Media General Presents at UBS Global Media & Communications Conference

    Media General Presents at UBS Global Media & Communications Conference

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RICHMOND, Va., Dec. 5, 2012

RICHMOND, Va., Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Media General, Inc. (NYSE: MEG), a
local broadcast television and digital media company, presented today at the
40^th Annual UBS Global Media & Communications Conference in New York. Company
speakers were Marshall N. Morton, president and chief executive officer;
George L. Mahoney, vice president and chief operating officer; and Jim
Woodward, vice president-finance and chief financial officer.

Mr. Morton said, "This year, Media General fundamentally changed its business
model when we exited the newspaper business. We are now focusing all of our
resources on our television stations and our growing digital and mobile
platforms. In addition to selling our newspapers, our new focus was further
tightened by discontinuing our former digital advertising services businesses.
We also ceased operation of a broadcast equipment subsidiary. We refinanced
$363 million of bank debt that was due in March 2013 and extended its maturity
to 2020. We completed our plan to reduce corporate expense from $32 million to
$20 million and will enter 2013 slightly below that new run rate.

"On August 22, I announced my plan to retire at the end of this year. With the
newspapers sold and debt refinanced, combined with the fact that I turned 67
in October, the time is right. I worked with the Board of Directors for
several years to plan for the best management succession. I was delighted that
the Board chose George Mahoney to succeed me.George and I have worked
together closely since he joined the company in 1993, as General Counsel and
Corporate Secretary. More recently, George ran our Digital Media and central
Broadcast operations. George has the experience, talent and energy to lead
Media General to new successes in a media world that's making new
opportunities available practically every day. George will be supported well
by Jim Woodward. Jim led the debt refinance and newspaper sale processes this
year and made a real success of both," said Mr. Morton.

Mr. Mahoney said, "This has been a very strong year for our stations, with
significant revenue growth in all major categories. Political advertising
reached an all-time high. We benefited from operating top-ranked stations,
where political advertisers prefer to place their ads. Our outlook for
Political revenues this year has increased to $64 million, up from our
previous guidance of $57-58 million.

"We capitalized fully on the event-driven revenue opportunities provided by
the Summer Olympics and Super Bowl on our NBC stations. Our revenue growth
will also include a 75% increase in Retransmission revenues, and an 18%
increase in Digital revenues. Further, we've seen healthy growth in our core
business, driven by increased spending by automotive, financial, grocery,
medical, telecommunications and travel industry advertisers," said Mr.

Mr. Woodward said the company expects to enter 2013 with a cash balance in the
neighborhood of $28 million. "Provided the capital markets are strong and
open, we plan to refinance our 11.75% Senior Notes, which are callable in
February of 2014, at a lower rate. We will have the option of using any cash
on the balance sheet at the end of 2013 to pay down a portion of that debt.

"Looking ahead to next year, total revenues in 2013 will decrease from this
year, due to the absence of non-recurring Political and other event-driven
revenues. We have in place a number of key revenue drivers to help mitigate
these shortfalls from this year, starting with Political revenues of at least
$5 million. The Super Bowl on CBS will benefit 8 of our stations.
Retransmission revenues will increase.

"Our Digital initiatives should generate better than industry growth rates.
The momentum in our core business is continuing, and this will help us achieve
above-market revenue performance. More Local news and programming will provide
more inventory. We will implement special incentives for volume advertisers
and business development programs to drive local time sales," said Mr.

Mr. Morton said, "Media General is a much stronger company, with excellent
growth potential, based on our new model as a broadcaster. Our operating
results and cash flow are strong, even in the 'odd' years. We'll focus on
progressively increasing cash flow margins at our stations by driving ratings
and share increases as well as through expense management. We will delever
over time, starting with the refinancing of our 11-3/4% notes. The strong
management team I've been working with for years is primed to lead the company
starting January 1. I'm confident that they – and all of our employees – will
make the most of the new opportunities provided by our new business model,"
Mr. Morton said.

The company provided the following guidance for the full year 2012:

Political revenues         $64 million
Retransmission revenues    $37 million
Digital revenues           $10 million
Total net revenues         $350 million
Broadcast Cash Flow        $141 million
Broadcast Cash Flow Margin 40%
EBITDA                     $100 million
EBITDA Margin              28%
Cash Interest              $69 million
Non-Cash Interest Expense  $9 million
Capital Expenditures       $17 million
Pension Contribution       $9 million
Cash Taxes                 Zero

The company provided the following guidance for the full year 2013:

Cash Interest             $68 million
Non-Cash Interest Expense $9 million
Capital Expenditures      $15 million
Pension Contribution      $4.5 million
Cash Taxes                Zero

Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to
various risks and uncertainties and should be understood in the context of the
company's publicly available reports filed with the Securities and Exchange
Commission. Media General's future performance could differ materially from
its current expectations.

About Media General

Media General is a leading provider of news, information and entertainment
across 18 network-affiliated broadcast television stations and their
associated digital media and mobile platforms. The company's stations serve
consumers and advertisers in strong local markets, primarily in the Southeast.
Media General's network affiliates include eight NBC stations, eight CBS
stations, one ABC station and one CW station. Six of the company's stations
operate in the Top 40 markets in the United States. Media General's stations
reach more than one-third of TV households in the Southeast and more than 8
percent of U.S. TV households. Media General entered the television business
in 1955 when it launched WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida, as an NBC affiliate.
Today, WFLA is the company's largest TV station, operating in the 14th largest
DMA in the United States.

Contact Media General

Additional information about Media General is available on its web site or by contacting Lou Anne J. Nabhan, Vice
President-Corporate Communications, at (804) 649-6103 or

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