GeoBio Energy, Inc. Announces Flagship Offering of Natural Gas Equipment Product, the maxiElcor - a Complete Solution for

   GeoBio Energy, Inc. Announces Flagship Offering of Natural Gas Equipment
Product, the maxiElcor - a Complete Solution for Custody Transfer Measurement
                        and Telemetric Data Collecting

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SEATTLE, Dec. 4, 2012

SEATTLE, Dec.4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --GeoBio Energy, Inc., a Colorado
corporation (OTCBB: GBOE) ("GeoBio"), today announced that its wholly-owned
subsidiary, El Gas North America, LLC ("El Gas NA"), has made available for
sale to utilities and related consumers the maxiElcor. The maxiElcor is the
only Electronic Gas Volume Corrector (cash register for the gas utility)
available that can stand alone in the field for up to 5 years (no maintenance
needed) and manage and report remotely specific activity related to the
transfer and delivery of natural gas. The maxiElcor is utilized for
commercial, industrial, pipeline and production application and corrects for
actual gas flow, temperature, pressure correction and supercompressability.

Monitoring and managing the distribution and use of natural gas is an
increasingly critical function for all parties involved. Accordingly, GeoBio
believes devices that deploy state-of-the-art technology, like the maxiElcor,
are more desirable, efficient and more likely to gain market acceptance. The
maxiElcor has the following features and advantages over its competitors:

  oSingle or dual channel gas volume corrector. This can be used for 1 or 2
    gas meters – Our competitors can only accommodate 1 channel;
  oIntegrated communications (cell, FM or hardwire modem) – Our competitors
    have a costly second box, solar panel, and gel cell battery;
  oDesigned for hazardous areas – UL913, ATEX Zone 0, 1, and 2 - Our
    competitors only have CSA;
  oBattery lifetime up to 10 years – Our competitors' battery lifetime is
    only 4 years;
  oTypical error under reference conditions <0.15% of measured value – Our
    competitors' products can measure +/- 0 .5% of full scale;
  oGraphic LCD display with backlighting – Our competitors are 7 segment
    Alpha-mnemonic LCD;
  oA potential third pressure and temperature reading – Our competitors do
    not have this feature;
  oAdditional analog inputs – Our competitors' products are very costly and
    have only 1 input or output (not both); and
  oMicrosoft Windows compatible software – Our competitors are not compatible
    with all Windows versions.

"The advantage of the El Gas NA products is that our competitors do not offer
flexibility and low power in the same package, with a proven worldwide track
record of over 50,000 field installations. Our products run on 1 D-cell
battery for up to 6 years, can be field configured (mechanically and
programmed) and have more input/output. The ease of installation, flexibility
and simple operation coupled with lower initial cost to the customer makes El
Gas NA an unquestionable choice," said Mark Cangany, President of El Gas North
America, LLC.

About GeoBio Energy:

GeoBio Energy's business model emphasizes the development, acquisition and
operation of existing companies in the oil and gas services and energy related
products industry. As oil and gas exploration continues in the face of ever
rising demand, facilitating delivery of oil and gas, monitoring and
maintaining drilling sites to obtaining peak efficiency and production from
existing, new and aging wells becomes increasingly important. GeoBio believes
this to be a significant growth opportunity in its strategy to combine and
consolidate companies in the oil and natural gas services sector. GeoBio's
subsidiary, El Gas North America, LLC, has an exclusive license to sell Czech
Republic based El Gas NA s.r.o.'s natural gas electronic volume corrector
(EVC) and electronic data recorder (EDR) products in the United States,
Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, which products provide for the efficient
monitoring and delivery of natural gas to consumers. Visit GeoBio's web site:

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