLASHPOINT means to them, and more in the poignant 30-minute CTV special. 
FLASHPOINT Series Finale Screening - 7 p.m. ET at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, 
CTV hosts the ultimate FLASHPOINT series finale screening experience at the 
TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto. Fans selected earlier this week by random draw 
will watch the final two episodes hours before the live broadcast, followed by 
a special Q & A session with the cast and the producers. The screening will be 
preceded by red carpet cast arrival at 5:30 p.m. ET. 
FLASHPOINT - 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV 
In the sensational, not-to-be-missed series finale, "Keep the Peace," it's all 
hands on deck as Team One joins forces with firefighters, paramedics, and the 
military to contain a threat that's gone amiss. As Jules (Amy Jo Johnson) and 
Parker (Enrico Colantoni) learn the true dark origins of the bomber, they 
realize this is not a man that can be talked down. In the Team's final 
showdown, tragedy and triumph collide as peace is kept at a painful cost. 
Twitter: @CTV_PR @CTV_Television @FlashpointTeam1 @Flashpoint_TV (co-creator's 
Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern's popular feed) 
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