Teekay LNG Partners and Exmar to Enter Into LPG Carrier Joint

Teekay LNG Partners and Exmar to Enter Into LPG Carrier Joint Venture 
HAMILTON, BERMUDA -- (Marketwire) -- 12/05/12 -- Teekay LNG Partners
L.P. (Teekay LNG or the Partnership) (NYSE:TGP) and EXMAR NV (EXMAR)
(EXM:BB) today announced an agreement in principle to create a new
50/50 joint venture which will operate in the LPG Carrier segment
with a primary focus on Midsize Gas Carriers. EXMAR and Teekay LNG
seek to expand the joint venture by taking advantage of the current
and future demand for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and ammonia
Transaction Summary 

--  EXMAR will contribute 16 owned LPG carriers to the new joint venture
    company, to be named EXMAR LPG BVBA. The EXMAR LPG BVBA fleet will
    include 15 owned Midsize Gas Carriers (MGC), of which four are under
    construction at Hyundai Mipo, and one owned Very Large Gas Carrier
    (VLGC). EXMAR LPG BVBA will also time-charter in three MGCs and two
    VLGCs, and bareboat-charter in one MGC and one VLGC. 
--  Prior to this transaction, EXMAR LPG BVBA will acquire from Wah Kwong
    the remaining 50 percent interest in two MGCs, the Brugge Venture and
    the Touraine, which it does not already own. 
--  Teekay LNG will then acquire a 50 percent ownership in EXMAR LPG BVBA.
    In exchange for its 50 percent interest in EXMAR LPG BVBA, Teekay LNG
    will contribute approximately USD 140 million of equity and assume pro
    rata debt and lease obligations secured by certain vessels to be owned
--  EXMAR LPG BVBA has received a commitment from certain commercial lenders
    to refinance the fleet in early-2013. 
--  EXMAR will continue to commercially and technically manage and operate
    the vessels. 
--  It is the intention of EXMAR LPG BVBA to renew and grow the fleet and
    discussions are already underway with various yards to secure additional

"New gas export projects scheduled to come on-line, combined with a
relatively modest LPG carrier orderbook, are expected to result in
strong demand for the current global LPG carrier fleet," commented
Peter Evensen, Chief Executive Officer of Teekay GP LLC. "In addition
to providing potential upside from the attractive fundamentals in the
LPG shipping market, this accretive transaction further diversifies
Teekay LNG's fixed-rate contract portfolio while leveraging EXMAR's
deep expertise as a leading owner and operator of medium-sized gas
Nicolas Saverys, Chief Executive Officer of EXMAR N.V commented,
"This transaction reflects a long-standing tradition of partnership
with outstanding shipping peers. EXMAR is pleased to have Teekay LNG
as a partner and rely on their extensive knowledge of the worldwide
shipping markets to continue to grow the LPG and NH3 trade together.
We share the same vision and strategy to grow the gas shipping trade
and are excited about implementing our ideas as soon as possible."  
The proposed transaction, which is expected to close in late-2012 or
early-2013, has been approved by the Teekay LNG and EXMAR boards of
directors, and remains subject to customary closing conditions,
including the completion of due diligence, vessel inspections and
The table below summarizes the vessels to be included in the EXMAR
LPG BVBA fleet:  

    Vessel        Built  Type     Capacity   Ownership    Employment      
1.  Hyundai Mipo  2014   Fully    38,000     Owned        N/A             
    No. 8121             Ref      dwt                                     
2.  Hyundai Mipo  2014   Fully    38,000     Owned        N/A             
    No. 8122             Ref      dwt                                     
3.  Hyundai Mipo  2014   Fully    38,000     Owned        N/A             
    No. 8123             Ref      dwt                                     
4.  Hyundai Mipo  2014   Fully    38,000     Owned        N/A             
    No. 8124             Ref      dwt                                     
5.  BW Kyoto      2010   Fully    83,298     Time-charter Spot (managed by
    (33.33%)             Ref      dwt        in           BW Gas)         
6.  BW Tokyo      2009   Fully    83,298     Time-charter Spot (managed by
    (33.33%)             Ref      dwt        in           BW Gas)         
7.  Libramont     2006   Fully    38,455     Owned        Time-charter    
                         Ref      dwt                                     
8.  Sombeke       2006   Fully    38,447     Owned        Time-charter    
                         Ref      dwt                                     
9.  Antwerpen     2005   Fully    35,233     Time-charter Spot            
                         Ref      dwt        in                           
10. Eupen         2005   Fully    38,961     Owned        Spot / Contract 
                         Ref      dwt                     of Affreightment
11. Odin          2005   Fully    38,501     Time-charter Spot / Contract 
                         Ref      dwt        in           of Affreightment
12. Berlian       2004   Fully    35,437     Time-charter Contract of     
    Ekuator              Ref      dwt        in           Affreightment   
13. Bastogne      2002   Fully    35,229     Owned        Spot / Contract 
                         Ref      dwt                     of Affreightment
14. Brugge        1997   Fully    35,418     Owned        Time-charter    
    Venture              Ref      dwt                                     
15. Brussels      1997   Fully    35,454     Bareboat-    Time-charter    
                         Ref      dwt        charter in                   
16. Flanders      1996   Fully    84,270     Bareboat-    Time-charter    
    Tenacity             Ref      dwt        charter in                   
17. Touraine      1996   Fully    39,270     Owned        Time-charter    
                         Ref      dwt                                     
18. Eeklo         1995   Fully    37,450     Owned        Time-charter    
                         Ref      dwt                                     
19. Kemira Gas    1995   Semi Ref 12,030     Owned        Time-charter    
20. Temse         1994   Fully    35,058     Owned        Spot / Contract 
                         Ref      dwt                     of Affreightment
21. Flanders      1993   Fully    85,826     Owned        Time-charter    
    Harmony              Ref      dwt                                     
22. Courcheville  1989   Fully    28,006     Owned        Time-charter    
                         Ref      dwt                                     
23. Donau         1985   Semi Ref 30,207     Owned        Time-charter    

About Teekay LNG Partners L.P. 
Teekay LNG Partners L.P. is a publicly-traded master limited
partnership formed by Teekay Corporation (NYSE: TK) as part of its
strategy to expand its operations in the LNG and LPG shipping
sectors. Teekay LNG Partners L.P. provides LNG, LPG and crude oil
marine transportation services primarily under long-term, fixed-rate
charter contracts with major energy and utility companies through its
fleet of 27 LNG carriers (including one LNG regasification unit),
five LPG/Multigas carriers and 11 conventional tankers. Teekay LNG
Partners' interests in these vessels ranges from 33 to 100 percent.
In addition, Teekay LNG Partners has agreed in principal to acquire a
50 percent interest in a new joint venture with EXMAR which will own
and in-charter LPG carriers and expects this transaction to close by
late-2012 or early-2013. Teekay LNG Partners L.P. is a
publicly-traded master limited partnership (MLP) formed by Teekay
Corporation (NYSE:TK) as part of its strategy to expand its
operations in the LNG and LPG shipping sectors. 
Teekay LNG Partners' common units trade on the New York Stock
Exchange under the symbol "TGP". 
EXMAR NV, headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, is a diversified and
independent shipping group serving the international gas and oil
industry. Apart from providing the ships for the transportation of
these products, it also performs studies and undertakes the
management of commercial, technical and administrative activities for
the oil and gas industry. EXMAR strives to create shareholder value
over the long term by balancing long- and short-term agreements to
counteract volatility in the freight market, combined with providing
services that are tailored to the needs of the customer.  
EXMAR is quoted on Euronext Brussels (EXM). 
This release contains forward-looking statements (as defined in
Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended) which
reflect management's current views with respect to certain future
events and performance, including statements regarding: the vessels
contributed by EXMAR to the EXMAR LPG BVBA joint venture; the timing
and certainty of completion of EXMAR's acquisition of the 50 percent
interest in two MGCs, the Brugge Venture and the Touraine, which it
does not already own; the timing, amount and certainty of completion
of the Partnership's equity investment in the EXMAR LPG BVBA joint
venture, and Teekay LNG's assumption of pro rata debt and capital
lease obligations; timing and certainty of refinancing the EXMAR LPG
BVBA fleet; the effect of the investment in EXMAR LPG BVBA on the
Partnership's cash flows and diversity of its contract portfolio, and
expected accretion to the Partnership; the potential for EXMAR LPG
BVBA to order additional LPG carrier newbuildings; volatility of spot
market LPG and NH3 shipping rates; and LNG and LPG shipping market
fundamentals, including balance of supply and demand of LPG shipping
capacity and LPG shipping charter rates. The following factors are
among those that could cause actual results to differ materially from
the forward-looking statements, which involve risks and
uncertainties, and that should be considered in evaluating any such
statement: less than anticipated revenues, higher than anticipated
costs, higher than expected drydock expenses related to the LPG
carriers owned and in-chartered by EXMAR LPG BVBA; shipyard
construction delays;
increased cost to construct the four Hyundai Mipo newbuilding LPG
carriers; the potential early termination of time-charter out
contracts and inability of the EXMAR LPG BVBA to renew or replace the
time-charter out contracts; failure by EXMAR to complete the
acquisition of the remaining 50 percent interest in MGCs which it
does not currently own; failure to satisfy the closing conditions of
the transaction, including obtaining approvals from charterers and
relevant regulatory authorities; failure to complete the refinancing
of the EXMAR LPG BVBA fleet in 2013; changes in production of LNG,
LPG or NH3, either generally or in particular regions that would
impact the expected future growth in the global LPG transportation
market and spot LPG and NH3 shipping rates; changes in trading
patterns or timing of the start-up of new LNG liquefaction
significantly impacting overall LPG and NH3 shipping requirements;
changes in applicable industry laws and regulations and the timing of
implementation of new laws and regulations; and changes to the amount
or proportion of expenses denominated in foreign currencies; and
other factors discussed in Teekay LNG Partners' filings from time to
time with the SEC, including its Report on Form 20-F/A for the fiscal
year ended December 31, 2011. The Partnership expressly disclaims any
obligation to release publicly any updates or revisions to any
forward-looking statements contained herein to reflect any change in
the Partnership's expectations with respect thereto or any change in
events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is
Teekay LNG Partners L.P.
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