IBS Group Member Introduces New Mobile Applications Development Kit for Aerospace

   IBS Group Member Introduces New Mobile Applications Development Kit for

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  RAMSEY, Isle of Man, December 5, 2012

RAMSEY, Isle of Man, December 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

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IBS Group , a leading software development and IT services provider in Central
and Eastern Europe announces that Luxoft, a member of IBS Group and a leading
global provider of advanced application and product development services,
today introduced a Mobile Applications Development Kit for engineering needs
of aerospace and other enterprise, at the Aeromart Toulouse 2012 .

Luxoft already has an extensive portfolio of service offerings related to the
design and development process, production lifecycle management systems,
advanced software systems, and reliable airline IT-support. The Company
designs and develops sophisticated software solutions across all areas of the
Manufacturing and Aerospace industries, including supply chain management, as
well as service, engineering, and manufacturing data distribution. The new kit
adds another dimension to Luxoft's existing technology solutions portfolio for
engineers and includes a Mobile Bill of Material (BOM), a Mobile Certification
Application, and a Mobile 3D-Visualization Tool.

The ultimate goal of each of the kit's modules is to add capability for the
engineers and mechanics to assess tasks "on the go" during a new aircraft
inspection, existing aircraft maintenance or during the engineering and
assembly process. Combination of mobile secure ecosystem and visualization
adds granularity to every aspect of the engineering and maintenance process,
streamlining the reporting, giving quick access to the bottom level of detail
and bringing the entire process closer to the real-time mode.

  *Mobile Bill of Material (BOM) provides a quick access to the engineering
    documents for shop floor engineers. The amount of stored detail allows to
    view not only systems of components, but also drill down to details on
    individual nodes and stand-alone detail level, hence, optimizing
    engineering and manufacturing processes. 

  *Mobile 3D-Visualization Tool provides for uploading and viewing of 3D
    models on iPad. The application enhances the scope of features used at
    CAD/CAM enterprises and allows for a quick access to engineering models.
    The use of iPads also increases utilization rate of the engineers and
    mechanics, enabling them with the mobile collaboration tools that are
    light, flexible and with a battery life easily accommodating an extended

  *Mobile Certification Application provides certification findings to be
    automatically registered to launch the process of analysis and correction.

" For over a decade Luxoft has been managing the various IT areas for
aviation, including aircraft engineering, airline operations and airport
management. In line with the global trend of implementing enterprise mobility
technologies that allow faster data access and effective communication
irrespective of user location, Luxoft has developed  Mobile  Applications
Development Kit for our Aerospace and other heavy engineering and
manufacturing clients. We expect that savings of cost and time driven by our
new solutions will positively affect efficiency and production rates within
manufacturing segments heavy reliant on the engineering. That is especially
critical for Aerospace industry that is currently overburdened with new orders
" , - said Mikhail Bykov, Managing Director of Manufacturing and  Enterprise
 Solutions practiceof Luxoft .

Luxoft has been serving aerospace industry since 2000. Luxoft's key offerings
include CAD/CAM extension, PLM/PDM development, reservation systems
development and support, E-commerce solutions for the airlines, aircraft
assembly & maintenance, mobile apps, flight control, and engineering product
data management. Its expertise also covers the re-design and heavy maintenance
of legacy solutions and technologies. 

About IBS Group Holding Limited

IBS Group is a leading software development and IT services provider in
Central and Eastern Europe. Through its two principal subsidiaries, Luxoft and
IBS IT Services, it offers a wide variety of information technology services,
such as software development and IT services outsourcing, IT infrastructure
and business applications implementation. IBS Group has business operations in
Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the USA,
Vietnam and Singapore. IBS Group employs more than 8,300 people worldwide. In
the year ended March 31, 2012, the Group reported US GAAP consolidated
revenues of USD816.3 million. IBS Group's Global Depositary Receipts are
listed on the Regulated Market (General Standard) at the Frankfurt Stock
Exchange (Bloomberg: IBSG:GR; Reuters: IBSGq.F)


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