MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory Pairs RainDance ThunderStormTM System with Illumina MiSeq™ for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

  MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory Pairs RainDance ThunderStormTM System with
  Illumina MiSeq™ for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Sequencing

MLL will present data for a new myeloid hematological malignancy gene panel at
       the Annual American Society of Hematology meeting, December 8-11

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LEXINGTON, Mass. & MUNICH -- December 06, 2012

RainDance Technologies, Inc., the Digital Biology™ Company, and the MLL Munich
Leukemia Laboratory (MLL) today announced that MLL will be releasing data for
a new myeloid hematological malignancies gene panel generated using RainDance
Technologies’ ThunderStorm™ System coupled with Illumina’s MiSeq™ platform.
MLL will present initial results from a technology evaluation and research
study at the 54th Annual American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting next
week in Atlanta.

MLL has developed a comprehensive, 31-gene deep-sequencing panel to identify
both favorable and adverse molecular markers for the subclassification of
Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS). This panel
uses RainDance’s unique picodroplet single-molecule PCR enrichment solution
and 2 x 250bp paired-end reads generated on the Illumina MiSeq instrument.
This panel also features RainDance’s DirectSeq™ tailed primer workflow, which
incorporates sequencing adapters in the primers and unique barcodes via a
secondary PCR, thereby eliminating sequencing library construction and
enabling 4-5 samples to be analyzed per MiSeq run. To date, MLL has processed
more than 200 samples using the RainDance ThunderStorm System to identify
prognostically relevant mutations for AML and other myeloid malignancies. MLL
intends to use 2 x 250bp paired-end reads for this panel later in its
commercial operations.

“The number of molecular markers used to characterize myeloid malignancies
such as AML is constantly increasing. There is an acute unmet need to test
significantly larger gene panels while increasing sensitivity and coverage by
orders of magnitude,” said Prof. Dr. Dr. Torsten Haferlach, CEO of MLL. “By
coupling the MiSeq platform with RainDance’s ThunderStorm System, we have
developed the industry’s leading panel to analyze clinically relevant genes
for AML and MDS using high-throughput targeted sequencing. We have
standardized onto the RainDance-Illumina workflow to generate unparalleled
data that can be used to classify patients battling myeloid malignancies.”

Data presented at the meeting will highlight a recent technology evaluation
and research study, where MLL analyzed 49 well-annotated patients harboring
myeloid malignancies. The targeted gene panel library was constructed using
RainDance’s proprietary primer design pipeline and sequenced using the
Illumina MiSeq platform. The coverage per amplicon was 2,095-fold, thus
enabling highly sensitive detection of variants. Total turn-around time from
sample to result was less than four days.

“MLL is one of several marquee research customers adopting our ThunderStorm
system and proven droplet-based PCR enrichment solution to generate 100
percent genomic target coverage, completeness and heterozygous concordance.
Our system provides a highly simplified workflow, high-throughput walkaway
automation, and cost efficiencies in sample prep, sequencing and informatics
significantly better than any other commercial solution,” said Andy Watson,
Chief Marketing Officer of RainDance Technologies. “We are pleased to have MLL
as our customer and believe their AML/MDS panel will enable translational
researchers to better characterize life-threatening cancers.”

Researchers from MLL will be discussing these and other data at the annual
meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) in Atlanta, December 8-11.
These presentations include:

  *Saturday, December 8 at 7:30am and 2:00pm ET: Next Generation Sequencing:
    Should it Become Part of Routine Diagnostics for Leukemias and Other
    Myeloid Neoplasms? In this talk, Prof. Dr. Dr. Haferlach will discuss the
    application of deep sequencing and the insights it has provided for both
    leukemias and other myeloid neoplasms as well as the translation of recent
    discoveries into state-of-the-art gene screening assays.
  *Monday, December 10 at 10:30am ET: Results of a Comprehensive
    Next-Generation Sequencing Study Analyzing 32 Genes. In this presentation,
    Dr. Wolfgang Kern (MLL) will discuss data from a study of the molecular
    and cytogenetic characterization of MPAL-TM in comparison of AML and T-ALL
    using a 32-gene screening panel.
  *Tuesday, December 11 at 7:30am ET: First Results of a 31-Gene Panel
    Targeted to Investigate Myeloid Malignancies by Next-Generation Amplicon
    Deep-Sequencing. In this presentation, Dr. Alexander Kohlmann (MLL) will
    discuss the use of RainDance’s sequence enrichment solution and Illumina’s
    MiSeq instrument to develop a novel 31-gene assay for myeloid

For more information about the ASH meeting and these presentations, please

Dr. Kohlmann will also discuss data from the new myeloid malignancies gene
panel during a live RainDance-sponsored webinar, Thursday, December 13 at
11:00am ET. For more information and to register for this free webinar, please

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