Reveals the Ups & Downs of Dating Behavior of 2012 & How Celebrity Relationships Compare to U.S. Singles Reveals the Ups & Downs of Dating Behavior of 2012 & How Celebrity
                    Relationships Compare to U.S. Singles

Hopeful Hearts: 64% of Singles' New Year's Resolution is Finding Love in 2013

Nearly 1/3 of Younger Singles Have Reunited with an Ex More Than Three Times

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DALLAS, Dec. 10, 2012

DALLAS, Dec. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --The dating world has proven to be a
whirlwind for singles this year – for celebrities and everyday people alike.
In an attempt to make better sense of it all,, the world's largest
dating website, compiled the most compelling trends and statistics tied to the
biggest highs and lows of relationships this year. For starters, 64%* of
singles reported that their top New Year's resolution will be to find new love
in 2013, and nearly 1/3 of younger singles reported reconnecting with the same
ex over three times – Bieber and Gomez are on track to beat the odds!

So what's really behind these wild dating trends, and what's the best medicine
for bouncing back and adjusting to singledom post-split?New data unveiled
from's 2012 "Singles In America" study, the largest and most
comprehensive study ever conducted on U.S. singles, showed that age and gender
play a major role in the recovery experience, with men taking substantially
less time to bounce back than women.

To further showcase these trends, took a look back at this year's
top 12 most notable Hollywood dating moments to see how they stacked up
against the study's most prominent statistics. Were Johnny Depp and Peter
Facinelli's fast moves to re-partner post-break really that shocking? Or is
this behavior in line with the recovery process of most U.S. males? Find out
below from's "Singles in America" data highlights, paired with
celebrity analysis, of the top celebrity shake-ups of 2012:

1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes      7. Taylor Swift and
                                                      Conor Kennedy
2. Heidi Klum and Seal                           8. Will Arnett and Amy
3. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis          9. Joe Simpson and
                                                      Tina Simpson
4. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart          10. Shia LaBeouf and
                                                      Mia Goth
5. Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth      11. Justin Bieber and
                                                      Selena Gomez
6. Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana        12. Danny DeVito and
                                                      Rhea Perlman

Top Deal-Breakers for Singles: Cheating was cited as the top factor leading to
singles' most recent breakup (17%), an issue K-Pat are all too familiar with
following Kristen Stewart's recent tryst with director Rupert Sanders.

How Singles Bounce Back: While talking to friends/family is the most popular
move post-breakup overall (41%), men are more likely to go out for a drink
(24%) or immerse themselves in hobbies (20%). Women are more likely to mourn
their breakup with food (22%) or by holing up and watching TV (22%).

Recovery by the Ages:

  o20s: Singles in their 20s are more likely to work out (20%), talk to their
    friends (56%), or go out for a drink (32%).
  o30s: Katie Holmes' recent focus on her career is not unusual after a
    breakup at all, as the study found singles in their 30s are more likely to
    immerse themselves in work (25%) after a split.
  o40s and 50s:Singles in this age range are less likely to hit the gym for
    solace (7%), and more likely instead to call friends/family  (39%) for
    support or seek escape by watching TV (20%).

Recovery Time: 37% of men take a month or less to get over a breakup (55%
bounce back in three months or less), a behavior that Johnny Depp displayed
after immediately jumping into a new relationship with Amber Heard after his
split with former girlfriend of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis. On the opposite
side of the spectrum, 32% of women take a year or more to recover, with 1/5 of
those surveyed reporting it took 2+ years to move on.

  oTake a Note from Taylor Swift:Singles in their 20s take less time to get
    over a breakup, with 62% reporting it took them less than three months to
    move on. On the flip side, the study showed that older singles in their
    50s-60s lament longer, with 30% taking over a year to rebound right.

Can We Still Be Friends? Men are more likely to remain friends post-breakup
(28%), while women are more likely to cut off all communication (41%) with
their ex-partner.

  oRemaining Friends is Easier with Age: Singles in their 60s are most likely
    to remain friends, as demonstrated by Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman's
    cordialpost-split relationship. Meanwhile, younger singles prefer to have
    limited communication via email and phone post-breakup.

Reconciling With The Ex: 50% of women and 43% of men have reconciled with an
ex-partner. And the top reason for getting back together? Men are more likely
to try again because they miss her, while women are more likely to give it a
second chance because they're still in love.

  o27% of Younger Singles have Taken Back the Same Partner Over Three Times:
    Overall, younger singles are more likely to get back with an ex than older
    singles, since 27% of respondents in their 20s reporting going through the
    breakup/make-up cycle with the same ex over three times (and 9.3% have
    done this over five times!).

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Data results were pulled from's second annual Single In America
Study. First released earlier this year, the study was  funded by
and conducted by MarketTools in association with biological anthropologist Dr.
Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Advisor for; sex and relationship
therapist, Dr. Laura Berman; evolutionary biologist with The Kinsey Institute
at Indiana University, Dr. Justin R. Garcia; and the Institute for
Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) at Binghamton University. The results, which
include the views of a representative sample of over 5,000 US singles, gives a
specific look at the relationships between Sex and Politics, Gender Roles and
Romantic Expectations and is the largest and most comprehensive national study
of American singles ever to be conducted.

*Data point taken from a member poll of over 1,000 single male and

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