Romarco provides general update

                       Romarco provides general update

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TORONTO, Dec. 5, 2012

TORONTO, Dec.  5, 2012  /PRNewswire/ -  ROMARCO MINERALS  INC. (TSX:  R)  (the 
"Company") is pleased to provide an  update of recent activities at the  Haile 
Gold Mine and Kershaw Mineral Laboratories ("KML"), a wholly-owned  subsidiary 
of Romarco.  In parallel  to  permitting the  Haile  Gold Mine  project,  the 
Company has been proactively completing  several other items necessary to  get 
the site prepared for construction and operations. All dollar amounts in this
news release are expressed in U.S. dollars, unless otherwise stated.

Permitting Status

The Company continues  its ongoing dialogue  and weekly meetings  with the  US 
Army Corps  of  Engineers  ("Corps"),  the lead  agency  responsible  for  the 
Environmental  Impact   Statement   ("EIS"),   its   third-party   contractor, 
cooperating agencies and  other interested parties,  and significant  progress 
has been made. In a news release dated October 25, 2012 and a conference call
held October 25, 2012,  the Company noted that  two cooperating agencies,  the 
State of  South  Carolina  Department  of  Health  and  Environmental  Control 
("DHEC") and the Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") are completing  their 
review of the hydrology model on  Haile. This review, with the  participation 
of the Company's team  and consultants, is  continuing and follow-up  meetings 
are being scheduled in connection with this activity.

Once the review and discussions have  been concluded, the Corps has  indicated 
it will  make  adjustments  to  the  EIS  schedule,  as  appropriate,  on  its website.

Lancaster County Council Meetings

The Lancaster County Council  rezoned an additional 3,081  acres of the  Haile 
Gold Mine  property  from  Rural  Residential/Intense  Agricultural  to  Heavy 
Industrial. The  Council previously  rezoned 1,778  acres of  land from  Rural 
Residential/Intense Agricultural to Heavy Industrial  in 2009. As the  project 
and the Company's land  position grew, additional  rezoning was necessary  and 
today the rezoning actions  have been completed for  the proposed mine  plan. 
Lancaster County regulations for rezoning Haile Gold Mine for heavy industrial
use required petitioning  the Lancaster County  Planning Commission to  rezone 
the remaining Haile project area, public  notice by way of newspaper, US  mail 
notification to potentially affected  neighbours, public notice sign  posting, 
one hearing  and  three individual  formal  readings  and final  vote  by  the 
Planning Commission, three individual readings by Lancaster County Council and
a final favourable Council vote.

During phase one  archeology work conducted  on the Haile  Gold Mine site,  an 
abandoned cemetery from the late 1800s - early 1900s was discovered within the
project boundary. The  Company worked with  the Sand Hill  Baptist Church  of 
Kershaw, who graciously agreed to provide a respectful and final resting place
in an area adjoining an existing  cemetery. Haile then completed the State  of 
South Carolina requirements for relocating a cemetery, which included  posting 
a notice in the local newspaper for 30 days to relocate the graves. At the end
of the  30-day notice  period,  the Lancaster  County  Council held  a  public 
hearing and  favourably  voted  in  formal session  to  approve  the  cemetery 
relocation. The Company contracted the relocation to RS Webb & Associates,  an 
archeology  consulting  firm  that  specializes  in  such  work.  RS  Webb  & 
Associates has successfully relocated 48  gravesites in compliance with  state 
regulations. This project has now been completed.

Kathy Sistare, Chairwoman Lancaster County Council commented:

  Lancaster County is proud to count the Haile Gold Mine as one of our leading
  corporate citizens.As Chairwoman of County Council, I see firsthand the
  many benefits that Haile Gold Mine, Inc. and their outstanding staff bring
  to Lancaster. Obviously they bring jobs to the community but they also
 make a conscious effort to buy locally and support the economies of
  Lancaster County and the Town of Kershaw.They are also engaged in numerous
  philanthropic efforts, ranging from the Haile Gold Mine Playground in the
  Town of Kershaw to memberships in the Chamber of Commerce, Economic
  Development Corporation, United Way, and school booster clubs.
  On any complex project, close communication and a good working relationship
  is crucial to success.The management team of Haile Gold Mine certainly
  exhibit these qualities.During 2012 we rezoned a large number of parcels
  to include them in the Haile Gold Mine operation.The Haile Gold Mine staff
  worked closely with the Planning staff throughout this process.Their fine
  work is also displayed in non-governmental areas as well.As part of one
  recent land acquisition, they had to relocate a number of graves in an
  abandoned cemetery.The Haile Gold Mine staff worked closely with the local
 faith community to respectfully and reverently relocate these graves after
  working with the Historical Commission to determine there were no family
  members remaining in the area.The receiving church allowed Haile Gold Mine
  to enhance the church cemetery as a suitable final resting place.They
  installed a suitable marker when there had not even been a single headstone
  at the prior site. The Haile Gold Mine staff worked closely with our
  Historical Commission, our Coroners Office, and the appropriate state
  agencies, going the extra mile to do the right thing for these departed
  The caring and concern to do the right thing is exhibited by the Haile Gold
 Mine staff in their business dealings, work in the community, and concern
  for the environment.

Diane Garrett, President and CEO, stated:  "As the Company continues to  move 
through the permit  process there are  dozens of other  items being  completed 
which are  necessary to  commence construction  and operations.  Our team  is 
working diligently to ensure  these items are completed  efficiently and on  a 
schedule that  coincides  with the  overall  project progress.  Providing  an 
update on these  activities allows our  shareholders to get  a glimpse of  the 
types of activities that our team  has been able to successfully conclude.  As 
part of its  on-going cash  conservation efforts,  the Company  is pleased  to 
report that its November 30, 2012 cash  balance stood at $67 million -  nearly 
$3.5 million  ahead  of the  Company's  most recent  2012  forecast.  Limited 
drilling continues to  be performed  at Haile  and regionally  in addition  to 
permit related drilling activities. The  detailed engineering design work  is 
nearing 75% complete which has been the Company's goal for year end."

Kershaw Mineral Lab

KML has successfully passed the accreditation process and numerous round-robin
tests over an 18-month period to receive its ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation  from 
the Standards  Council  of  Canada.  The Toronto  Stock  Exchange  -  Ontario 
Securities Commission (TSC-OSC) Mineral Task Force recommends in its  "Setting 
New Standards"  report that  mineral exploration  companies use  only  ISO/IEC 
17025 accredited laboratories. The Company is currently considering taking on
clients and performing  third-party assays  for other  mining companies.  The 
current plan is to  continue to have  all Romarco ore  assays reported to  the 
public completed by third  party, independent assay  laboratories as has  been 
the practice in the past. At the  present time, KML is preforming assays  for 
the Company and ore holes are then verified by a third-party laboratory before
the results are released to the  public. Also, KML is proactively  conducting 
metallurgical test work with the goal of improving upon silver recoveries.  In 
the Company's  National Instrument  43-101 Technical  Report dated  March  13, 
2012, silver recoveries were reported as 50% and provide an approximate $16/oz
by-product credit assuming $18/oz silver.

Jim  Arnold,  Sr.  VP  and  COO  commented:  "Certification  of  our  lab   is 
particularly noteworthy because it  is so much work  and the standards are  so 
high. It is rare that an operations  lab shoots for these standards and  more 
rare that they attain  them. I'm proud  of our team and  the quality of  work 
they do. This is one  more in a long line  of accomplishments that show  that 
the Haile team aims for and achieves the very best in everything they do."


The Company anticipates its Ball  and SAG mills will  arrive on site early  in 
2013. Currently, these mills are in route from India and Germany respectively
and are scheduled to arrive during  December 2012 at the ports of  Wilmington, 
NC and Charleston, SC, respectively.

In early November, the Hitachi shovel  arrived from Japan. The local  dealer, 
Flint Equipment Company ("Flint") is storing  the shovel in Savannah, GA.  In 
the current agreement with Flint, the Company will take delivery of the shovel
not later than February  2013 and the final  payment will be approximately  $2 

As previously announced, the Catepillar  mobile mine fleet is currently  being 
held in  South  Carolina by  the  local dealer,  Blanchard  Machinery  Company 
("BMC"). In the current agreement with BMC, the Company will take delivery of
this equipment  upon the  final payment  of approximately  $28 million  on  or 
before September 30, 2013.

About Romarco Minerals Inc.

Romarco Minerals Inc. is a gold development company focused on production
primarily in the US. The Company has completed a positive Feasibility study
and is continuing exploration drilling and permitting for its flagship
project, the Haile Gold Mine in South Carolina.

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