Responsible Holiday Party Hosts Can Help Prevent Driving Accidents

      Responsible Holiday Party Hosts Can Help Prevent Driving Accidents

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WORCESTER, Mass., Dec. 4, 2012

WORCESTER, Mass., Dec.4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Each holiday season about 1,200
people across the United States will die as a result of car crashes that
involve drunk drivers. And many thousands of others will be injured. Many of
these accidents are caused by drunk drivers leaving holiday gatherings hosted
by friends or family—turning holiday cheer into unimaginable tragedies, in an


With that reality in mind, The Hanover Insurance Group offers tips to
encourage hosts to responsibly plan and hold holiday parties. These tips are
aimed at helping their guests to stay safe, while also helping hosts to avoid
potential personal liability.

"Drunk driving accidents are senseless and can easily be prevented," said Mark
Desrochers, president of The Hanover's personal lines business. "While many
people spend days and even weeks planning the perfect party, they don't give a
second thought to how their guests will arrive safely home or what they will
do if someone consumes too much alcohol and wants to drive." "While it may
seem awkward, asking an intoxicated guest not to drive could prevent a
tragedy," Desrochers said.

To help reduce the risk of alcohol-related driving accidents this holiday
season, or anytime you are hosting a party, The Hanover recommends:

Planning the Holiday Party:

  oLet your guests know ahead of time how you feel about drinking and driving
    and their need to be responsible about their alcohol consumption
  oAs guests RSVP, remind them of the importance of a non-drinking designated
  oPlan activities to engage your guests and to take the focus away from
  oProvide plenty of high-protein foods, like cheese and meats, to help slow
    the absorption of alcohol and to keep guests from drinking on an empty
    stomach. Keep in mind that food does not affect the pace alcohol leaves
    someone's system
  oAvoid salty snacks like potato chips and pretzels that can cause guests to
    drink more
  oOffer unique, non-alcoholic beverages, or "mocktails," for designated
    drivers and others who prefer not to drink alcohol
  oIf preparing an alcoholic punch, use a fruit juice instead of a carbonated
    base, whichspeeds the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream
  oHave the number of a taxi service on hand for anyone who may need a ride,
    or plan to drive any intoxicated partygoers home, or if necessary make
    arrangements for them to stay the evening.

What to Do While Hosting the Party:

  oHave fun, but stay in control. Remember you are responsible for the safety
    of your guests, and in some cases, their actions when they leave your
    party. Good hosts don't drink too much in order to make sure guests do the
  oNever serve alcohol to someone under the legal drinking age
  oKeep alcohol in a central, visible place, where teen drivers can't "sneak"
    a drink
  oNever ask children to serve alcohol at parties
  oDon't let guests mix their own drinks. Use a reliable "server" who can
    track the size and number of drinks each guest consumes
  oIf a guest is drinking too much, offer to refresh their drink with a
    non-alcoholic version
  oClose the bar 90 minutes before the end of the party; use the rest of the
    party to serve coffee and dessert. Only time will sober someone who has
    been drinking
  oIf guests drink too much, don't let them drive: drive them home yourself
    (leaving another sober guest to fill-in as host while you are gone),
    arrange for another guest or a taxi to take them home, or invite them to
    stay over

Responsible holiday hosting helps to ensure that you and your guest have fun
celebrating, while also staying safe and avoiding senseless tragedies.
Additionally, having the right insurance coverages for you and working with a
professional independent agent helps you to have the right type of protection.
For example umbrella liability insurance coverage offers protection in the
event a guest is injured at your party or causes an injury to someone after
they leave. To find an independent agent near you and learn more about
umbrella liability insurance, go to

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