Ferrotec Temescal Announces Process Breakthrough in Electron Beam Metalization for Compound Semiconductor Applications

Ferrotec Temescal Announces Process Breakthrough in Electron Beam Metalization
                   for Compound Semiconductor Applications

New Auratus™ Deposition Process Enhancement Methodology Enables Unprecedented
Levels of Uniformity, Precision and Process Efficiency

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LIVERMORE, Calif., Dec. 4, 2012

LIVERMORE, Calif., Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --The Temescal Division of
Ferrotec Corporation, a global supplier of materials, components, and
precision system solutions and the leading manufacturer of electron beam
evaporative coating systems, today announced a major process breakthrough in
electron beam metallization for lift-off compound semiconductor applications.
The Auratus^™ Deposition Process Enhancement Methodology improves
wafer-coating processes dramatically, producing near-perfect uniformity while
delivering up to 40% reduction in material consumption, resulting in
significant cost savings on process materials like gold and platinum compared
to traditional box coaters.

Traditionally, electron beam evaporation takes place inside of box-shaped
stainless steel vacuum chambers using a high voltage electron beam to vaporize
materials like gold or platinum. Once the material has been vaporized, it
forms a flux cloud above the electron beam gun. This results in a thin film
coating condensing on the wafers held in an assembly in the upper portion of
the chamber. While this process is considered mature, traditional deposition
methods have not fully considered optimizing the vapor cloud from the
perspective of maximizing efficiency in lift-off process collection.
Temescal's new Auratus methodology reinterprets electron beam evaporation by
focusing on optimizing vapor cloud utilization.

"As an industry leader in electron beam deposition, our customers turn to
Temescal for our expertise and knowledge of the vapor cloud and both thermal
and film uniformity-based results," said Gregg Wallace, managing director of
Ferrotec's Temescal division. "With the Auratus process enhancement
methodology, we have re-envisioned electron beam deposition with an emphasis
on multiple metal uniformity and collection efficiency. The results are
incredible, with near-perfect uniformity, increased precision across a wide
range of metals, and up to 40% cost savings on process materials, dramatically
reducing cost of ownership."

Auratus is a proprietary optimization methodology for lift-off electron beam
evaporative coating that incorporates patent pending technology to achieve
unprecedented levels of uniformity, precision, and collection efficiency.
Auratus enables Temescal customers to coat wafers with near perfect
uniformity, resulting in more consistent, better quality products and fewer
defects. Temescal's Auratus methodology also has the capability to increase
the effective deposition rate, enabling customers to increase throughput.

Temescal's Auratus process enhancement methodology is only available on select
Temescal systems. Contact Temescal for qualification. More information about
Auratus and other Temescal products can be found at www.temescal.net.

More About Ferrotec
Founded in 1980, Ferrotec Corporation (JASDAQ: 6890 (OTC)) is a worldwide
leader in the supply of materials, components, and precision system solutions
for businesses and products.
Ferrotec's Temescal division is the leading manufacturer of electron
beam-based evaporative coating systems. For additional information about
Ferrotec products, visit the company's web site at www.ferrotec.com.

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Tom McKee
Marketing Communications Manager

SOURCE Ferrotec Corporation - USA

Website: http://www.ferrotec.com
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