TELUS powers the next generation of cloud computing by launching $65 million Rimouski Internet data centre

TELUS powers the next generation of cloud computing by launching $65 million 
Rimouski Internet data centre 
TELUS to invest an additional $13 million in IT infrastructure in Quebec 
RIMOUSKI, QC, Dec. 4, 2012 /CNW/ - TELUS today opened its new $65 million 
Intelligent Internet Data Centre in Rimouski, announcing that it will invest 
an additional $13 million in added IT infrastructure to bring world-class 
cloud-based solutions to Quebec and Canadian businesses. 
More than 80 per cent more energy-efficient than traditional data centres, the 
new facility ranks among the top-performing centres in North America and 
provides TELUS clients with maximum reliability and security. TELUS wants to 
contribute to Canada's and Quebec's competitiveness by offering world-class 
managed cloud-based solutions that will enable businesses to focus on their 
core activities, while providing business agility, helping to align IT with 
business strategy, and providing significant cost savings. TELUS has been 
named the top hosting provider in Canada* and its cloud-based solutions are 
the result of 20 years of experience in IT services. 
"TELUS and our 5,500 Quebec-based team members are proud to celebrate our 85 
years of history in the province with the opening of our new flagship 
facility. This is another significant investment for TELUS in Quebec, building 
on the $12.3 billion since 2000 that has enabled our presence to be felt in 
every corner of the province," said François Gratton, President of TELUS 
Quebec and Atlantic Canada."At TELUS, our clients are our top priority and our 
team of professionals is dedicated to helping businesses develop their full 
potential by offering them all the tools they need to stand out and succeed. 
With our new Internet Data Centre, companies can now harness the power of 
managed hosting and cloud computing solutions that are not only reliable, 
secure and flexible, but also hosted, managed and delivered in Canada." 
For the construction of its new building, TELUS teamed up with Skanska, one of 
the world's leading data-centre construction companies, as well as with 
Callisson, Cosentini and Inertech. This project created more than 200 jobs in 
the Lower St. Lawrence area by calling on the expertise of some 15 local 
A unique design 
The new TELUS Tier III design-certified centre is the first TELUS Internet 
data centre built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold 
standards. Its 1.15 Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating puts TELUS at the 
forefront of the industry. In addition, the new facility was constructed with 
a unique modular design, allowing TELUS to rapidly increase the space and 
power capacity for technical equipment and to tailor its service offerings 
based on the latest technology. 
Below are some key features of the TELUS Intelligent Internet Data Centre: 

    --  The TELUS Intelligent Internet data centre is connected to the
        company's national IP network and is interconnected with major
        data centres across the country, representing the most advanced
        and locally diversified IT infrastructure in Canada.
    --  TELUS chose to build its data centre in Rimouski for its
        appropriate weather climate allowing more efficient cooling.
        This enables natural cooling nearly every day of the year. In
        fact, TELUS anticipates that the Rimouski Centre will require
        only 40 hours per year of cooling via mechanical systems.
    --  The Intelligent Internet Data Centre incorporates innovative,
        non-traditional solutions, such as a closed-loop cooling system
        that provides unparalleled operating efficiency. The first of
        its kind in the world, this system is 180 times more efficient
        than that of a traditional cooling plant.
    --  The Rimouski location chosen by TELUS is also highly secure and
        an excellent option for customers seeking a core site or
        disaster recovery site, as it is more than 250 kilometres from
        major urban centres.
    --  The data centre relies on cutting edge flywheel technology for
        backup in case of a power failure. Should a power disruption
        occur at the centre, the flywheels continue to turn due to the
        force of inertia. This drives the alternators to generate power
        until the high efficiency generators start during any power
        disruption, thus minimizing the use of batteries.
    --  By harnessing the full power of virtualization and the Cloud,
        TELUS is maximizing the use of its IT infrastructure and
        thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

Investments related to the Intelligent Internet Data Centre are in line with 
TELUS' consolidated capital spending targets for 2012.

*NBI/Michael Sone Associates, Canadian Hosting and IAAS Cloud Computing Market 
Report, 2012 Edition

About TELUS in Québec

A vibrant corporate presence in Québec for nearly 85 years, TELUS currently 
employs over 5,500 team members in the province. Since 2000, the company has 
invested $12.3 billion in Québec's economy and infrastructure development. A 
Canadian industry leader, TELUS offers Québec communities access to 
state-of-the-art global communication technologies, at home, on the move and 
in the workplace. In support of our philosophy to give where we live, the 
company has contributed $30 million since 2005 to support local community 
organizations in Québec, such as Opération Enfant Soleil, the Dr. Julien 
Foundation, Les Oeuvres Jean Lafrance and the Association du cancer de l'Est 
du Québec.


TELUS (TSX: T, T.A; NYSE: TU) is a leading telecommunications company in 
Canada, thanks to $10.8 billion in annual revenue and 13 million customer 
connections, including 7.6 million wireless subscribers, 3.5 million wireline 
network access lines, 1.3 million Internet subscribers and 635,000 TELUS TV 
customers. Led since 2000 by President and CEO, Darren Entwistle, TELUS 
provides a wide range of communications products and services, including 
wireless, data, Internet Protocol (IP), voice, television, entertainment and 

In support of our philosophy to give where we live, TELUS, our team members 
and retirees have contributed more than $260 million to numerous charitable 
and not-for-profit organizations and volunteered 4.2 million hours of service 
to local communities since 2000. Fourteen TELUS Community Boards lead TELUS' 
local philanthropic initiatives. TELUS was honoured to be named the most 
outstanding philanthropic corporation globally for 2010 by the Association of 
Fundraising Professionals, becoming the first Canadian company to receive this 
prestigious international recognition.

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