What do Gangnam Style, Honey Boo Boo and the Robsten Cheating Scandal Have in Common? They Round Out Yahoo! Canada's Year in

What do Gangnam Style, Honey Boo Boo and the Robsten Cheating Scandal Have in 
Common? They Round Out Yahoo! Canada's Year in Review 2012 
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TORONTO, Dec. 3, 2012 /CNW/ - Today, Yahoo! Canada unveiled its 8th annual 
Year in Review, revealing the stories, events and individuals that captured 
the nation's attention this year. The Year in Review utilizes search data to 
provide insight into the scandals, news stories, trendsetters and tragedies 
that mesmerized Canadians and kept them searching on Yahoo!. 
"Yahoo! Canada's Year in Review 2012 reflects the daily search habits of users 
and highlights the top stories and trends based on what millions of people 
worldwide searched for," says Justine Melman at Yahoo!. "It is a distinct way 
to portray a society in motion through online behavior." 
Kate Middleton is the most searched of the year, followed by a post-Steve Jobs 
iPhone 5.The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon also captured our attention, 
along with Honey Boo Boo and her quest for a beauty queen title. Interest in 
celebs and newcomers to the Hollywood scene continue to reign supreme with 
everything from the "Robsten" cheating scandal to Psy and his horse trotting 
Gangnam Style topping searches. 
Below are Yahoo! Canada's Top 10 Searches in 2012: 
1. Kate Middleton                    6. Hurricane Sandy 
2. iPhone 5                          7. Jessica Simpson 
3. Kristen Stewart /  Robert         8. Jessica Pare
4. Fifty Shades of Grey              9. Scientology 
5. Higgs Boson                       10. Miss Universe Canada Jenna 
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Top 10 News Stories:
2012 was a year of curiosity and tragedy, as the world went online for 
information about Facebook's disastrous IPO, U.S. elections and first images 
from the Curiosity Mars Rover. Sadly, the controversy around the Innocence of 
Muslims video also held our attention. Closer to home, the troubling Shafia 
family and Tori Stafford murder stories also captivated Canadian news. The top 
10 news stories for Yahoo! Canada in 2012 were: 
1. Facebook IPO                      6. Tori Stafford murder trial 
2. XL Food beef recall               7. Shooting sprees 
3. RIM's downfall                    8. Curiosity Rover Mars photos 
4. 2012 US Elections                 9. Shafia family murder 
5. Innocence of                      10. Alberta elections
Top 10 Obsessions:
As usual, our obsessions for the year were a road map of all things pop 
culture. The usual suspects like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift made the 
list, but newcomers like Honey Boo Boo and Psy threw curve balls that no one 
could have seen coming. 
1. Psy Gangnam Style                          6. Paulina Gretzky 
2. Honey Boo Boo                              7. Pippa Middleton 
3. Prince Harry nude scandal                  8. One Direction 
4. Kim Kardashian                             9. Amanda Bynes 
5. Call Me Maybe phenomenon                   10. Taylor Swift 
Top 10 Canadian Economic and Political Issues:
From Robocalls to RIM, 2012 was controversial in the Canadian political and 
economic scenes. The Keystone pipeline continues to draw attention, while 
Quebec's student strikes meant a lost semester and ultimately lead to the 
downfall of the provincial government. The top 10 Canadian economic and 
political issues were: 
1. XL Food beef recall            6. Liberal party tailspin and 
2. RIM downfall                   7. Quebec corruption 
3. Alberta elections              8. Keystone pipeline 
4. Quebec student                 9. New $20 bill
5. Robocall scandal               10. SOPA 
Top 10 Newsmakers:
Much like the top news stories, many of this year's top newsmakers were linked 
to tragedy, scandal or worse. There were, however, also some truly 
inspirational newsmakers in 2012, with Felix Baumgartner's historic leap from 
space and Justin Trudeau's growing role in Canadian politics. The top 10 
newsmakers for Yahoo! Canada in 2012 were: 
1. Luka Rocco Magnotta                             6. Jerry Sandusky 
2. Paula Todd                                      7. Felix Baumgartner 
3. Judge Lori Douglas                              8. Mayor Rob Ford 
4. Trayvon Martin                                  9. Justin Trudeau 
5. Alison Redford                                  10. Ashley Smith 
Top 5 Scandals:
The Royals continue to make headlines that rarely focus on their good deeds. 
Along with other well-known names, they found themselves unexpectedly exposed. 
From Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's cheating scandal to the doping 
revelations that shattered Lance Armstrong's legendary career, 2012 had its 
fair share of seedy celebrity news, including: 
1. Kate Middleton topless photos         
2. Kristen Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson  
3. Lance Armstrong doping 
4. Prince Harry nude scandal in Vegas 
5. Paulina Gretzky (her Instagram always causes trouble. All.Year.
Top 10 Say What?
When a bagel head trend makes a top list of anything, you know it's been an 
interesting year. Between celebrities talking to empty chairs, tanning moms, 
cannibal attacks and real life dolls, what else is there to say? 
1. Time Magazine breastfeeding 6. Bagel head trend
2. Clint Eastwood empty chair  7. Donald Trump's rant 
3. Miami cannibal attack       8. Rush Limbaugh Slutgate 
4. Tanning mom                 9. 10-year old girl gives birth 
5. Real life Barbie and Ken    10. Air rage - Maygan Sensenberger 
Top 10 Celebrities:
Is Lindsay coming out of or going into jail? Did Miley cut her hair for 
Liam? Will Jennifer Aniston finally find the man of her dreams? The top 10 
Celebrities who had a whirlwind year include: 
1. Lindsay Lohan                           6. Jessica Biel / Justin 
2. Britney Spears                          7. Katie Holmes 
3. Jennifer                                8. Rihanna / Chris Brown
4. Jennifer Aniston                        9. Christina Aguilera 
5. Miley Cyrus                             10. Lady Gaga 
Top 10 Movies:
Love, action and Lincoln all made the list of Top 10 Movies this year. 
Other-worldly super heroes and heroines dominated such movies as The Dark 
Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider Man, the Avengers and Hunger Games. Bond 
returned for a 50th anniversary. And don't forget Magic Mike, because the 
world loves abs! 
1. Hunger Games                                   6. The Hobbit 
2. The Dark Knight Rises                          7. Magic Mike 
3. The Amazing Spider Man                         8. Skyfall 
4. The Avengers                                   9. Lincoln 
5. Breaking Dawn Part II                          10. The Bourne Legacy 
Top 10 Sports Stories:
Highs, lows, laughs and, in what may be a first, an Olympic gif dominated the 
sports world in 2012. The Olympics were the top search, followed by Lance 
Armstrong's much-publicized fall from grace. Canada's women's soccer team made 
us proud, even amongst controversy. In a lighter story, McKayla Maroney's 
unimpressed (and hilarious) demeanor spawned gifs that appeared all over the 
1. London Olympics              6. 2012 NHL lockout 
2. Lance Armstrong doping       7. McKayla Maroney not impressed 
3. Canada's women's soccer team 8. NFL replacement referees 
4. Sarah Burke dies after ski   9. Embarrassing Olympic photo
5. Euro 2012                    10. Ron MacLean 9/11 comments 
Top 10 Sports People:
Super heroes dominated the movies in 2012, but real-life heroes fascinated the 
sports world. At the Olympics, Christine Sinclair's fiery display resulted in 
a suspension, while Usain Bolt sped his way to three gold medals. Manny 
Pacquiao showed the world that boxing still packs a punch in a media landscape 
increasingly dominated by MMA. Amongst all the year's highs and lows, Gary 
Bettman's continued performance in the NHL lockout has made him one of the 
year's top 10 sports people. 
1. Christine Sinclair                              6. Jeremy Lin  
2. Usain Bolt                                      7. Manny Pacquiao 
3. Gabby Douglas                                   8. Simon Whitfield  
4. Rosannagh MacLennan                             9. Hope Solo 
5. Jared Connaughton                               10. Gary Bettman 
Top 10 In Memoriam:
The world lost many great people this year. From the moon's first man to the 
man who helmed American Bandstand, 2012 reminded us of the rich lives lived by 
our cultural icons in sciences and the arts. Amongst the year's Top 10 in 
Memoriam are some of the most treasured, unique and diverse voices that 
changed popular music across generations, including Etta James, Whitney 
Houston, Donna Summer and Adam Yauch. 
1. Whitney Houston                                  6. Dick Clark 
2. Robin Gibb                                       7. Etta James  
3. Michael Clarke Duncan                            8. Donna Summer 
4. Neil Armstrong                                   9. Anthony Sedlak 
5. Adam Yauch                                       10. Peter Lougheed 
About the Yahoo! Year in Review Methodology
To develop the Yahoo! Year in Review, our editors analyze Yahoo! Search 
queries based on a number of factors, including absolute volume and growth 
versus previous periods, to see which themes and trends bubble to the surface. 
Individuals and their Search queries always remain anonymous. 
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